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  1. Lovely clouds for my return to the uk in East Anglia at Harwich Port.
  2. Image of the cell approaching London. Also there is a line of stuff forming in the channel so maybe hope for people in the wider South East?
  3. Still completely sunny here in South East London can see bits of cloud to my west though.
  4. Yep Cambridge is further from the cloud than London so the record could be broken there?
  5. Does anyone have a good live temperature site for the key places tomorrow?
  6. Anyone have any info on London? It seems it is hard to see with this batch of storms when they are going to turn up and where, but with the amount of CAPE any that spark up could be big.
  7. Hi, am going to the south western swiss alps and am worried by the BBC weather forecast of up to 2m of snow. On some sites i have only seen 5cm forecast so am a bit confused. Does anyone have an idea if it is going to snow a lot?
  8. Hi, if you are talking about the past archives, you can go back to 1871, every day with these. https://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/archives/archives.php
  9. What time will that rain arrive? Will it get windier than it is now? Worried for some of the trees around here.
  10. Hi all, hope everyone has done well with snow. In South East london i seem to be in dry slot. Will the precipitation go southwards?
  11. Does anyone have any idea which direction the heavy band south east of london is going to go?
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