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  1. That's how it should be. It's great to see people enthused when they see some storm action. The reports and pictures/videos bring some cheer for those who are missing out.
  2. I don't recall back to back summers as quiet as this up here. We need to complain more like those from the storm starved South East to ensure a distinction is made on here between the NE and NW of England.
  3. Torrential rain here and plenty of IC lightning, more than makes up for yesterday's damp squib ?
  4. Very dark over your way. Shame, I can't even hear any distant thunder.
  5. Still time for us yet, the forecast looks promising for overnight.
  6. That was a cracking storm earlier. Impressive gust front, strobe lightning and rolling thunder. First time I've seen a green sky like that overhead. Nice to get a good payoff after the prolonged spell of humidity!
  7. The sky is looking ripe. Should see some welcome rain at the very least.?
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