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  1. .............. put it like this, to get the most detailed, accurate report of a football match, who would you ask? a newspaper report on it or a fan who was actually there? THATS the difference.
  2. youve just proven my point... lol...
  3. mushymanrob


  4. I didnt say that people should only listen to music from their generation... i said that i find it hard to understand how they can relate to older music because the music was part of the socio-economic structure of the country at the time it was created. I took punk as an example, because its extreme.. now anyone can listen to and enjoy (or not lol) punk music, but just how relevant is the drive that created punk today? well i was there, i was 20 in 77, and i can tell you that the mood of the youth back then was totally different from the mood of todays youth, punk was an angry reaction against the despair ordinary working class people felt.... All musical styles that we brits created were a reflection of the mood of the kids of the day. What im saying is that theres more to pop music then the song itself... there are associated fashions and attitudes, tribalism, and those things pertain specifically to that era in time. So whilst the music of any particular retro genre can be enjoyed by younger generations, the scene that created that music cant ... because unless you were there and part of it, no one can really fully understand.
  5. I find it strange that so many young people like music from before they were born! Pop music has gone through various stages of evolution and reflects the mood of the teenagers/young adults of the day. As such, theres an emotional, personal connection. Punk being the most obvious or extreme example ... punk was a youth rebellion against adults telling us we had no future, no jobs, no career, and this movement was the epitome of how a large section of youth felt. Others of course chose to dance and party to escape the gloom (disco), but disco was for gay people, girls, and medallion men, sleazy blokes on the prowl. (generally speaking). Most straight blokes didnt dance, not until two tone made dancing acceptable for ordinary straight men by introducing quirky fun... Madness were the prime example. But the most important thing, is that each generation created a style/s for themselves, and generations were defined by the music from their youth ... like i said, a personal, emotional investment in "their" scene. So whilst you can appreciate music from before you were born, without being there and indugling in the complete scene (attitudes, fashions etc) then i struggle to understand how "old" music can have the same relevance.
  6. They will.... just the same as people talk nostalgically about naff acts from the 70's, the fans will remain loyal and in some cases elevate their heros above what they were like at the time..
  7. That depends entirely on your taste ... there was still a lot of new, ground breaking, quality music in the 90's which on a personal level i prefer to the 70's.. and the 70's was "my" era, when i was young. The 60's though were the best!.
  8. yeah, on a personal level, i prefer the kinks, animals, spencer davis and especially the yardbirds.
  9. The Beatles went from "yeah yeah yeah" to "tomorrow never knows" in 3 years. No other group has ever made that development in their lifetime let alone 3 years.
  10. proprtionately though the tracks and contestants, format and language are aimed at the under 30's..
  11. Same here, although most of the songs i recognised. But it is aimed at a younger audience
  12. Which is why i view the anomalies, to filter out the distracting "noise"..
  13. i doubt theyll be "wrong"... that would imply a completely different synoptic pattern... as i see it, its about degrees of accuracy. So they might modify, whilst showing a similar synoptic pattern, they might suggest higher pressure to our East then they do now..
  14. Couldnt agree with this more..... humanity IS a cancer, slowly consuming and killing its host. But we will never make the sacrifices needed, we are too greedy, selfish, wrapped up in material things. Our lifestyles would have to change so radically, unless the whole world agreed, which they will never do, then we will successfully destroy life on Earth. Just look at the situation we have now in the UK.... overpopulation,. Just look at how congested the roads are, just look at the housing shortage and the way rich fertile farmland is being swallowed up to appease the need - and it is a real need - for housing. Try getting a doctors appointment - even before covid theres a 3 - 4 week wait for "non urgent" but how tf do we know whats urgent and what isnt? How can we balance this? more people = more housing, more food, more of everything and all that comes at a cost to our wildlife, 75% of which is in steep decline. We need everything thats manufactured to be built to last. Everything thats manufactured to be biodegradable/and/or totally recylcable. We need to stop the fashion industry, where materials are "in " one moment and "out" the next... waste .. This needs to be a global scheme... But that is not going to happen. Like a cancer the human race will successfully kill its host.
