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  1. East Hampshire bordon is producing lightning in every direction. Absolutely incredible outside. Definitely staying up to enjoy this more. Looks like a scene out of twister. Where's the f5?
  2. Bordon is flashing like a strobe light at the moment. Massive downpour gone but lightning is excessive.
  3. In bordon. Went bed at 10.30. Been woken up by the strobe lighting outside. Incredible activity
  4. I don't know about you lot, but there's been a whole day of stunning weather. After what has been a very slow to start summer, we've had temps peaking at 34 deg on the model reports so far. I am very happy with this. May more plumes be forecast. Forget the records and enjoy the heat. We'll have plenty of time to discuss what could of been when the Atlantic kicks back into action and we're left with cloud and drizzle. Smiles all round in East Hampshire.
  5. Woken up this morning to my work colleague ringing me saying he was woken up by his bed shaking in Horley. Turns out they've had a decent earthquake during the night.
  6. Took just over 3 hours to do a drive from sm6 to gu35. Most people would be upset with that. I loved it. What a wintry blast. Guildford and down was hammering if down. Thought hindhead tunnel was going to shut. This band of snow has taken soo long to clear southwards. Anyone else need an excuse to walk the dog
  7. The missus just rang me to say the a3 was down to 30mph near bordon with blizzard like conditions and no visibility. Meto saying heavy snow for next few hours. Nice little suprise.
  8. Good Morning, We woke up to around 3-4 inches of snow on the car and around 38mm on the pavements. Not too bad considering how the night started. location was GU35. Decided to drive to work in Sutton and as soon as getting to Guildford the snow disappeared of the trees and the depth was minimal. Feel like we were right on the margin.
  9. I promised the missus I would walk the dog just before bed tonight as I thought it might of been a nice winter walk. Big mistake. Might have to pretend to fall asleep on the sofa. .
  10. Been showing snow in GU35 for ages on the radar and I can confirm, apart from the odd flurry we have nothing at the moment. Enjoying watching the radar though. Be interesting to see how it moves through in the next couple of hours. Whatever happens it's been a joy chasing the dream of a whiteout.
  11. Have had confirmation of snow in Petersfield and Horley at the moment. Showers popping up. Weren't as much fog as first thought, is that a good thing or a bad thing with regards to the temps?
  12. A 50 mile journey to work is never as wonderful as when I get to drive through the margins of a winter snowfall. Hopefully East Hampshire can get a decent layer on the ground tomorrow. Would sandy heathland be better than a soily woodland for settling snow?
  13. We've had wet snow in GU35 for the past hour or so. Starting to settle on cars and grass. Even if it's not a lot, it's good to see a bit of wintry weather.
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