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  1. It also looked a struggle last sunday and look what happened across eastern ireland!
  2. No, you make perfect sense mate and the difference is that you, Frosty and the like at least posts charts and hypothesis as to why you think it might get snowy and not just blurt out random statements.
  3. This thread never fails to amuse. Half of you saying it's going to be nothing more than average/cool/rain for the next 10 or so, the other saying multiple snow chances/northerlies etc. And all looking at the same charts. Brilliant.
  4. Yes CFS and JMA long rangers were relentless in predicting a severely blocked February. Lol
  5. Yes while it's a fact that the weather is well above average millions will still have put the heating on this morning for an hour to take the edge off and many will be wearing jackets out and about today. But for some reason people love to make a point that they're only wearing a t-shirt, like it's some status thing or machismo. It's all pov anyway, i will be wearing a jumper today as imo it's still coolish in the shade but that's hardly scientific.
  6. Is it tho? People said back in the 90's & 00's that extreme cold was done for the UK but then in the last 10 years we've had record breaking cold events. Just because this year has been a stinker for coldies doesn't automatically mean future winters will be.
  7. and so you should be sorry allowing poor innocent children to wear Leicester City shorts!
  8. People keep saying how mild it is, wearing shorts & t-shirts etc. Well i've just been for a ramble in the Peak District and there's quite a windchill, everyone had thick coats, hats and gloves on - not a pair of shorts in sight!
  9. Shorts and t-shirt, slightly over egging it aren't we lol. Yes it was very pleasant yesterday but still quite cool in the shade. I think most people would agree that mid teens temps is not short weather unless going for a run or something.
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