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  1. How did you fair in the BFTE in terms of depth of snowfall?
  2. Anybody measured the temp in the heart of London today? I suspect it was 37C.
  3. Do you think we can still hit 38C around London?
  4. Did/Do you have cloud? It’s clouding over slightly here in Catford.
  5. It’s like a furnace right? Baking down here in South London
  6. Fully understand what you mean. It’s the building heat hour by hour you can feel.
  7. I’m guessing that 36C patch is London. It looks quite west though.
  8. I feel like you going to Reading was Pre-planned. You knew it was going to be one of the harder hit places didn’t you?
  9. It’s snowing here in Catford but it lacks intensity. That’s why I asked. I’m guessing it’s slowly slipping southwards.
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