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  1. After adjustments something between 14.3 and 14.4 seems likely
  2. CET already standing at the fabled 5.9. Given the output, a finish after corrections somewhere above 6.0 seems likely.
  3. Yes the mighty UK occupying 0.05% (one twentieth of one percent) of the Earth's surface. ?
  4. I'm not tied to a prediction - just saying what I'm feeling and seeing in the output. Id be surprised if the official CET ended lower than 11.3 or higher than 11.8,
  5. With an unsettled and mild finish possible to October, I d expect the CET to roll in around 11.5 after adjustments. Frost free cloudy nights in the final week will be the key.
  6. A finish of 11.7 not out of the question with mild Atlantic murk dominant.
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