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  1. We've done not bad. Started with noisy sleet lunchtime yesterday, it's been snowing since. Not as dry and powdery as it was over New Year, it's 'snowman' snow! We've had 2 days since Dec 28 without a snowy/icy covering.
  2. Lightning in the east visible from Dunblane - looks intense. Have fun and stay safe to everyone underneath it.
  3. 27.9°C in nearby Stirling. Actually quite a refreshing southeasterly breeze here.
  4. About 2 cm of wet slushy mush here, still fat flakes falling. There has now been falling and settling snow on at least one day for the last 6 months here. Hopefully spring soon.
  5. A fresh 4-5 cm since the school walk this morning. We now have a near-horizontal tree over our garden, oh well it will keep the washing dry in the summer
  6. ~20 cm on car roof this morning in Dunblane, it's been a while since I've seen trees bent by snow. Couple of light rain showers late morning.
  7. A neutron walks into a bar and orders a pint, the barman pulls it for him, but when the neutron goes to pay the barman waves away the money. 'On the house?' asks the bewildered neutron. 'Yep,' replies the barman 'For you, no charge.' An atom walks into a bar, gets wasted. As he's leaving, he slaps his pockets and says, 'Darn, I've lost an electron'. The bartender said 'Are you sure' So the atom says, 'I'm positive' A rabbit walks into a butchers and says 'Got any lettuce?' The butcher says, 'No this is a butchers we don't sell lettuce.' Next day the rabbit walks in again and says, 'Got
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