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  1. I'm quite surprised how many are using the CFS to offer some kind of guidance moving this far forward. This model will do nothing but lead one up a massive Garden path! Not so sure about a mixed October. Tonight's EC weeklies does show a much more unsettled and cooler spell from next mid week.. It perhaps settles down a tad early the following week. Beyond this point a N/S split looks the most likely scenario with perhaps some of the unsettled Conditions spreading further SE at times... Out towards mid month and we still have indications of plenty of settled Conditions at times, and these perhaps more extensive at times.. All in all its not the worst of outlooks for the next few weeks... Early days being the only caveat! Still far to early to be talking of significant cold or Northern Blocking for me, but I will give an update of the EC46 anomalies at the beginning of October for any potential early signs of Winter. A very good night to you all.
  2. Hope your all well folks... Last night's EC46 keeps with the settled theme for the next week.. Later next week perhaps a more NW/SE split devoloping. Towards the months end we still have High Pressure Influence for more Southern parts, but perhaps more unsettled further North at times.. Moving into October the general theme of ridging at times for many parts, so still a chance of plenty of fine and settled conditions at times. It's not until the final 3rd of next month that things eventually become much more unsettled from the the NW.. I'm sure many would take that outcome considering all the current uncertainties around the world.. That's how it looks right now.... Enjoy the fine weather if you can. All the best... Matt
  3. Enthralling reading guys... Last night's EC46 shows a very decent spell of conditions next week with High Pressure becoming centred over Scandy.. These conditions hold firm for some time, however there are indications of more Low Pressure influence towards the NW come the months end.. Looking further ahead we generally see a more mixed pattern into October especially further North, and towards lower Pressures situated over Iceland... Worth noting that we still have High Pressure ridges bringing periods of fine Conditions towards the South through most of next month... There will be a little more of a mixed element towards things by this stage though... Enjoy your Weekends and with infection rates rising... Keep safe...
  4. And the latest thoughts from tonight's EC46 looks promisingly good.. The Weekend looks rather spiffing and its looks like quite a warm up in places... Pressure remains high towards the East and South throughout next week also.. I would call this potentially a very decent spell coming up.. Nothing to indicate really unsettled over the next couple of weeks.. That's the latest folks.. Have a good un.
  5. It's Sunday.. So hallaluayaa Amen so fourth... Here we are staring down the barrel of Autumn and the ECM serves us a treat... And hey presto the mean is non to shabby... Good lord it could be in the words of David Jason... Bloomin perfick. Beat ya to it si... Lol
  6. Thanks for your summary snowy... The EC 46 as just updated the 6 month anomalies, and again they remain steadfast that most of Europe is warmer than average through December, January looking potentially colder than average, with February looking well above average for the UK and again large parts of Europe.. Plenty of time for all this to change further down the line, but not great currently.
  7. Hi gang not been posting much lately but still having a catch up, and good to see the standard still remains very high. Quick one on tonights EC weeklies... Next week we have High Pressure bringing some decent conditions at times and especially further South, towards next weekend we need to keep an eye on a deep Low situated to the NE bringing some potentially much cooler and wetter conditions... Into the following week things look to improve again with High Pressure again building in from the SW.. so all in all some very usable conditions to look forward to over the next couple of weeks.. Enjoy your evenings.
  8. Hi mate, I've not been following them long enough to bring a true reflection on how they are performing. I would say take with a huge pinch of salt on anything that is so far out.. And just for the record they are quite a bit different to last months anomalies.. But at this kind of range it's to be expected.. They run on the 5th of every month so hopefully I may be able to bring a more stable roundup closer to the time.. If they are showing the same kind of situation come November I may get a little concerned.. But at this stage I won't be getting to concerned.. Namely they show warmer conditions over Scandy and Europe... Come January they have pockets of warmer air over the UK with colder air in place over Southern and Western areas.. They also show colder air over France and Spain..
  9. Last night's EC46 on cue for a more settled Bank Holiday, but cloud amounts could be an issue at times. Beyond this we perhaps see an increase in temps later next week, and possibly some decent conditions. Into the following week it does trend more unsettled especially further North, but with these conditions spreading South at times. Towards mid month and beyond is still looking pretty good with High Pressure having more influence. Just to mention the 7 Month anomalies, at this stage they are predicting a rather cold November, but a warmer December... This is also true for much of Europe and Scandy... Hope to god its not going to be another 2019 re run... Only time will tell... Enjoy your weekends..
  10. Hold on in there Mike, we have other members on here who suffer similar conditions to you and they are a great bunch of lads.. Neurological conditions are know fun, I live with someone who as a progressive one... Feel free to give me a message whenever your feeling down mate, always here to help.. Likewise to anyone else on here.. To bring a little cheer, last nights EC46 brings a more settled Bank Holiday, but it remains on the cool side, so know late plume event.. Beyond that we have further intrusions of unsettled conditions at times, but these more focused on the NW... but they could spread further SE at times. Further into the month and the signs are High Pressure will have more influence especially further South.. So there is the possibility of quite alot of settled Conditions at times.. Temps could be rather warm at times but perhaps more around the average on the whole Nationwide.. Enjoy your days folks and keep safe..
  11. Quite a lot of weather entertainment for the coming week, perhaps a better day next Thursday according to the EC46.. Trends a little more unsettled after that though.. Still positive signs from last night's EC weeklies regarding September... High pressure looks to be in control, especially away from the far NW, this pattern could hold right through to mid month and possibly beyond.. All along way off, but the trend is our friend going on its current guidance. Enjoy your weekends, that's if you don't get blowed away..
  12. Not much to get excited about currently, and good lord it's so quite in here. But have a little patience folks.. Last night's EC46 is looking much more positive come Bank Holiday weekend! High pressure builds in nicely around this time, and guess what, this theme Continues into September.. Looks pretty good.
  13. I'm not sure I agree mate.. I don't think the models have come to grasps with the current situation right now. We are living in unprecedented times don't forget. And as tams would say its the background drivers that lead the models, and those drivers are a little out of soughts right now. I would agree its becoming more changeable over the coming days, but I feel perhaps things will Improve towards the end of the month and 1st part of September! And let's not forget there is still plenty of time for some decent Heat to manifest. If I'm proven wrong mate I will send some Champagne your way, and likewise you can return the favour...
  14. Right folks a little bit of cheer from me this morning, don't get to down about the conditions becoming more unsettled over the next week or so. Last night's EC weeklies were pretty positive, especially for the South come the end of the month, High Pressure is ridging nicely at times, and this pattern continues to hold into Mid September. There will be a risk of more unsettled conditions towards the NW at times, but there looks to be a decent amount of settled and at times warm conditions for many. I was almost expecting to see a barrage of lows spreading West to East, but it's not the case.. Perhaps a chance to take a late Summer break if this comes off. So all in all, the longer term outlook remains pretty positive. Enjoy your Weekends.
  15. Yes Mushy.. Looks pretty unsettled for the the next 10 day's or so... Last night's EC46 agrees with your thinking as well... Definitely signs of a marked improvement come the Bank Holiday, with a High Pressure extending from the SW to bring dare I say it... A warm and fine Holiday period... Fingers crossed.
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