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  1. I believe it's to do with a government shutdown significantly reducing weather services from the US.
  2. The 18Z FV3 not looking as good for cold as the 6Z, with warmer uppers in general and less of an Arctic high.
  3. The FV3 is going for a different sort of Easterly to last run, it looks like.
  4. If gender really is based on sex, then the idea that there are only two genders is instantly refuted by the existence of intersex people and those who do not fit perfectly in one of the categories. The disgusting thing is that these people at birth are then forced into being either at birth through surgery such as mutilation. But given that gender dysphoria exists largely, and there are other desires to be a gender not matching what was assigned at birth, it can be said that it is not the case. But even then, in any decent society it should be irrelevant to how things are set up. To those who'll claim that it'd threaten 'women's rights' or less commonly 'men's rights', it can be refuted by the fact that even sex doesn't represent what needs protection so much. Personally even if it did I don't see how it'd make a difference, and so many people in this debate forget that just because one person from a group says something doesn't mean they are not discriminating against such a group. The people getting offended in this situation are being very over-sensitive at the best. There's no reason to even care about these facts, but there is reason to fight the prejudice, because that is just. This is probably far too political again...
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