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  1. We had that come over By Pevensey, no thunder or lightening but enough wind for me to remark it was out of no where and record an 49mph gust. I also thought “tornado”?
  2. Well here in Hooe (2km from pevensey bay) we are the first house on the hill and it’s not more than a blowy day so far. Sustained wind speed of 20mph and a few 30-40mph gusts. Had to retrieve the chimnea cover. looking at metoffice forecast things have been tempered back a bit - max wind speed here for lunch time with sustained 37 and gusts of upto 65. Hopefully the trees hold up.
  3. Good morning from the corridor of mediocrity. Nothing to speak of in Hooe. Some wet patches of slush. Snowed up until 1am but too sleety to accumulate. Then rained...bah. If you have accumulations enjoy it, certainly north of the region got some surprises. Roll on spring now....appears we are unable to get snow here. That’s 2years now in a number of set ups and still no accumulations!
  4. I feel your pain. We had the hardest over the top and nothing stuck after 3 hrs, just to high dew points. Few miles north and inland. Winter utopia! At least we have seen blizzard conditions and my window sills are covered with ice like a freezing rain storm from the wind and thaw. 0.6deg here and dew point 0. Have a blast tonight, one small saving grace may be the trains wont run tomorrow. Hopefully......
  5. Sleet in Hooe, enjoy everyone!!!! Not jealous much, by a house by the sea they said.......have nice views they said..........
  6. Nothing here in Hooe. No real precipitation. Dandruff and 1degc with dew point at -1. looks like too much wind and the precipitation is just breaking up. Can’t see any real accumulations from this sadly.
  7. I cant relax, here in Hooe we are extreme south coast! Best chance for ages (got nothing from the beast) either too Far East/west/south/north....delete as appropriate. I suspect I will wake up having had it all washed away and wonder what the fuss with the trains to London is about! So hope not......if Cornwall get snowed in and we don’t...so help me I’m moving.......
  8. It does look like that, so hopefully us coasters will have a better chance than last night. Fingers crossed. In other news travelling on the train, snow line starts around just north of Battle. 2-3cm or so at Stonegate (on cars, not roads or pavements). Imagine Heathfield / Crowbrough and other favoured spots did ok with elevation and away from the sea! Bah why did I insist on sea views.
  9. Last report from me. Temp 0.8 degrees dew point 0 degrees. snizzle. Settled on car roof where not too wet. No covering. On to Thursday so I can experience poor dew points again! Glad others got a decent covering of sorts. And at least my 3 year old got to see falling snow for the first time!
  10. WARNING: Bexhill Snow Shield Broken I just witnessed a few wet flakes. Call the home guard...........batten down the hatches....it’s Snowing. Well its something anyway, too wet to settle but better than nothing.
  11. If I don’t see any flakes, I’m getting in the car and driving there! Literally 10min up the road!
  12. UPDATE: Bexhill snow shield still actve Temp 2.8degC DP 2 degC report of snow Eastbourne Downs
  13. Well Bexhill snow shield is holding strong. 3.6deg and dp at 2 deg, a lot of rain. Id be pleased to see one flake!
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