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  1. Temps blasting up now, full on melt. Good news for the kids football on the astro turf tomorrow.
  2. Thaw really kicking in along North Somerset coasts and few miles inland. Slushy wet mess everywhere, temperatures just not cold enough now. Could be a lot of ice later.
  3. Certainly a thaw taking place. Clevedon up to 2.3. Shame temps were not below freezing before the event and during, snow totals would of measured so much more.
  4. Temp on the increase, thaw beggining 2.3, dew point 0.2 (Clevedon on the coast)
  5. If it carries on your going to get a foot of snow, if your already over 6 inches (15cm) ?,
  6. Better to have op 'potentially' showing the way, rather than like most of the winter relying on the 'mean' and the rest of the ensemble!
  7. Ian F's latest forecast states the front is slower than thought yesterday. Guess that's better for temperatures to drop off before it does arrive. As for accumulation pretty variable, a dusting to a 2.5 of inches at low levels.
  8. Temp rising a little in Clevedon 2.4, guess because of the front moving in. Dew Point rising to 0.5.
  9. Looks pretty good for all locations at height, Dartmoor, Mendips, Exmoor, Quantocks, Cranborne, and hills of South Wales.
  10. As my post clearly stated, it was what Ian F said last night...Please feel free to view his forecast. As he also said, the forecast will homed in TODAY with regards to warnings (as per the Amber) and a more clearer picture. So basically its not what I think, its what Ian F said last and night the Meto text today.
  11. Ian F's forecast from last night really indicates that initially temperatures will not be cold enough for snow, looks pretty wet at first then it will turn to snow later in evening. By then the ground will be wet, so accumulation amounts will be a couple cm at best. Coastal areas in North Somerset probably staying pretty damp and miserable. Up over the hills will be a different story, all round looks a damp wintry mess, for N. Somerset. PPM pretty patchy too. edit. as per AWD above.
  12. You will probably see snow falling at some stage, but onto already wet ground when the front pushes in. That will be the case in most areas in North Somerset, a wet ground rain/sleet/snow event. Up on the Mendips will be a different story.
  13. I'm not sure why you thought your original post was the update, the date stamp never changed when I was viewing it. As I said the other day, give it a couple of days. 'Generally cold' just below average, a normal end to winter with snow where expected, ie hills and the north. Normal end to winter.
  14. Yeah, but this event is very marginal so temps are very important. Just found it strange that your location at sea level was colder than Bristol Airport at 700 ft. Especially when I drove through Cleeve at 5.30am and it was pouring with rain.
  15. Guess it must be a frost hollow, Cleeve is practically at sea level, the airport is at nearly 700 ft. Didn't get a frost in Cleeve this morning, temperatures stayed above freezing.
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