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  1. Hi C, Looks fantastic. So a few snowflakes should fall by Friday, right.?.. then warm over the weekend and then could be some cold coming during the next week. How do you see it? The look from the other side ? /from mid January though/
  2. The forecasted temperatures for this week looks lower now then few days back forecast was showing, so maybe it won't be so fatal. The dew point is low, but of course the lack of fresh snow is very bad. I just returned from Katschi today, it was nice to see S. Michael covered by snow as well, though not really a thick layer there. -12C in St. Margarethen was like going to freezer :).
  3. Good base layer for the winter start! It's warmer now and the coming weekend very likely too, but then it could get colder again for the December start. Fingers crossed :).
  4. That's next to Bacher Gasthof, Was staying there last year. That's how I imagine when the ice age starts.
  5. Epic! ? I have chosen a wrong side of the Alps this time .... Some snow might come on Thursday and Monday, but does not look as too much and still uncertain.
  6. Katschberg looks great today! So pity I cannot go this week.... I will try to drop in next week for a day on my way to Nassfeld to get the fresh snow feeling :). Unfortunately Nassfeld is very unlucky with little snow fall so far and the forecasts do not look like there should be some in the coming days. Seems that temperatures next week will be also milder, hopefully at least around 0 in max.
  7. Thanks for welcoming! Brno, Czech Rep. The new gondola is installed, I see.
  8. Wow great. Looking at radar now it actually does not show so much precipitations.... Can't wait for going to Katschberg for skiing again. I wish you guys lots of snow, at least as much as last season at least ?
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