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  1. Yes, I'm in Bordon, East Hants and at around 1:00am I believe, my house was absolutely shaking from the wind. It woke half the street up as when I was looking out my window I could see everyone with their lights on. On my way to work this morning to Horsham, there looked to be quite a few trees down and branches snapped in the surroundings.
  2. We have had the lightest of snizzle for the past 30 minutes of so in Gu35. Looks like someone is grating polystyrene.
  3. My drive to work is from Bordon to Horsham and it really did and does. Over the winter I have seen dustings on the ground up near Hindhead and Haslemere, where 10 mins down the road in Bordon we have had nothing but the wet stuff. Last Sundays event was definitely good for our side of the county though as driving across the Surrey hills the margin line seemed to be Plaistow. Went from white to green pretty much round one corner. We basically have snow now to.
  4. Heavy sleet, with large snowflakes now falling. It's trying and to be honest, giving me some entertainment on what can only be described as a dreary Sunday. Fingers crossed for something a bit tastier next weekend. Bordon. Gu35
  5. Taking the opportunity to get the compulsory i love snow family picture. Skies are clearing now. The band certainly doesn't look like the pivot is going to be as strong as first thought.
  6. Managed to get out for 3 hours. Got a good 4-5 inches here in GU35 eventually. Sun is shining now but snow is remaining strong. First snow settle for 2 years here so very happy. Everyone who got it, enjoy and whoever hasn't, there's still plenty of time left this winter.
  7. This is gu35 at the moment. Excuse the missus singing to the dog in the background. Both excited haha. 20210124_085654.mp4
  8. Its how it started for me. Big fat flakes now. Ots just how it starts the same with drizzle to rain. It'll happen. Looks beautiful outside.
  9. Intensity now beginning to increase and powder snow is turning into larger flakes in Gu35.
  10. Its not bad. Its moderate powder but its instantly settling and looks promising. Only just started so fingers crossed.
  11. We have snow in Bordon east hampshite now. Paths and roads are white from where its settling so easy. Radar has been showing for a while but must of not been making it to the ground. Had a shower of graupel earlier too. Bring on the snow.
  12. I would head to Selborne. Big hill there. Looks as though slightly east the better. Its really steep but if you make it before the snow you would do well.
  13. Time to leave the blogs and the forecasts for tonight. Tomorrow I think I will be letting what falls on my head be my method. Enoy whats happening outside and try not to focus on your screens too much. Good luck and ill be back tomorrow night to talk about what a cracking day of the white stuff we have had. Fingers crossed haha.
  14. I'm down the road in Bordon and it looks like 7 miles south, Petersfield is showing the transition to sleet and rain. We've had literally nothing in the way of snow this year and really am hoping the margins are in our favour tomorrow. It would be nice to walk in the forest with snow falling and the crunch under our feet! Fingers crossed.
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