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  1. I've just listened to a horse racing trainer pleading for more rain in the South west!! He's not going to get it then?
  2. Echo that. Just mean for a lunchtime stroll after the latest lockdown updates. People going about their business dressed for summer and in generally chatty moods (blissfully unaware probably) whilst the sun beam downs. Knowing the weather is about to change and there's another 6 month's of restrictions ahead I felt quite melancholy.
  3. Burned off around 10.30 here, been absolutely gorgeous since. 1 more day before it changes, same it couldn't last 1 more week and we'd have an all time great September (to go with May) - barely had any rain.
  4. Took a while for the Sun to break through, but once it did it was a beautiful day here. Clear blue skies all afternoon.
  5. A nice few sunny days ahead (with a cool easterly breeze) - but what's this? The weather app is showing 13 degrees next Thursday, down to 12 by the weekend. Coldest temp since late March
  6. Not the worst bank holiday. Chilly enough, but pleasant in the sunshine. we've done well for bank holidays this year.
  7. We had a bit of lightning herein Walsall. Just a couple of bolts. Fair bit of thunder and torrential rain with hail.
  8. Not known a day like this before. Intense heat and humidity with sunshine from 8 till 3, then thunderstorms for a couple of hours. Bit of respite and then from 8pm the most intense thunder and lightning with torrential rain (river running down the street) just easing off now.
  9. I wonder what we'll get today. After a beautiful start it's now clouded over, although it's warm enough. Yesterday was very disappointing despite it being a decent forecast. Horrible wind.
  10. Clear blue skies. Showers in the forecast but a cracking start to the day.
  11. Very disappointing day here yesterday, I think the sun popped out for about 5 minutes. It should have been our local carnival and we nearly always have great weather for it. This morning is a bit more promising, however it's quite breezy.
  12. No rain here.. Plenty of warm sunshine.. Cool when the clouds came over.
  13. Yes, I concur. Not seen one like this. Forecast is worse tomorrow too.
  14. Hi, can anybody help with the models for thursday an in particular the timings/amounts of the rain. BBC app and Netweather are showing 2 very different forecasts? Thanks
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