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  1. yes please. and short sleeves for Cheltenham!l
  2. Ooh.. Looking forward to the photo opportunities over Pelsall Common!
  3. Light rain in WS3.. So much for several dry days. It was two!
  4. It's bright this morning after yesterday's horror. Does anyone know what time it eventually stopped raining?
  5. Beautiful morning.. But fresh but clear blue skies. What a difference a day makes.
  6. Is it still looking on the cooler side.. Some early snow?
  7. The wind has turned.. Absolute stunner of a day out there.
  8. Lovely in the sunshine out there, but the wind is icy. Hopefully it turns around soon
  9. Plenty of sun this lunchtime (warm sun) and quite a strong wind which is also warm. Rather lovely actually.
  10. Dry day here. A fair amount of sunshine but when the cloud came it was bloody nippy.
  11. Let's hope it's rained enough. Need plenty of dry weather from Wednesday to Sunday
  12. Stunning morning out there. Almost clear blue skies. Welcome to September.
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