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  1. Utterly nondescript, both milder and wetter than average, but not record-breakingly so... 5.9C and 101mm please
  2. It's quarter-to-three in the morning, in mid January, and I can hear birdsong outside. Is that normal? Surely that isn't normal.
  3. We may as well forget about this winter now. Outlook is pathetic past the weekend, no sign of that euro high shifting (revenge for Brexit? Joke!) and with the daylight hours starting to open up now the window for deep cold is narrowing rapidly. The good news is we have six months or so of torrid misery courtesy of another record-breaking summer to endure (maybe)...
  4. After the dreck we've had so far a few days of frosty weather is better than nothing.
  5. I've noticed that just now. I think we have to accept the heights to our south as the new climate norm. Climate change will push things north-wards, and that means we can kiss any decent cold winter weather goodbye. We're faced with a future of either Atlantic storminess, or the pallid dross we've experienced so far this winter. I give up.
  6. Wonderful memories of a fantastic spell of winter weather, sadly never to be repeated in this godforsaken country.
  7. Come to Daddy Waaay out in GFS FI but, hell if there's a straw to be clutched I might as well grab it with both hands.
  8. 4.5C and 85mm please. Hoping against hope the month can be salvaged by an easterly in the latter 2 weeks...
  9. Yes but there seems to be a locked-in dry, mild spell coming in, with high pressure remaining dominant to our south. This isn't just one day's run, it's consistent as far out as 384 hours in the GFS. This seems to be the case for the GEM (240 hours out) and ECM (240 again) too. There is no sign of any cold weather in any of the major models for the foreseeable.
  10. I think I can safely say this winter is already a write-off. December will end v. mild, I see no signs of change into January, and by the time we do get some cold weather (probably late February...) winter is already almost over. Roll on Spring. April sunshine and showers is pleasant enough I suppose.
  11. You can pay to replace my damaged fence panels then in that event, like I had to pay to replace them in 2013/14.
  12. These latest GFS outputs remind me of last December - forever tempting us (well, cold lovers anyway...) with cold charts just a little further out in FI. And we all know what happened last year don't we. Will this verify? Nah OK, but surely this has some chance? Lol no. Maybe 2020-21 will deliver some festive cold.
  13. I said this December would be a disaster for cold lovers didn't I, and I see no reason to think Jan or Feb will be much better. British "winters" are a waste of time.
  14. I give up on winter. It looks like another unsettled and increasingly stormy December. What's the point? Every year it's the same old story.
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