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  1. 28.9 Celsius in my garden in South East London, and not a breath of wind. Top temperature last week was 36.0
  2. Bizzare line of cloud here in South East London, the grey ones are completely separate from the white towers going up.
  3. 34.9 here in South East London, always slightly over a degree behind Heathrow here
  4. Strong gusts recently started here in South East London in the past half hour, really howling now on the top floor
  5. Does anyone know what time gusts will peak in London? I'm seeing different things with the met office before noon and GFS more like 3 or 4pm.
  6. I'm heading to canary wharf for lunch on Sunday. I have a feeling it's going to be a bit blowy there, as the buildings channel the wind. I have seen videos of YouTube of people struggling to stand up!
  7. While it's far too early to be talking about the specifics of any deep low, it looks like something could come up. With an incredibly strong vortex feeding cold air into the Atlantic and the jet stream running more south than usual, it looks kind of inevitable something nasty is going to crop up in the jet stream. Just look at that jetstream on the GFS!!
  8. What could be notable next week is the wind. The Icon shows a deep low over the country early next week. You can see where that 960 low on the UKMO would be a few hours earlier. And the GEM shows this for wednesday showing there is multiple instances of possible severe wind next week
  9. Here in South East London, seems the windiest yet. The big fir tree is wildly shaking. I can hear howls and whistles, anyone know what time it will stop want to get some sleep!
  10. Very strong winds here in South East London. I opened the window and just hear a roar. @Hurricane Debby I agree, if it won't snow wind is good, tomorrow night should be good too
  11. So far this year in the South East the wind has not been bad. Only notable episode I can remember is another low in early November. It was similar to Tuesday, a smaller low on the Southern flank of the main low to the North. It brought over 100mph winds to the needles battery, I think it was the second highest ever recorded there, but that was only an hour of strong winds, this will be longer. While not the same, it is a similar scenario.
  12. Maybe clutching at straws but icon seems a bit better with less of a boxing day storm, Everything also seems a bit further west with higher pressure to our North West Big changes at only day 5 which can only mean positive things given the current state of the models! 12z vs 18z
  13. Think it all depends on the low and weather it will stay put and head towards Greenland or barrel eastwards, like the 6z was showing. Big improvement, can the ridge link up to the Russian high? The Russian high is a much bigger feature this run, good improvement.
  14. Icon runs a nasty sub 1970 low into England and Wales on Friday Night into Saturday. Icon paints quite a vicious picture with winds into the 70s for Southern parts.
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