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  1. I've been saying all along that the seasons are out of kilter and the warning signs were there with the rubbish (as in no cold & snow) during the winter just gone. February had barmy temps if you remember.
  2. All if if if's and doesn't mean diddly. Always slight adjustment here, slight adjustment there and we will get record this, record that. Well a slight adjustment in the way the lottery balls spun in the drum and i'd have been a millionaire! but guess what, i'm not.
  3. When the weather doesn't happen as thought year in year out it's funny how people say we've dodged a bullet just like when there's little snow in winter the old we were unlucky chestnut comes out. Yes i think 40 C would be a one off, unless you genuinely think every July from here on in will hit that temp every year? It's possible yes but by no means a given like some would have us believe. You talk about anomalies, well it could be that these plumes are just that anyway! I'm not stupid, of course there is a warming trend and obviously climate change is happening but the potential jump to regularly hit high 30/40 C in this country is different to other parts of the the world anyway, in the same way we often miss severe winter weather. For climate change to affecting the uk at the rate some are alluding to, shouldn't we be seeing these heatwaves lasting more than just 3 days? The average temp for july is like 21, 22 yeah? well the odd plume here and there isn't like to alter that dramatically. Yet So hitting high 30's or the magic 40 somewhere today will be a very noteworthy event but it's entirely possible it will be a good number of years before a July day gets that hot again and imho anyone who thinks next year and the year after will be a carbon copy is getting rather carried away.
  4. Soooo everyone spouting thst global warming is the reason why tomorrow might hit 40. Excellent, that means every summer from now on will be a scorcher. Well you can't just turn GW off like a tap so happy days for heat lovers. Back in the real world it's entirely possible tomorrow will just be a one off. Don't forget after the beast from the east in 2018 everyone said same again next year and look at this years snow offering - pants. All just random weather
  5. Or it's entirely possible that it will be another 16 years or more before the record is threatened again.
  6. Which would only be relevant if it exceeded 30 c multiple times across the summer months and for several days at a time. Only then could 27 be described as merely warm. Think it's fair to say last year was a cracking summer for lots of us but only a few saw 33 c and certainly not day in day out so i stand by my original point that throughout the majority of the summer months and for the majoity of uk wide postcodes, 27 is hot.
  7. Baffles me are some people seem to assume that this tiny island of ours should expect temps of 30° every summer and heavy snowfall every winter. Reality is as you say 25° is very warm and 27+ is hot for our neck of planetary woods.
  8. Ominous? Strange word for a one off day of record temps, sounds like you're predicting the end of days!. It's Interesting, noteworthy and i'll agree it's not a record we want to be seeing broken but hardly ominous lol
  9. Netweather going for a record breaker yet bbc have been downgrading this alledged heatwave all day. Take wednesday for example, this morning it was predicting 26 for my hometown Sheffield, then 23 and now saying 21. All very pleasant but not record breaking.
  10. Mother nature is a delicate animal, it seems like when one season is out of kilter, the others often struggle. Last years decent summer followed a proper winter so it shouldn't be a surprise we are struggling now after such a terrible(as in no cold or snow) winter just gone. Be interesting to know if this has happened a lot historically or just a coincidence.
  11. It also looked a struggle last sunday and look what happened across eastern ireland!
  12. No, you make perfect sense mate and the difference is that you, Frosty and the like at least posts charts and hypothesis as to why you think it might get snowy and not just blurt out random statements.
  13. This thread never fails to amuse. Half of you saying it's going to be nothing more than average/cool/rain for the next 10 or so, the other saying multiple snow chances/northerlies etc. And all looking at the same charts. Brilliant.
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