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  1. two belts of snow moving approximately northwards. this is the most action we've had so far but it's difficult to tell how much is being added because the wind is swirling it around quite a lot. I'd call this a grade 2 blizzard out of 5.
  2. Crazy immediate disintegration. Looking at the netweather radar right now this isn't happening to showers that are coming on to land elsewhere in the UK. It only needed to get 14 miles inland to where I am.
  3. WFT is going on here. Someone explain. This wonderful, plump exciting snow-storm cell at last on an easterly trajectory coming right towards has just disintegrated in a few minutes. Now don't you give me that 'it's dry air' blather. Someone's up there in a plane with an anti-snow cloud seeder trying to spoil everyone's fun.
  4. Have to say this 'Beast from the East' is rather underwhelming. Only a few coastal edges have any appreciable snow which is because the wind trajectory has been north east not east or east north east. As the wind direction turns more easterly overnight we might get showers that penetrate further inland. There is barely any precipitation showing on the charts for my location but when we've had easterlies in the past it is because of more direct easterly feed and a conveyor belt of 'streamers'. This conveyor-belt is right now only grazing the coast but hopefully the usual will happen
  5. South Woodham has finally had a direct hit from a passing shower. Interesting how it pepped-up just before it hit us - the relative heat island of this of the area must have aided convection just before hand. While other areas must be under quite a lot of snow from giant showers that aways missed us north and south, we were still 80% green and roofs were not completely covered. Now only the grass tips are showing. https://www.netweather.tv/live-weather/radar Fascinating to observe.
  6. The South Woodham snow shield is very powerful. Showers have missed the town to the north and south by meters all day. Just a dusting here. There must be half a foot in Rayleigh and Rochford by now.
  7. 12z GFS returns us to a #BarbecueFriday with 8 degrees reached on the south coast, 4C dewpoints widespread, all rain. This could all change again with the next runs but it seems likely that for us to have any chance of a blizzard on the Friday we need to get widespread snow showers and lying snow established over Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, which could feedback into the data and change things.
  8. You took my post too seriously. I don't have a preference for mild. Nothing wrong with quoting an interesting source of information and working in a mild interpretation that is probably not warranted.
  9. From the Model Thread This is a very very good ramp from Lowerstoft Weather but it does not factor in any progressive downgrading of the cool pool and upgrading of the Saharan draw. On the 06z temps as high as 8C at 850 hpa lap the northern coast of France. Imagine this upgrading to 10C and getting a bit further north on the next runs. As it snows the warm air will be pushed to the surface and it will all turn to rain and wash the snow away in a great flood. This is much more likely because it's #BarbecueFriday.
  10. ECM and GFS both agree on an early Spring. #BarbecueFriday
  11. Downgraded to a 3 day event. I'm calling it 'Barbecue Friday'. Thanks GFS.
  12. Unfortunately another late entry but I would like to keep up my record of participation and my guess for last month was pretty close! 15.7C for August.
  13. Late 16.3 C ... rainy, cool end to the month after okay first half
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