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  1. GFS also looks slightly better re heights to the South of Greenland, probably clutching at straws though.
  2. Forget what I said earlier, torrential rain accompanied by very strong wind gusts
  3. Yeah the rain band is defined and sharp. Could these be our strongest winds since that wave feature in early March that brought some trees down here?
  4. Yes, still very still here in south east London, strange eerie feeling, just seeing the first leaves rustle.
  5. Doesn't really matter when gfs and ecm are initializing with the low far too high in pressure, the nhc says the pressure is 925, both models are much higher than that which is obviously going to change their tracks.
  6. While gfs backs off its theme of Lorenzo hitting the UK, the GEM jumps on board.
  7. ECM makes the low on sunday quite deep at sub 985, would bring quite strong winds to England and Wales.
  8. Lovely clouds for my return to the uk in East Anglia at Harwich Port.
  9. Image of the cell approaching London. Also there is a line of stuff forming in the channel so maybe hope for people in the wider South East?
  10. Still completely sunny here in South East London can see bits of cloud to my west though.
  11. Yep Cambridge is further from the cloud than London so the record could be broken there?
  12. Does anyone have a good live temperature site for the key places tomorrow?
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