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  1. Thundering and lightning in Doncaster and North Lincolnshire at the moment https://www.lightningmaps.org/#m=oss;t=3;s=0;o=0;b=;ts=0;y=53.4652;x=-0.9132;z=9;d=2;dl=2;dc=0;
  2. So this could have happened in the daytime and could have in effect broke a record for 10 mins?
  3. Was the heat burst last night in Lincolnshire a record temp for that time of night 32c in Lincolnshire at anytime would be unusual and how often do heat bursts happen in UK?
  4. Can someone just explain how the models are produced is it literally a computer generated process or is there any human intervention for example if I had been putting the models together and seen a 41c I might have manually adjusted it to not look foolish but I assume these days its all just what the computer churns out?
  5. Low teens tomorrow I think that chart has a fault no way will it not be plus 20 in England in places.
  6. Exactly if the jet stream had dived south over north Africa blah it could have been really cold or if the low pressure had been in this position etc. it didn't it was where it was and that's what happened no what if or what that.
  7. What I would say about today is the weird keen wind which we had under this set up I don't think I have experienced a strong wind in such high temperatures normally the high pressure would cut off the isobars and it would be calm. The whole scenario was built on weird conditions keen wind, dry air not sticky wet humidity I am grateful it wasn't a carribbean type heat the sahara heat kept it from being totally unbearable.
  8. Yes but it was the same in 2003 blaming the cloud, cloud is inevitable part of reaching such temperatures like thunder and lightning, the UK rarely gets the prefect day in such a scenario it will always generate instability. Forever now it will be 2003 and 2019 if it wasn't for the cloud.... what if... blah blah blah, it didn't happen because it wasn't meant to.
  9. Can we not just be honest now and say the UK is not a 40c country it didn't get to 39c even and everyone says they never felt heat like this. Maybe we should just accept that this is as hot as it gets.
  10. I think Doncaster Sheffield has the official weather station for South Yorkshire so will Sheffield temp count?
  11. One of the mods in the storm thread has posted a picture of cloud build up in Dorset the fly is swimming in the ointment.
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