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  1. Yep, cold weather in winter is good for nature and for us. As for it balancing out later, well that's what I'm counting on in summer but I have a feeling we're in for a repeat of last year's heat...
  2. Cold weather makes me feel alive. Nothing better than going out without a coat on on a nice cold dry day. I'm a joyous cold lover, it's the heat that makes me miserable.
  3. There's nothing fabulous about it. Why assume everyone wants the same weather as you?
  4. Roll on a nice cold march and a nice wet, cool summer! Anyone who wants to sweat for three solid months can fly ro Spain and suffer it there.
  5. I'm sick to death of sunshine already and it's only February.
  6. I agree entirely. How anyone can enjoy hot weather - especially the muggy, humid heat we have i the UK - is beyond me. I hope we have a cool, damp summer this year.
  7. Interesting to note the Met Office have reduced the extent of the warning areas for strong winds, with the yellow warning for said wind now confined to Northern Ireland and Western Scotland for Friday, and extended east across most of Southern Scotland and Northern England for Saturday. Of course there's time for that warning area to be extended again but it goes to show how hard to forecast and volatile these set-ups can be.
  8. I hope you're right, especially about this summer. The thought of anything as warm as last year fills me with dread.
  9. Well this winter has been a complete waste of time here. Not a drop of snow on Thursday, and only an hour of wet sleety snow a couple of days previously. Now with the models predicting a shift to our usual Atlantic driven dross next week I can safely say winter is all but over for me. I give up. It had better be a cool damp summer this year!
  10. Almost a classic winter's day today where I am. Nice (but still not sep. deep) covering of snow slowly thawing in the winter sunshine. Didn't think I'd see snow during this current spell so I'm happy.
  11. I hate how quickly we lose the early dusks and short days. I wish spring could be delayed by another month, somehow.
  12. After that awful hot summer in 2018 and seemingly endless mild weather early in winter this colder weather is just what we need. Finally, the spiders that routinely build webs around the tops of our washing line poles have died off. About time!
  13. Darren Bett and a few others just died inside a little after reading that.
  14. Nice and cold out there today, frosty too all day in the shady spots. Classic winter weather. How anyone can prefer the mild, wet Atlantic dross that passes for our winter weather most of the time is beyond me.
  15. Darren Bett is swiftly becoming my least favourite TV forecaster. Him and his precious Atlantic Air.
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