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  1. These latest GFS outputs remind me of last December - forever tempting us (well, cold lovers anyway...) with cold charts just a little further out in FI. And we all know what happened last year don't we. Will this verify? Nah OK, but surely this has some chance? Lol no. Maybe 2020-21 will deliver some festive cold.
  2. I said this December would be a disaster for cold lovers didn't I, and I see no reason to think Jan or Feb will be much better. British "winters" are a waste of time.
  3. I give up on winter. It looks like another unsettled and increasingly stormy December. What's the point? Every year it's the same old story.
  4. Easy - the thunderstorms of Sunday evening, 27th of May 2018. Absolutely torrential rain for around an hour, with a period of peak intensity around 7PM. I went so dark during that period the street lights came on, the thunder seemed almost continuous, the lightning was incredible, and - from my point of view the worst thing of all - our back garden flooded, with the water nearly coming into our living room.
  5. Well, ain't that a surprise... At least Darren Bett will be happy.
  6. Thanks for watching his vids so I don't have to. I fear, as far as "winter" is concerned we may end up defaulting to our norm again- Atlantic dominated, the occasional cold spell, frequent gales and rain...
  7. Wow. Wednesday 9th October - max of 26C with clear skies Thursday 10th October - max of -2C with snow showers Now THAT is changeable weather, not the Atlantic-driven dross we get in this country.
  8. Watching TV weather forecasts this winter will be like watching one of Gav's weather vids no doubt, meaning that we'll be hearing the phrase "from off the Atlantic" a lot.
  9. Latest GFS op run showing a completely different track for Lorenzo, taking a much shallower system towards northern France. Still lots to play for so far out but the swing in GFS output surprised me considering how consistent the few previous runs were.
  10. Although I agree with you, it seems if Hurricane Lorenzo does develop as some models are suggesting I would hardly describe that as being "in our favour". Seasonably wet and windy is one thing, damaging winds of the kind being predicted are something else.
  11. Nothing fabulous about it. I am getting sick to the back teeth of this blasted weather. Roll on next week when we get some proper autumnal weather.
  12. Well for someone like me, with a north-east facing bedroom window, and a window that doesn't open wide to boot, "warm sunshine" means sweaty, sleep-deprived hell. I can have fans running, doors and windows open, and wear light clothing but it's still in vain. So forgive me for not cheering at the prospect of another day of bleary-eyed, overheated misery.
  13. Now I'm getting bored of this weather. It was nice a couple of days ago but yesterday was too humid and last night was unbearable. The Met Office's forecast for the day is "More warm sunshine" I mean who writes these summaries? I do not need to be simpered to; "more warm sunshine" is a pathetic, dumbed-down way of describing a stultifying, deadening day of depressingly hot and uncomfortable weather. "Warm sunshine"? Up your game Met Office and provide proper forecasts, not dumbed-down rubbish for people who want to sit outside all day.
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