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  1. Lovely day here to. 23c this afternoon in strong sunshine. Still sowing swedes in ideal conditions. Only down side has been the loss of Oyster Catcher nests in the turnip fields. Not our fault as we marked the nests and tractors went round them but all the eggs have gone. The main suspects are badgers who we see evey evening (Aurora Storm will back this up) pine martin and foxes. Ground nesting birds have almost been wiped out by the number of predators we have now and it is not the farmers fault.
  2. Fine sunny afternoon after dull start.Been sowing neeps till 10.00pm into nicely damp soil after the drizzly rain of the last two days so should germinate quickly. Mist came in as sun went down
  3. Well we got a nice drop of rain last night and after a dull dry morning we now have steady drizzly rain just fantastic for all the plants Currently 12c
  4. Fine summer day spoilt only by the strong wind . Currently 21c Having said that the first signs of drought are appearing in the drying wind. Just weeded the garden and seedling weeds are already crisp. Cut the domestic grasses this morning probably for a while unless we get appreciable rain fairly soon. On my travels with the mower noticed that a contoneaster ( spelling) plant that had been completely burnt off by the beast from the east on the 28th of February is showing signs of growth lower down.Will probably prune out the dead wood later this summer. Even on a great summers day there are reminders of winter.
  5. Fabulous afternoon here too with long sunny periods and a very light sea breeze from the north.A high of 20c.Last of cows and calves out to small shelterd late growing grass field. Swift squadrons screeming round the house all afternoon. Real high summer.
  6. Ditto here with a great sunset just now to the NW across the Firth
  7. Nice wet morning here too crops were really needing a drink (We need an inch of rain a week just now to balance the evapotranspiration rates of rapidly growing plants)and everything is really looking green this morning . Probably going out to garden now to do some transplanting in the rain.Currently 9c.
  8. I declare high summer has arrived just seen and heard the first swift fly into the eaves of the house. Also the strawberries are in full flower. I know rain and cold will appear now.
  9. Very windy here too with lots of dust blowing about. Currently bright and 14c
  10. Some strange weather effects today started cool and misty and then warmed up a bit with showery rain late morning which then cleared up to very humid sunshine with mist rising off the fields and most surprisingly in great clouds of steam off the cows and calves. Never witnessed that before on such a scale. Banks of sea fog too and this seemed to be replicated over the land as well Cooled down this evening with some fantastic clouds at sunset currently 12c.Positive side was that it was a very good growing day.
  11. Last field of barley greened up yesterday in the 17c temperature although it was rather windy.. I see on the model thread that they are arguing about whether its going to a good summer or not. Up here on average May and June are the best for dry and sunny weather.The crunch comes at the beginning of July as to whether the dry /sunny trend continues.Currently overcast and 11c
  12. Bright breezy sunny this morningand currently 15c .The cows have smiles on their faces as they lie in the sun ,even the grumpy old farmer had a smile on his face as he went round them this morning, got the timing spot on for putting them out.
  13. On the basis of the weekends forecasts we have put the cattle out this evening in spite of a dull windy day with odd showers and a maximum of 11c which still felt cool. The dung is nearly over their troughs so they have more space outside. They will still be getting silage and minerals to augment the slow growing grass. Still masses of snow drifts on the hills to the NW of the Firth and the grass in the fields has the purple tipping resulting from the cold frosty nights of the past week .In fact the last sown field of barley has still not emerged since it has been colder since it was sown 10 days ago.
  14. To me as well its getting windier as time goes by .This afternoon we have had gale force gusts, spits of rain and dust blowing everywhere really unpleasant conditions and although its 12c it feels very cold in the wind.
  15. Just walked up the farm road and we still have an almost full display of daffs with about 10% fading 85% in full bloom and about 5% still to open.Really brings home on the 1st of May how late spring is although fields/trees are now becoming greener. 0c very early morning and currently bright,windy and 12c.