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  1. Congratulations too LS Been a very nice few autumn days with a bit of ground frost in the mornings but absolutely no wind can almost hear a pin drop it is so quiet. Really strange after the very windy spells of the last few years but fantastic for newly calved cows. We are two thirds through with most recent being a second set of twins.Still hand feeding one but the other is on mum today hooray!! 3c this morning but misty and 7c just now. It does feel as though something is brewing, no wind with the snow in 2010 either.
  2. With intermittant broadband have not been on here a lot. That plus a lot of difficult calvings probably caused by summer grass carrying on into September making the cows and calves inside them put on extra growth. The seasons appear again to be running 6 weeks or so out of phase. The bad calving problems are widespread round about us as the vets were unable to assist us with one bad onelast week as they had 3 ongoing ceasarians We did eventually manage to get the calf out but it was badly squeeezed. and needed four days of hand feeding before we could get it on its mother. Currently overcast and 6c
  3. Dull here today with some light outbreaks of rain and feeling cool in the rain. Had a couple of difficult calvings so busy nursing calves and mums. Also only have intermittant broadband and phone.Spoke to an honest BT person who said there were a lot of problems in the area so it might be two weeks before we get back online permenantly. Never had such an unreliable phone line in the last three months in my 50 odd years here. Maybe the line is fifty years old and needs replacing!!!!!
  4. Just thinking about changing our tyres this week another fine sunny morning but with some sea fog down at the Firth was -0.5c at 6.00am this morning with frozen car windscreens again but now 4c Just to add a more wintry look about it today with the sea fog and the tops of some wintry looking showers out to the NE over the North Sea
  5. Still stunningly blue here as well although standing in the sun in totally calm conditions you can feel that its summer strength has gone. Finished taking in bales this morning so thats harvest over. Currently only 11c in spite of sun.Very dry air at 55%RH My neighbours below me making the most of the stunning day
  6. First air frost of the year at -.0.8c Been a while since early October has produced frosts. Countryside looking very seasonal now especially this morning. Frozen windscreens Frozen bales Frozen grass
  7. Got a taste of summer from a cold frame today autumn strawberries Geese still hoovering up barley Fantastic day again with blue skies sunshine and a strong SE wind blowing down off the Cairngorms with a maximum temperature of 16c.
  8. Fine day again with hazy sunshine and a nice breeze.Maximum of 16c. Another two calves born one needed assistence coming backwards.Weather s really helping them get on their feet. Thousands of geese landing on the barley stubbles.. Slowly clearing the straw bales from the fields in between calving cows. Cat models tonight say getting cooler Another calf photo . Sunrise to the west on 3rd October
  9. A Cow Catcher
  10. Great day for a ceasarian outside for one of our cows, vet safely delivered a heifer calf to add to the twins we had on Friday. Right in the middle of calving and weather playing ball. Bought a cow catcher this autumn for tractor front loader and its worth its weight in gold for stress free handling off cattle and humans Cow in background behind set of twins was todays ceasarian.
  11. Hi HC About 4 miles from coast as crow flies and 100m asl. Absolutely calm too this morning
  12. 0.5c here at 6.00am car frozen over and grass sparkling no frozen ground or ice on puddles so not quite an air frost but a big change from the last few autumns.
  13. 0.5c here at 6.00am car frozen over and grass sparkling no frozen ground or ice on puddles so not quite an air frost but a big change from the last few autumns
  14. At farm machinery vintage rally at Daviot this afternoon in blue skies and sunshine, warm too in the sunshine after starting out at 6c Fom the very new to the very old and our contribution Currently 7.5c calm and clear
  15. Sun is out so nice evening .A few photos of the bales with their raincoats on.