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  1. I'm already pretty surprised by the strength of the wind and it won't peak until tomorrow morning/lunchtime. Already some branches down and with the recent rainfall and the trees in leaf could be some damage tomorrow?
  2. Hmm hard to tell I think the general consensus is for showers to ease through the night. However, reports from Southend seem great with heavy snow and that's directly upstream from us in Bromley so fingers crossed!
  3. Wind has noticeably shifted further towards the East which hopefully means this train of convection will push further inland. My location in South East London might be a push but never say never! Certainly looking better for Essex and inland Kent👍
  4. Still looking good the further East you are. Don't worry about the apps or models too much anymore, its a complete radar watch. Just a tiny shift in the low pressure by say 20-30 miles will have a big difference. The low pressure coming up from Spain to the low countries is definitely a rare setup for the models to process. Fingers crossed everyone sees some of the white stuff!
  5. Are we looking at more of an ENE this time round? The 2018 Beast was never too good here in London as the precipitation was too far to the South mainly, so we ended up with 5cm max.
  6. Hopefully by early evening they will have fallen more and we will have a better chance👍 Currently in -4 850s so not too bad. By evening the 850s should be at -6. The real turning point could be Monday evening when we enter into a field of -6/8 850s and lower dew points too.
  7. Ice pellets here in South East London. Better than expected with temperatures and dew points.
  8. Not at all because you're 13, I was only a couple years older than you when I joined in 2018, so it's definitely good to start early. Unfortunately, a lot of your posts make no factual sense, and have just added to confusion about this precipitation in the West that is only headed in one place - the channel. At this stage it's better to let the more experience posters post, there are many of them.
  9. Back up to 2.9 now with some more cloud cover! Maybe my thermometer could read too low but then again it was over 36 back in August. I'm also out of London more which probably reduces the urban heat island effect.
  10. Only 2.3 Celsius now in South East London, not in an especially elevated position. Temperatures and dewpoints seem better than expected, but does anybody have any idea how the precipitation is looking as we need the heavy stuff to come on land for a good shot
  11. Let's see what happens with the storm when it hits the channel and whether it dies or not. This one does look to have some punch with it, a pretty active storm! Maybe could try catch a few hours sleep and set an alarm if it looks like it could survive
  12. For me they seemed to be coming from a Westerly direction, what about you?
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