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  1. A lot of flooding near me. The photos of the cloud structures are awesome!
  2. Quite a bit of loud thunder . Not seen any lightning . Torrential rain roads are flooding!
  3. Apparently a lightning strike to the north of the island I'm currently on!
  4. Gutted to have missed out in any exciting action last night and shattered from staying up so bloody late Hopefully the cloud breaks today
  5. Just had a heavy shower (bouncing rain) but nothing else exciting with it
  6. Nothing here yet but looking at radar looks like something may be heading this way Enjoying watching the webcams down south!
  7. Anyone wanna take a guess at the weekend weather? Various forecasts saying different things! Off to a music festival on the isle of Bute Friday to Sunday . I'm thinking Il defo need a jacket.. Lovely and warm now that the sun finally appeared in the afternoon. Fingers crossed for thunderstorms tonight!!
  8. I am excited !! What a difference in how warm it feels out there now!
  9. @Mr Frost Looks like mostly rain for our neck of the woods for days and days according to met office
  10. At the moment I would say from what I've seen looks more likely the usual split, south gets hot and we are not
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