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  1. Fantastic sunrise followed by a nice morning with no wind at 0c .Ground really getting dry now. Snow is going to spoil it.!!!!!
  2. 0.5c with a fresh wind and ground drying up.Just scared off thousands of geese on a grass field. who had been there all night Don"t mind giving them a days grazing but want to make sure that we all share the grazing
  3. Well its a fairly mild night out there just now with a fresh southerly breeze at 4c. Things are drying up though as the air is getting less humid Just noticed too that the red lights on the windfarm four miles away are now down to two instead of twelve.Fair fuss created by the locals so they have been replaced with infra red ones. Even I thought they were they were rather intrusive.
  4. Fine dry start to the day here at 0c . Just musing just now looking at the model thread that the phrase "Be careful what you wish for" comes to mind especially for those that have not seen any snow yet this winter as it appears very disruptive snowy weather is on its way.
  5. Fantastic day with wall to wall sunshine and no wind. Picked neeps for Spring Show competition in Inverurie next Wednesday and popped them in the garden in case they are buried by snow and if its that bad may not even be able to get them there. Stocking sheds too with straw bales from the field too so we have access to dryer straw.. Will fill all log baskets in the next few days and get oil topped up so we have cooking and hot water in case the electrcity fails with any heavy snowfall. Currently clear and 0c
  6. Yes it seems a bit surreal watching the model thread for next week on a pleasant but chilly day .We had a fair bit of rain ovenght with water in the hollows of every field so a few dry cold frosty days will be welcome up to the weekend. Currently clear and 2c
  7. Huge flock of starlings on the farm today a lot of animals group up at this time of year in their hunt for food as one of the group may know of a good source and lead the rest there. All animals become less shy when hunger takes over and roe deer usually spend most of their time feeding in woods for cover but woodland grazing wiil be exhausted by now so will be seen more often in the open now for the next 4 or 5 weeks. If this real cold weather materialises then pigeons and roe deer will make their way to the neep field to feed on the tops especially if we get deep snow. With all the frost this winter there is very little green grass left so even coming out in the open to graze will not provide a lot of nutrition. Another observation is that it looks like it will be at least mid April before we see flowering daffodils and if the spring is cold then they may last well into May.or at least untill the first real warmth arrives.
  8. Well yes i have done it again as soon as I mention the ground drying up down comes the drizzly rain soaking everything again . Currently wetting drizzly rain and 5c
  9. The initial pulse of cold came in on north east winds at the end of November as can be seen on my proflle photo when we experienced walls of snow coming up the Firth in what I now understand as lake effect snow. The first day of cold saw clear blue skies coming in from the east and me following the plough in the last field taking soil samples and watching the soil skin up and freeze in front of my eyes around midday to be followed in the afternoon by grauple showers and then the next day the walls of snow started coming in to the Firth. Still cool here tonight with rain and 4c
  10. Am going to say it again and hope it stays dry but ground is drying up again with several tractos/ploughs out in fields in the area. Even a field of straw from harvest 2017 was being baled this afternoon in lower Moray after all the drying winds of the last few days.Quite a surreal sight. If even half the severity of cold being forecast comes off in the next few weeks then agriculture is going to take a big hit some winter crops in SE England are 6 inches high after a very benign winter and if they get severe frost without much snow cover then they will really suffer. Up here it would increase the amount of feed being consumed by livestock when a big shortage already exists so a late spring is most definitely not needed this year Currently overcast and 4c.
  11. Cold and windy here but dry with a ground frost first thing,currently 3.5c. A cock pheasant has taken to appearing every morning at the bird feeder as all wildlife is very hungry now and even feed supplies for farm livestock are getting scarce and going up in value with the wet cold winter and autumn making everything eat more. A cold late spring would put a lot of pressure on the countryside up here from wildlife to livestock to arable.
  12. The first thundersnow I remember was when we came to Scotland in 1961/62 and were staying on the coast near Portessie. I think it was around New Year and I was looking up out of a skylight window at falling snow and flashes of lightning in a strong north wind which gave snow right down on the beach the next day and blocked the coast road 200 metres from the sea.Had to wait till December 2010 before I saw it again to our south over the Cairngorms .Now here we are again tonight just eight years later and there is more over the mountains to the west.What used to be rare seems to happening with a bit more frequency these days.
  13. Just been out in the car and there seemed to be a lot of lightning out over the hills to the west and sure enough looking at the radar just now there seems to be a squall line with multiple lightning strikes. Quite spectacular at night .Currently very windy and 2c
  14. Some very strong gusts this morning with considerable wind chill at 2c .Odd flurries in the wind but blue skies have just appeared to the west so maybe wind will drop.