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  1. Nice to see the mood up in here again and looks like winter wants to come back
  2. This time last year trying to get to the stables to feed the horses was exciting
  3. Id happily take 13 degrees and sunshine from down south for a 2nd best prize.... Here in West Scotland its grey cloud, drizzle, rain, windy, 9 degrees....dull, boring and miserable weather, couldn't get any worse. And looking at models there won't be much improvement for us!
  4. Glencoe yesterday before the mild weather sets in
  5. The snow even making it down here to north Ayrshire!
  6. -7 this morning! Cold, beautiful morning at work
  7. There is small flakes of snow falling here but it's still foggy and nothing on radar, strange
  8. Looking at the radar seems GFS was more accurate? Looks a bit further north to me. I have not even looked in the main thread I'm guessing it will be mayhem
  9. Everyone forgot the beast from the east didn't start til the 24th of February..
  10. Love that post @Kirkcaldy Weather ! I would have been 12 living on Isle of Bute in 2010 and remember getting PROPER snow which was very rare for there!
  11. Great morning glad to finally get our snow 20190130_125704_0 20190130_095534_0 20190130_115756_0
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