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  1. It's nice to wake up in the morning in summer and have the weather remind me I'm living in England rather than making me think I'm living on an island in the Mediterranean. More of this please!
  2. I'm enjoying this weather. I can sleep at night and I'm not sweating all the daylight hours. Lovely.
  3. I rarely feel the cold, and even in winter on a cold day I'll happily go out without a coat on as long as it's dry. Cold I find energising; there's nothing better for walking than a cool, brisk wind, but warm weather makes me feel sweaty and irritable. I find it impossible to sleep when it's warm too.
  4. The lack of sweating makes everything easier - especially sleeping.
  5. I'm not looking at any of the charts for later this month, I'm just enjoying the relief this spell is providing. Should be some more showery rain for my area too today, with suny spells in between. Just a nice, cool showery summer's day. Lovely. ?
  6. A heavy shower's passing over right now, with heavy rain and even some hail mixed in. Certainly a change from the endless sunny skies of last month. Air still feels nice and cool too, and even in the direct sun it felt pleasantly fresh.
  7. Nice drop of rain at the moment - more than I thought there would be. It'll be nice to go to bed not feeling sweaty and irritable tonight.
  8. One more day of this miserable weather. Hope we get some rain tomorrow.
  9. I wish you'd stop trying to speak for everyone. I, for one, hate hot weather. I do not crave endless sunshine, and cloudy, damp summers are infinitely preferable to the nightmare that was 2018. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks the same as I do.
  10. I'm certainly more changeable than our current weather that's for sure.
  11. As monotonous as this weather is there's one thing for it - the nights are surprisingly comfortable. If only we could get more weather like this in summer instead of the humid, muggy conditions we usually experience.
  12. That was my experience too. I'd never see anything like it, it went so dark and the rain was truly biblical for a while. Our back garden flooded and the water came within an inch of flooding our living room - we actually had to open the back gate to allow the water to flow out and into the road.
  13. I am starting to get sick of this weather now.
  14. Speaking as someone who is no fan of hot or sunny weather this is very nice at the moment. It's actually quite cool and fresh now, not at all humid or overly warm. If only it could stay like this for the next three months with similar temps then it wouldn't be so bad.
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