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  1. It's becoming a little difficult to keep up with these posts right now folks due to the fact I can't find the time to visit as often as I would like.. But great stuff as usual.. I think the met office needs to start a mass roll out to employ some of you guys. A quick glance at the 6z mean and what is not to like! It brings us Summer lovers everything... Heat, Sunshine, and potentially some hum dinger storms.. The mean gets very close to bring +20C uppers in next week also.. That's pretty impressive for a mean.. Enjoy the heat if you can and stay safe..
  2. I'm getting a bit confused here.. There seems to be far to many hindering on every operational run. I can't see how some can say we are left with a crappy Estly!! Plenty of places away from the Eastern side would see very decent conditions with that set up.. Central/Western areas more especially. Unless there is a conveyor belt of Atlantic Lows are about to rain down on us then I'm happy. Worth noting the final 3rd of the month still looks decent. No dramas from me.
  3. Looking at the EC46 highlights the very warm/Hot conditions later this week, into next week we have High Pressure extending NE sitting just off scandinavia, could be a risk of some thundery Conditions devoloping towards the South at times, and I would say warm and humid could be a decent shout.. Further on we appear to be devoloping a N/S split with Azores ridging further south and pleasent conditions looking increasingly likely as we approach the final 3rd of the month.. Further North does look more changeable at times and cooler also.. So just a ruff summary from me thus evening... Happy Heat chasing folks.. And some absolutely brilliant posts from you guys today... Much more appealing than reading the Exeter 4 week updates..
  4. Hi guys, your doing a great job with this next upcoming Hot spell, having a difficult time of it right now, but this place is at least relieving some of the stress.. ECM not following GFS at 120hrs..its on its own as per usual... Still looking good for sure..
  5. Amazing Zak.. There's climate change for you.. Many years ago you may have needed a run of warm days to end up with this kind of temperature.. These days it appears we can nudge 100F in the space of 48Hours..pretty worrying when you think hard about it.. But it is what it is unfortunately
  6. The 6Z means looks pretty promising for this time next week again.. Anybody ready for plume 3!! Just noticed the Exeter update is going for very warm even Hot conditions for the end of next week also... Just like a bus.. Ya wait for ages then 2 or 3 come at the same time..
  7. Hi folks, it seems I've missed alot these last couple of days.. My dad has Parkinsons and had a bad fall the other day.. And it's resulted in him being admitted to Hospital.. Good news is he's on the mend, and I'm hoping to have him back very shortly.. Talk about stress.. My heart goes out to any of you guys who have various disabilities to contend with. A quick update on last night's EC46.. not had time to cover it in great detail yet.. As we all know a little more unsettled through next week, but the 46 is saying a renewed build of heights by later next week, and this holding firm through next Weekend and into the following week... Temperatures also becoming warmer again... I have a feeling August this time around could be shaping up to be much better than our recent affairs.. A very good day to you and take care in this heat if you have it to the extreme..
  8. You sound like Cathy bates In the film Misery... I'm your number 1 fan she says to the writer Pual Sheldon.. Before keeping him locked up for weeks.. Just kidding Zak.. Tams is an excellent poster I think the Arpege is a slight upgrade on the earlier run, the record is safe from last year.. But I have a feeling 35C could be breached.. Perhaps a 36C somewhere... And that's dam Hot.
  9. Arpege brings around 32-34c..could go higher its possible, look how close 37c is across the channel. @Mr Frost I hope you get your heat and glorious conditions before much longer.. No matter how dire your conditions are, you never moan about it, always put a light hearted tone to it.. Excellent stuff.. Enjoy this heat if you like it folks.. And hopefully like many have said, signs of improvement later next week again..
  10. Yes mate, tbh the 46 as been pretty close with its Summer predictions so far, and I've been impressed.. Those NOAA charts as well as the clusters that MWB posts are all preety dam good if you ask me.. I have access to all the products from EC46 but unfortunately its behind a pay wall and I would probably get in trouble if I posted it. But I'm most definitely gonna be keeping up the subscription throughout this coming Winter, and hopefully it will.perform well again and not do a 2018 repeat.. Mind you I think most of the LRF made a balls up that year. Also it's a petty Tamara doesn't post through Winter, would be gr8 to know what all the background signals were doing for that time of the year... Here's hoping for some more joy this Summer, and then something that interests us come Winter. Oh and I think it's good that Matt Hugo doesn't mind you sharing providing you flag him up for it and give it a mention.. Cheers Matt.. Have a good evening Si, and all of you on Netweather..
  11. I mentioned this in my EC updates earlier.. I beat you to it Matt Hugo.. Only joking mate your a top bloke ..
  12. Love it si...problem is that's the 0z ensemble graph.. Here you go mate...
  13. Even the mean is bringing a baking day for Friday.. Beyond that its more changeable, but again hints towards the end of the run of things settling down again, especially for more Southern parts of the UK... enjoy the next few days..
  14. OK... That's just an op run... Is it being backed up by the mean... Yes I think it is.. EC weeklies may be on to something regarding a better spell towards this stage.. Baby steps... But perhaps rising AAM could becoming to our rescue for the late Summer period..
  15. This is why the Brits are known to be fascinated with the great British weather.. They simply love to moan about it! Its to Hot or its to cold but rarely is anybody satisfied with it mate. Just having a laugh to me self.. For most of my life I've been into the weather, for most of my life I worked outdoors in the Building trade. And the amount of folk who would turn round to me on a Hot day and say... I'm sick of this weather now, its driving me mad.. Then a few days later when it had broke down... It would be this weather is driving me crazy now.. It should be better than this at this time of the year! You can't win...
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