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  1. Why are they dying out upon entry into London? I’d like someone to explain this to me because it’s been happening all week.
  2. @Daniel* what’s your depth like? The radar looks sweet for you in central.
  3. Would love for those brighter echoes to extend outwards of Central London, both north and south of it.
  4. It’s a bit of a nightmare for us. The showers just can’t increase in intensity for us whatsoever; or even keep their intensity.
  5. Feel a bit uneasy with the holes in this band. I hope they fill in quickly.
  6. Snowfall is definitely being generated on the south side of the Thames. If it could just intensify that would be perfect.
  7. There are a few bigger flakes mixed in with the flurries here in Lewisham.
  8. So ignoring the weird holes in the radar. There is some slight intensification from what I see.
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