  15. Theres no ambiguity here.... but id like to see tonights runs first to see if they confirm the weekends automated outlook. The ECM is overdoing the high to our East according to this chart, which shows a very very average late September outlook - unsettled, driven by a deep mean upper trough to our northwest. The 8-14 day chart suggests plenty of Northern blocking too, but troughing in control of the UK.
  16. Polished..... Coldplay are too sanitised, squeeky clean, generic, "nice" .... rock was never supposed to be like that, it was the rough unpolished edges that gave it authenticity.
  17. Two things at play here.... personal taste and objectivity. Just because you dont like a style doesnt mean its bad... But we know theres no variety or originality in the charts now, and that what i am moaning at. Because since as long as ive been into pop, in the 60's, there has been a conveyorbelt of generation defining styles with people who have something to say, are relevant, original, meaningful. You simply dont have that now or its at a very low level. As for coldplay being mellow.... nah, they are just unoriginal and bland. plenty of more mellow acts from the past are fine because they had something to say, a meaning, originality. radiohead were like that... coldplay arent.
  18. I cant stand "Dark side of the moon"...i simply dont get it... PFs earlier material was much better...their first single to chart in 1967 "Arnold Layne" was a song about a pervert who stole womens washing off the clothesline to dress up in! Could you imagine such a topic in todays charts?
  19. I dont get the connection between Radiohead (good) and Coldplay (bad).... they are polar opposites with Radiohead being everything a decent rock act should be.... original, relevant, talented, inspirational... Agreed about the Arctic Monkeys..
  20. Id suggest 5, lol... but yes, it is out of alignment. however it does illustrate how poor todays scene really is... and no, its ot about taste..
  21. "the charts arent relevant anymore" ..... lol.. ive heard that said since the early 70's! along with "music aint like it used to be in my day" .... but ill go back to my earlier point...the charts are far more relevant then people realised at the time. They are a set of data that documents the moods of the Country at any given time through the young/music. They are an invaluable resource... and are/will be used in years to come because despite 80% being trite little pop songs, many social issues/stories/descriptions were told AND it was at the forefront of bringing racial/sexual equality to a young audience. Coldplay?.... they are absolutely everything wrong about the music scene... vapid, wet, uninspiring, pretty pop music. They must be the most successful rock act NOT to have something to say, a charismatic leader, an inspiration, fun, identity, hell even the Bay City Rollers (like busted but less talented and dressed in tartan) have more charisma.
  22. Dead or Alive, SAWs first #1, hmm... i used to think like that, but actually it was more of a case of i didnt like the styles of music produced. The rave scene of the late 80's mixed with techno lead to the variety of dance and club culture of the 90's. The charts have never been consistently "good", they are been some vary lame periods, and i remember charts/music since the Beatles brought the beat boom to us. But oftem it IS our own personal taste thats skewing our view. I hated the charts from 88-93, but actually there was a lot of great new innovative variety charting, its just that i didnt like the styles, lol. But what those periods had, that they havnt now for the last 15 years or so..is originality, theres no strong youth movement along with the associated fashions and attitudes. Its all "wannabes" trying for fame rather than creating interesting and new music. Theres something about millionaire Stormzy singing songs about how urban deprivation gives loads of black and white kids a disadvantage in life...... cant think what it is though
  23. I completely disagree with the "you need to dig deeper"... some people say.... NO WE BLOODY WELL SHOULDNT! we never had to "dig deep" to find classic pop songs that meant something, that said something, that was relevant. The point is, the charts are the only way we can document what was going on and when. They are almost like folk music inasmuch as they reflected the mood in youth culture of the day. So if all this "good" music isnt in the charts, in any form, then its invisible. Good point about the Specials and Madness multicultural elements. They didnt preach to us about black lives mattering, nor make a song and dance - virtue signalling. They lead by example, they played black music, incorporated black musicians not out of a need to be pc and "inclusive", but because they were their friends who could play intruments - merrit not tokenism.
  24. Its turning more Autumnal... after previously predicting high pressure (albeit weak) would dominate over the next two weeks, the latest NOAA charts have shifted as they sometimes do, and now suggest low pressure dominance for the rest of the month.
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