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  1. Man City win the title. it's a sad day for everyone outside Manchester.

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    2. AtlanticFlamethrower


      oh yes, McLeish out! he's a nice guy but plays all-out defensive game even when we are winning.

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      I don't feel that sad, tbh.. :p

    4. Scorcher


      Chelsea won the league 2 seasons ago Gavin!

  2. if you're in the SE please tell the regional discussion thread what level of lying snow you have now - putting the finishing touches on a regional snow depth map!

    1. andypandy


      27cm Five Ashes, East Sussex

    2. Mesoscale


      1cm Watford, North London

  3. if your kids are getting bored by all the snow and want to start learning again get them to check out this free online school http://www.khanacademy.org/

  4. I'm doing a snow depth map for the South East region. Please go to regional discussion forum to leave your current lying snow depth if you want to contribute! Large and small, rural, urban all welcome.

  5. has had a racing pigeon in the garden for three days, likes the seed and water tray. is it grounded due to volcanic ash?... GB (60) S48032 if it's you

  6. Or it could be a joke I suppose :)

  7. Didn't notice this comment section until today. moogybooble cannot live more than 1km away and yet measured 6 inches? I have photographic evidence we only got 2 1/2, on top of which we got another cm or so. Either there's been some drifting or a very very localised heavy shower... they didn't even get six inches in Leigh, Southend or Rayleigh!

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