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  1. StormyWeather28

    Storm Deirdre Atlantic storm 4

    The Irish met have been discussing the possibility of severe winds occurring Saturday all week. They placed an advisory a couple of days ago and today it seems to have upgraded. 80mph gusts over the South and East of Ireland during daylight hours and early evening . Like Britain it's the north and west of Ireland that usually sees the storms so it could be quite potent given all the circumstances.
  2. I agree by in large. However the background signals have been wrong so many times in the 5 years I've followed netweather forum so I can see how some people are dubious about them.
  3. Nasty looking storm on Saturday according to ECM. Gusts up to 90mph+ Wales, Ireland, NW England.
  4. StormyWeather28

    7th to 8th th.possible storm

    What was the highest recorded gust in Scotland?
  5. Does SSW ever lead to a Northerly? If it does deliver cold weather is it always from an Easterly?
  6. StormyWeather28

    7th to 8th th.possible storm

    Agree Ross. Imo we have a long way to go when FC storms. Models are rubbish when it comes to storms. It's my favourite weather type so I always religiously check the models when there is a chance of storm. As you say 9 times out 10 it's downgraded and the track is off a lot as well even a couple of days out.
  7. I wouldn't read too much in to either model past Friday at this stage. All show various outcomes for that storm which obviously has huge effects for how it transpires afterwards. Some have the storm much weaker and further south. Others have it stronger and further north. 300 to 500 mile spread of where the strongest winds could be and big difference in strength of winds depending if deepens and goes north or stays run of the mill and south. Only three days away.
  8. StormyWeather28

    Hurricane Leslie

    109mph gust at Figueira da Foz 4m asl
  9. StormyWeather28

    Hurricane Leslie

    Madness! That's Lisbon in the firing line according to my dodgy eyes anyway.
  10. StormyWeather28

    Storm Callum - Atlantic Storm 3

    Buoy off the West Coast of Mayo recorded a gust of 117mph. Luckily this storm didn't track further East.
  11. StormyWeather28

    Winter 2018/19

    Couldn't agree more. The slightest thing that wasn't foreseen when making LRF can crop up and has a domino effect to what happens after. For example a couple of years ago, A storm with exceptionally mild air pushed deep up in to Arctic circle. It changed the entire pattern thereafter . A week before it, no one knew it would happen.
  12. I expect Storm Callum will become the third named Storm of the Season today or tomorrow. Latest Runs show quiet a nasty System for Ireland and Western Scotland. Gusts of 70-80mph widely over land, up to 90mph and possibly up to 100mph on coasts. Stay tuned. UKMO T72 GFS T72 T78 ICON T71 81 84 87 12Z ECM Gusts(I will mist this mornings run) Gust as it approaches SW Ireland
  13. StormyWeather28

    Storm Bronagh- Atlantic Storm 2

    The criteria for naming storms is has changed this year? Previously an Amber/Orange warning from either Met was needed to name the storm. A yellow=no name. Yet Bronagh and yellow warnings only.
  14. StormyWeather28

    Storm Ali - Atlantic Storm 1 18/09/18

    Yes exactly, self importance factor at play too,as if their sympathy or lack of it even matters yet they seem to think it's the biggest issue, their sympathy levels, not the poor woman in her 50s on Holidays who died. She had her caravan bolted but it broke during the winds and the caravan subsequently fell 15 metres on to the beach.