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  1. I've just come from south Manchester where it's gone from zero wind to a continuous stiff, warm breeze in the last hour - impressive updraft on the Cheshire cell!
  2. Patiently waiting for these reds and pinks to slam into us, been staring out the window for an hour now, I think it's slowed down as it adopts a more westerly trajectory.
  3. Clouding over here after fairly solid sun and an unbearably humid early afternoon. Keeping a close eye on that Derby/Nottingham group, possibly some further intensification to be had over the Pennines.
  4. Managed to get some awesome slo mos here in central Manchester earlier this evening ?
  5. Suddenly very dark in central Manchester with heavy rain, lightning is out by Stockport so things should liven up shortly!
  6. Been keeping an eye on this for the last 30 minutes, looking west from central Manchester. Fairly sure there's some rotation to it with very low cloud and intense lightning. Quite the downpour too by the looks of it!
  7. Just got absolutely hammered here in central Manchester. Never seen/heard anything quite like it: sideways rain, rain that travels up the side of buildings and deafening wind. Multiple sirens blaring out across the city now. It’s the apocalypse people.
  8. Quite the storm heading up from the North Wales border towards Manchester, hoping for a direct hit! I've just moved here and have a lovely view of the trams from a fifth floor apartment, might try a timelapse.
  9. Don’t crush my dreams haha. Going to head into the centre of town and try catch it over the castle in anticipation!
  10. Western edge of this more general area of rain has pepped up a bit! Looks like we could be in luck in the Scottish capital after all!
  11. Looks like the cell over Northumberland has adopted a slightly easterly track, looks like we’ll miss it here ??
  12. Worth noting that temperatures in SE England haven't been peaking until 17:00 - 17:30 the past few days. Still an hour or so of heating left to push Cambridge and other spots over the record.
  13. Winter is finished, better luck next season. I fancy some warmth anyway.
  14. Cold rain now. Can't be too disappointed I suppose, it was just meant to be a cold cloudy day here.
  15. Light snow here in Edinburgh that wasn't forecasted by virtually every model. I see MetO just updated their yellow warning in Scotland to bring it eastwards. What's caused precipitation to move further inland from the west coast than predicted?
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