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  1. Ahh, I grew up in Blackfen, I used to live in Days Lane. I still miss living there!
  2. I know, it's brilliant, especially after yesterday's disappointment! Everything is all white here and it's still coming down
  3. I know, I was genuinely pleasantly surprised when I finally got up to look out the window as really didn't think it would start to settle after raining all day. I hope it continues to snow for a while yet - would be nice to have enough to leave a crunchy footmark in it
  4. Been snowing quite a while here in Bexleyheath, but haven't bothered to get up to look out the window as wasn't expecting it to settle, after last night's disappointment and the fact it has been raining all day. Am very pleasantly surprised to find it has started to settle, more so already than last night. Very unexpected - the best type of snow event!
  5. Not going to lie, very disappointed this morning. Had plenty of snow fall over night in Bexleyheath, but it simply refused to settle (apart from tops of cars and house roofs - maybe that elevation helped ) All melted by this morning! Nice to see some of us faired better though
  6. Scrap that, I've just had another look out the window. Snow is the heaviest it's been all night and is starting to settle. Phew
  7. Been snowing moderately for a good hour in Bexleyheath but isn't showing any signs of settling. I really thought we wouldn't have any problems with this due to air and dp temperatures being in our favour overnight. Has something changed temperature wise?
  8. Feeling a bit downbeat at the moment as was hoping to see a bit of settling snow by now; any snow that is falling isn't settling. Think I'm off to bed and hope some snow settles over night
  9. Lots of you live in a place called 'here'. Where abouts in the SE is that?
  10. Fingers crossed! Oh I do hope so Less squeaky bum time for my area later hopefully
  11. I'll take the bottom chart - gives my area an extra 1cm I do think my area is on the northern edge of the precipitation (Bexleyheath) so could be squeaky bum time later!
  12. Finally got a few flakes in the rain here in Bexleyheath. We are on the turn
  13. I was just about to post the same email! Thank God I'm off work after tomorrow for the rest of the week
  14. A bit underwhelmed with the ITV weather forecast on GMB this morning. Graphics basically looked like a sleety mess for tomorrow night. Think I'm going to adopt the glass is half empty pessimistic approach for tomorrow night's potential to avoid disappointment!
  15. Perfect timing as my train arrives back from London at 4.56pm and then I'm off work Wed - Fri so it can snow as much as it wants
  16. It's stopped now - literally lasted 2 minutes. But good to know that what falls from the sky can fall as snow this morning in London!
  17. I do hope, come the 1st March, this isn't the winning photo of the snow depth cup!
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