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  1. As I pointed out, I definitely feel like the mild symptoms is the viruses biggest threat. I've read too many people who have recovered saying that they could of went to work still with how they felt. How many people do you think actually will be doing that and passing it on to those people who are vulnerable. I think the lockdown on the most vulnerable people is definitely a good idea for the coming days/weeks.
  2. Everybody should have somebody because as much as you may only be feeling mild symptoms, I would be telling everyone who I had contact with over the past few days that I have it in order to save anyone who maybe more susceptible to it. It's fair enough not to bother with the tests but I definitely think we should be making it known to people if we do feel rough. SOS is a good plan to me though. The more avenues of help the better.
  3. Just a quick glance at this, and I feel as though the total cases for the younger half of the population maybe so low due to the severity of the illness being so mild that they have thought to not even be tested. I feel as though it was made out to be so bad if you did catch it, that now it has made it even more deadly due to people with mild symptoms thinking as though surely it cant be covid as they feel almost fine. This then entails them passing it on to the vulnerable. Maybe this could be one of covids deadliest tricks.
  4. They will bring in further measures as the crisis deepens. There is no positive answer at the moment as it is such a fluid situation. Also it's like being wounded, your lungs would heal overtime I guess. People should look at the damage of smoking and pollution. 2 things that are common in everyday life. 2 things that cost the NHS millions a year. 2 things that probably put you in the higher risk category. People can do a lot of things for themselves. I think the anger can be transferred into positive thinking on how we as a group of people can help others.
  5. A little thought from earlier. With regards to spain and italy suffering high numbers of cases and fatalities, do you think that their family culture could attribute to those numbers? England is known for not having the same kind of culture meaning contact between grandparents and the younger family isn't as great. Just a though that could affect the outcome.
  6. Hes just been blasted regarding not being tested and going against his own advice after being in contact with someone who has tested positive. Hes now conceived he will be taking a test. Embarrassing moment for him.
  7. Trump still handing out the handshakes.
  8. Drive thru testing clinics in america with results taking 24-36 hours. Google being a massive player with regards to that.
  9. Donald Trump declares national emergency.
  10. F1 has been postponed according to 2 senior F1 sources. Source - BBC News
  11. The markets are creating a opportunity for low buy ins with their panic. I predict there will be a whole new generation of millionaires within 18 months. The proactive buyers will do a lot better than the reactive sellers.
  12. Paper for cat litter or paper for emergency loo roll in this panic buy climate haha?
  13. Sitting in Horsham with it raining still. Transition zone seems to be just a tad north. Got confirmation of snow in Kingston, Sutton and Putney. Bring on the high pressure and 20c.
  14. I was the same for ciara and by the looks of it, the squall line is passing on dennis over our area with a mild yellow. Luck or bad luck who knows. Woke me up a few times last night though. Hard to say if it was worse than last weekend as the worst of it looks to of been while people were asleep.
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