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    Historical/epic weather events. ❤ the seasons! Winter cold, crisp snow ?

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  1. That ridge looks key to me, if that develops under an already cold scenario then will make my winter. Every snow lover wants an early taster, never happens really though. I believe that the ice, cold and snow is coming. . . Could do with hurrying up though ?‍♀️
  2. Always ten days away, well nine soon I agree with TI definate change coming as the last two dry crisp clear days illustrate without looking at any models. Sorry mods but give up on reliability when pessimism, solar, mjo involved after such a winter. Predicting a cold outlook for valentines, snow loving floats my boat ❤☃️❄
  3. Think you should get a grip? best its looked all winter ❄ bbc?local?
  4. Supposed to peak at twelve around North Kent, not taking the dog cos its vicious out there and I have waterproofs but going out soon will post a video or sound clip x
  5. I believe the Eastern seaboard heights are crucial at this time. You can see it take effect up top❄???????❤ ECM has a start of a break but not the heights, odd. Alaskan ridge/pacific heights
  6. Cormarants at the ready ?. Cold and crisp all day in the smoke. Not too cold in the sun when it was up. Working in Canning Town, so hoping East India Dock freezes soon. . . . . photos to follow ????????❤❄
  7. Supposed to post Sunday(fell asleep)but always looked a key point Too Tight the Isobars so breaks. ??Creates Iceland/Greenland heights. Note the heights on eastern seaboard pushing, creating the slide. Off a cliff. All Sunday charts even Sydney?????????❄?
  8. Key evolution I believe. Heights must be noted to eastern seaboard. Can we get a break at this time period. Looks possible with current pattern.
  9. Still up for grabs for me. 9th still seems key Has looked a promising start to winter for a while, not giving up now, when it hasn't even started. Models are struggling, so keep going zonal even though heights are trying to dig in.
  10. Good cluster on the 9th. Looking like it could be a special start to winter with gorgeous charts churning out. So cold out now. Hoping it's a sign of things to come. Solar minimum may have something to do with the below average temperatures and continuing cold pattern?
  11. ❤ Very right Matt love the usual posters more than anything even if I don't like what I hear ??. I know they have so much more knowledge regarding weather than me. Long live the December COLD.❄?
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