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  1. Coming into the 10 day bracket now ☺ We all know they usually dissappear but hoping for upgrades this time πŸ˜‰ Looking good!
  2. Before we go down that path yet again, TWO weeks of winter left. Give it a chance to finish before we condemn it. Winter is still here. Roaring north easterly from narnia please.😐 Hunting.
  3. You have been informative in your posts Mr Wolf and they have been well received from me. Your an asset to this forum and particularly the hunting 4 cold thread, especially in times of numerous deserters. Positivity is the key when hunting cold. New to model watching to this degree but people giving up on any cold at this stage is bizarre considering the last few years, it is 😎 if they like a very cold start to the barbecue season 😨
  4. It would not take a lot from here. A few tweaks. Heights rising as mjo suggests, jet stream looks further west and North. Tad more please!πŸ™ Confusing πŸ˜‚. Low to our east needs to get to Croatia or Italy and bring a BFTE 😈 high behind above said low to support UK high and lybian low to break nw joining with above mentioned low ✌ Currently about four thousand miles away😲. But getting closer πŸ˜‰ Not far off as the unspoken may possibly say 😎
  5. Really a few frosts? Is that intuition lolπŸ˜‚. Like saying July might be hot. 😨
  6. I will take that chance, no towell throwing from me, never will! Toys maybe a different matter as I cant find them anymore! 😠 It is not over till late winter is over or early spring depending how u look at it. Seasons seem to be getting later in the year to me. Extra time may be needed. 😯 Have to love this forum. So many opinions, all interesting bar the odd mild merchant. Looking forward to some fierce thunderstorms this summer as the last had but. . . NOT YET πŸ˜•
  7. If any one has time. . . Not sure what the gap in the jet means but maybe this is our chance of pushing it south. Maybe I am mistaken. New to this any help would be appreciated. Watching the evolution of it makes u think it could split south is this a possibility?
  8. Would like to say I would 😯,but guarantee I will be having a squirrels look next week and the week after lol ☺ πŸ™ Waiting to see what the ever optimist TI has to say. Can't trust this set up past 6 days i suggest.
  9. Still on the books by all accounts Pacific amplification of heights must be something to do with the mjo? πŸ˜•
  10. Just waiting for the BOOM charts to come out this evening. Especially now when everyone has give up, not without good reason. Not me. Usual phrase potential Looking for a change tonight 2 wards grreeeenyπŸ™
  11. Thinking p1 is what is on the cards 12 z has the heights pushing NNW. Height rises looking great so with the mjo supposedly going into or is already in phase 8 I would suggest @TI and ice cold could be bang on 😎
  12. ... Hunt for cold is a clue, u said it. Maybe the mods could open a hunt for spring model thread 😐