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  1. Well, that wasn't a bad guess- 12.1mm. Wind has picked up a notch or two, as have the gusts. There was an almighty crack a couple of minutes ago as a tree came down a hundred yards away.
  2. It's gusting fairly hard here, and pretty cold with it. Not a great deal of rain yet, although I wouldn't be surprised to see 10-12mm by dawn. Am regretting washing and putting away the winter coats last weekend, after a walk along the coast path in blazing sunshine. I should know better...
  3. Snowing quite hard here, close to Lampeter. Large, floaty snowflakes. I was just about to head off to work, but you can bet the school will be ringing in the next ten minutes, saying "can you come and collect your children..."
  4. I must admit, I do enjoy 'violent' weather, although we call it "exciting" in our house in order not to panic the children! Almost 40mm here since breakfast yesterday, the bulk of which arrived in the early hours today. The wind has eased considerably in the last half hour or so.
  5. A little bit of thunder and lightning yesterday late afternoon near Lampeter. Plenty of rain and some hail too. Just under six inches of rain already this month in these parts. Looks like being a largely bright day here....cold though.
  6. Beautiful colours there. Autumn is a special time- no two days are the same. October's rainfall here came in at more than double October 2017's figure of 4.13 inches. We recorded 220.5mm (8.68 inches). No wonder the shaded north-facing parts of our garden are still a little damp.
  7. It certainly feels cold enough for a few flakes. Some of yesterday's hail is still sitting on the ground and I've just scooped some out of the gutters. Fire has been lit, although kids are running around dressed for summer. I must be getting old..
  8. Close to Lampeter, Ceredigion. I measured 68mm in our garden on Friday, with some pretty tasty winds. Yesterday (Saturday), we topped that with 77.5mm. A little over fiveinches for those working in imperial. A fair bit of localised flooding and a few landslips nearby. Homes and businesses flooded and a number of roads impassable.
  9. I think the clubs rejected it because, from a business point of view, VAR would show up many of their players to be regular cheats- the financial backers won't like to be seen supporting so many flouncers, intent on bending rules and conning officials rather than getting on with their jobs. It's a bit embarrassing to see someone you pay over £100,000 a week fall over after the merest of touches. They would all have to relearn how to play a contact sport. Perhaps they should go and watch a rugby game to see what it really takes for a grown man to fall over.
  10. There is something rather comforting about the weather right now- a far more traditional feel after such a run of hot, dry weather that turned our lush greenery to yellow and brown. Chilly evenings now, so relented to pressure last night and lit the fire!
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