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  1. Snowing on and off. Very marginal with the current DP.
  2. Only chance for a snow shower will be between 7pm-10pm. DPs are high right now.
  3. Yes and you have more activity coming your way. Radar is picking around 36-44DBZ in WNW of you.
  4. Even though I'm excited with the latest runs, we need to be cautious because these WNW traditionally tend to downgrade as we approach more reliable time frames. A - 8 or - 7 will be enough for snow even in lower levels Southeast but a - 6 will be marginal and probably enough only for some heavy wet snow.
  5. It's nature, it's weather, it's chaos. They have the same discussions in Southeast Europe when we get the cold or everytime it goes far west or far east for them. The issue is mainly that we have too much energy in the East Canada/US Coast that doesn't let this doomed Azores high to position itself mid Atlantic.
  6. Azores properly in charge, dominating, everything goes Southeast or Middleast. Typical late Feb-early March pattern for Greece and Turkey. Since 2002 it's the same thing with 2-3 exceptions.
  7. Well I've seen hundreds of cars going at 5 miles per hour because it was just snowing... A while ago a friend told me it's cold today... Sorry but it's 12 degrees and my children are out wearing the Leicester City shorts.
  8. Are we really chasing a Northwesterly at 384h that will possibly last for 8-12h before the high flattens again? To be fair since early this winter it seemed that the Azores high was very active. Add to this the full energy of the Canadian vortex, the chances for something exceptional were slim for us. Southeast Europe will have at least another 2 cold waves and the first one was "predicted" by gfs at 300+h.
  9. As Andy predicted a light/moderate snow shower hit Leicester. It's bizarre for me that we can't have a proper convergence in UK. There is a small LP in the channel, Midlands have a NE direction flow and still we can't get anything significant.
  10. I can't blame fellow members here hoping for the better but we need to get right the fundamentals of meteorology even if most of us are just amateurs and it's our hobby. I'll leave it here because I feel that I'm repeating myself.
  11. Just to clear some facts right about Leicester and other East Midlands areas. We have right now a NE flow/direction of wind. The only way to get any ppn in the area is either having showers that have developed on our NE or the main front moves NE and have a convergence. The latter is very unlikely. I'm in UK for more than 5 years now and I haven't experienced any significant convergence tbh. That said, I'll be surprised if Leicester and surroundings will even see some flurries tonight.
  12. METO doesn't have a clue right now. They have a yellow warning area that covers half of the UK. Their forecast contains words like "parts of England". It might snow in some parts or not. Tbh this is not a forecast. I know some LPs are difficult to track but I expect more from METO. Anyway, as I see things right now its a non event especially for Leicester, even with a northern extension I expect fragmented ppn.
  13. High res? For a week now their forecasts are "rain, sleet or snow" and "uncertainty" even when we are close to an event. As I have lived previously many years in Greece, most of the times gfs especially got wrong LP systems even in nowcast there. That said, these systems 7 or 8 out of 10 times move SE unless something can trigger a NE movement. The change of direction usually happens when the LP makes the landfall. So I would be cautious and patient regarding these systems. Nowcast many times held a lot of surprises in my "snow life". ?
  14. I didn't follow every run tbh but this event can't be on the marginal side even if it follows a northern path. Cold air will already be in place.
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