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  1. Bullseye . I am right under the centre of Evert. Winds very calm, flat still. Pressure 993mb. Steady now. 14.6c and only the 1 bit of blue sky above.
  2. That squall line produced only breezy conditions and a good 10 min downpour here. It has now gone chilly, fairly calm and light rain falling afterwards. Nothing too exciting . 5mm of rain fell in 10 mins on the electronic rain gauge. Currently 9c.
  3. Absolutely wild out there near Cowbridge and just lost power so will be off to sleep after filing the report. Stay safe all.
  4. Its very stormy here already in South wales. Trees making loud roaring noise. Rain slamming into the windows. Gusting about 65mph already. I am expecting a noisy night especially as it peaks at around 3 to 4am here.
  5. The4Seasons


    Haha don't worry mate I would probably do the same thing. Its that time of day
  6. The4Seasons


    Its a crocus flower mate coming up through the snow
  7. Well I must say that I am already missing the cold spell. It looks like some places will see flooding soon in my area. Not what we want to see. Today marks the anniversary of when Wales saw severe flooding along the River Taff in Pontypridd after Storm Dennis a year ago. I sincerely hope this weekends rain does not bring back these scenes.
  8. Well I didn't expect this today after what yesterday's models were showing. Cover building fast.
  9. Heavy snow here now. Recovering the areas where snow had melted from earlier. Grass going white gradually
  10. Barely snowing despite heavier precipitation over Cowbridge. Slight dusting but starting to melt. Temps starting to climb abit. Still -0.1c here. Need it to get heavier.
  11. Hey guys in the Scotland thread I thought that I would pop in to say hi and admire your snow or snaw photos . You wouldnt think it was winter down here in South Wales. Its like a spring day with dafs, crocus and snowdrops popping out with just a nip in the air and the odd passing flurry. I hope you enjoy your snow. Send some our way before winter is over
  12. Week ahead 080221 WWW.FACEBOOK.COM The cold weather will last all week, although as the wind eases from midweek it won’t feel quite as bitter #Snow showers will continue in eastern... Interesting update from met office. ❄
  13. It may all look different by Monday and stay longer . The way the models have been changing who knows. We might get lucky.
  14. To them we in Wales don't exist as being in the country. I saw Jay's post earlier. If we post that snow will affect Wales they go crazy. Abit embarrassing really. How old are they. They need to go back to school or shall we post a big dummy in the mod thread when things go wrong. The mods would run a million miles.
  15. Settling just outside of Cowbridge. Got about 1cm I would say in places. Not Settling on roads though. Abit of slush there.
  16. I wouldn't worry about what happens in over 5 days away guys. So much is happening beforehand with snow events this weekend (battles between the warm and cold airmass). It will look different after they pass. So many fine lines drawn in at close range that will change the future modelling picture. In addition the ECM hasn't exactly been the best in forecasting in over 5 days recently. Constant chopping and changing like the rest of the models. Such a big difference tonight vs this morning. I would stick closer to the fax charts or to the nearer and now atm until volatility (fine balances between the warm/cold sector's) in the weather calms down. That boundary is constantly changing. Eventually one will be a clear winner. Theres no point in getting wound up over the weather. It will do what it pleases . Lets just enjoy the ride and watch it do its thing. There will always be winners and losers when it comes to cold and snow. And normally I am one of the losers as it doesn't often snow down in the south west. Most of you will get a better chance of seeing the white gold than me . Have a great night
  17. Snow here. Check out the M4 traffic cams for neath area. Its covered.
  18. Temp has dropped in the vale of Glamorgan from -0.7 to -1.2 again after a brief warm up from -3. This could be interesting. It is totally overcast now.
  19. I think it will be rain or sleet to avoid any disappointment lol. The amount of letdowns recently means I won't be excited until I see some white bits falling from the sky
  20. 2 severe flood warnings now in force in England.
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