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  1. What do people do when it's hot? Sit under a fan all day trying to keep cool, tossing and turning trying to get to sleep at night, or sitting in the shade with their sun hat and sunglasses, "enjoying" the sun while doing their best to keep in the shade? Or maybe, just maybe, some of us are not at all outdoorsy types and just want to not be sweating profusely while going about our daily activities...
  2. The only comfort so far for me, amid this sunny and overly warm weather, is the fact that both the Aprils of 2007 and 2012 were sunny and warm, and were followed by very wet summers. Here's hoping for a repeat this year.
  3. Why am I sweating? It's only April and it feels like summer already. I'm sick of this, why can't we have our old climate back?
  4. Because some people like the cooler weather and hate the heat. I dread this time of year because the risk of higher temperatures goes inexorably up. Roll on October.
  5. Looking good from next Monday at least - cooler, with LP in charge, and that trend seems to be continued right through until the end of the month (at least on the GFS). LOoks like we won't have to put up with this "warm sunshine" nonsense for much longer.
  6. I really hope summer reverses that trend then. Not too bad out there atm; it's been quite sunny so far but it's fairly cool, and now some clouds are building up and the sun is becoming more intermittent.
  7. Winter - cold, snowy Spring - cloudy, cool, dry Summer - cool, rain, cloudy, not too humid Autumn-some sun is OK, but prefer it cloudy
  8. In winter - Gales and rain, and mild weather in general Spring and summer - sunny and/or hot Autumn - gales and rain, or unusually warm and sunny
  9. Yep, cold weather in winter is good for nature and for us. As for it balancing out later, well that's what I'm counting on in summer but I have a feeling we're in for a repeat of last year's heat...
  10. Cold weather makes me feel alive. Nothing better than going out without a coat on on a nice cold dry day. I'm a joyous cold lover, it's the heat that makes me miserable.
  11. There's nothing fabulous about it. Why assume everyone wants the same weather as you?
  12. Roll on a nice cold march and a nice wet, cool summer! Anyone who wants to sweat for three solid months can fly ro Spain and suffer it there.
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