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  1. Do not really understand these charts knocker. What do the blue purple red and green lines actually represent as there is no key and still learning when it comes to the NAO, let alone these charts. Any difference between nao and noaa? Just interested because snow risk on netweather says boom on the 23rd. Way out still though as always
  2. Twenty or less at twelve to one please Tom wish you was still a bookie with them odds
  3. Tuesday is still looking like an interesting day by all model accounts. Will probably be the last biting cold spell/day we get until Christmas or next year . Hopefully brings some snow to all that is still searching for it. Don't think it will reach me but cheltenham will be great viewing, unless it intensifies (cyclo something). Sound like the unspoken now remaining cool, snow at times with the chance of thunderstorms and warm sunny spells Should be an interesting start to the festival❄
  4. Quite a worrying state kev, as quicksilver says, if we were to lose the warm current namely the gulf stream, western Europe would be put into siberian type winters, while the equator would get hotter, wouldn't mind a few siberian winters though, lol. 

  5. I am in North Kent so forget the charts, concentrating on the rocket and getting the cold back in . I always live in hope Mr Wolf.
  6. Looking for upgrades now but definitely not going to be warm next week. Past 150 still up for grabs in my opinion Could we end up with the end to winter which is not being hunted anymore.
  7. Good to be back Mr Wolf, Frosty. Cold warriors you are looks cold to me. If not really cold. It will be cold. It will be wet . But it could end up being allwhite☺ Brace yourself cheltenham is coming
  8. This is what happened in a marginal wet snow event in nw kent just up the rd. Not far away now Outsiders 4 cheltenham.
  9. Calling it a day! Towell has been thrown No lasting cold 850s in view again and have been trying to hang in there, still believing since the big bust in January! Was giving it till Sunday but calling it now, hoping as I write this something may still show soon but my faith in model analysis has been broken. Sad seeing the beeb showing the bfte last year this morning. Siberia! Unreal graphics on forecasts. Red warnings, (m74) closed. I was on route to Scotland the day after. Made it but couldn't see anything bar the poles on the a66.☺ Enough reminiscing. See u for the thunderstorms during the heat or December for another 47 hunt. Thanks to you all for your posts. Good and bad. Hot and cold.
  10. Understand as the majority do, life is hard It's a weather related thread though, not behind the key hole or jk. Imo get a grip. Respect to Tom though life can be cruel Very warm at times in North west kent today. Imagine this will not be received very well in the community but I only come on here because I like COLD. Will be gone soon Light hearted Deep Many more platforms or email 4 this.
  11. Agree with you tbh Mr Wolf too much energy coming out of the east coast as always. Which has stopped pressure building in the area which we desire to conduct a lasting easterly. Never going south and pushing the HP North. Only learning so forgive me! But interesting model changes. Love the boom charts as we all do, interesting times again ☺ GEM long range Waiting on GEFS etc. Exciting imo but always 10 days away As @winterof79 showed ,gives us an opening, can we take it. Hp in alaska pushing into greenland looks to me. All still @ distance though. Ever an optimist but starting to worry now even though the unspoken have changed their tune Which means BOOM CHARTS INCOMING
  12. Always sensible to have a jumper/jumpers on in Febuary ☺. I always take two to work. Unless u work in a gym or office. Forever taking them off putting them on again, that's without mentioning the coats, hats and scarfs Especially when cloudy/shady @[email protected] both the same lol Back to models though and looking forward to the change Which one would u prefer Mr Wolf? Does FV3 have a habit of blowing up lows in the Atlantic? 12z for me as possible height rises towards greenland, even though purple yoghurt is thicker on the wrong side of Atlantic again, rather than brief cold shots on the 6z and pv on our side back yard opinion though as in Kent. Still hope Has been very warm/mild at times today though and does feel like early summer, altough still being in winter!
  13. Seems as though the hunt for cold is being pushed out by the early spring! Sticking with the late winter cold as nothing better than snow. l think it is just about to show on the models. Recently been hinting at it just needs some disruption in the right place, giving the chance for heights to rise to our North. First chance IMO is if this develops into something I would call a trough? With the high pushing North giving hope Hopefully going to see change on the models by early ! If this one doesn't produce the next one may do . Ever the optimist. Still being patient. Always worth it though ! Tight to be right @spaghettiMarch back loaded with snowballs
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