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  1. Thanks Paul. See you at the Car Rentals
  2. Hi Paul, looking forward to Tour 1 and the catchup. It doesn't seem that long since our epic photo tour last year. I will be arriving in Dallas on the 3 May at 15:10 and staying at the Best Western Irving. If there is a chance of a transfer that would be great but if you are sorting out the cars - no worries. All best. Melvyn
  3. Hi Paul, thanks for the post. Ive checked my email and nothing has come through. Just in case there is a typo somewhere, my address is: [email protected] All the best. Melvyn
  4. Thanks John and yes, I do try to travel as much as possible. I took a look at your website - wow !! Beautiful pictures and well deserved awards. I noted the eclipse photo. I've been chasing total eclipses since 1999. Missed a couple but looking forward to South America in 2019 and 20. I've just checked the recent joining email from Paul and I will be collected on Sat from the Alamo desk and taken to the Days Inn also so hopefully we will catch up then. This is the first trip I have wished for stormy weather lol. I do hope we get to see some storms like those captured in your photos. All the best. Melvyn
  5. Hi John thanks for information. Much appreciated. I have recently returned from Astro La Palma for a night photography workshop so the chance of some night photography would be fantastic. I have a pano head for stitched panos so I will bring that along with me. If you are interested (and have time ;o)), there are some photos from the workshop on my website: www.mjmayphotography.co.uk. I also took my first time-lapse which was interesting. I will be arriving in Denver on the 23 June at 2:15pm on the UA26 flight. I'm looking forward to the trip as storm photography is something I've yet to experience. With regards to forecasts, which site would you recommend? All the best. Melvyn
  6. Hi John, Looking forward to Tour 5. In terms of equipment, can you advise on the best lenses to bring. Have a Nikon D750 and Oly OMD EM1ii and have a selection of telephoto and wide angle lenses. Not all however are weather sealed or can take filters. Also which filters are recommended. Many thanks. Melvyn
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