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  1. Clear sky overnight with temperature down to 3c at 4.00am allowing some good obsevations of noctulicent clouds. the moon and according to folk from the north isles "The Simmer Dim" to the NE.
  2. Chilly night with some of the usual cold spots around the north of Scotland already down to to 2 or 3c. Currently 8c here
  3. Cool day with cloud breaking up to a fine sunny afternoon and evening. Spring barley looking OK in the setting sun.
  4. Nice sunset at 10.30 pm looking north across the Firth on the eve of midsummer but chilly at 9c
  5. Just in the garden watching a clearence to very clear arctic air coming in from the north with a light north wind. Could be some low temperatures in some of the glens tonight. Not unusual up here around midsummers day.
  6. Happy farmer day as we have steady drizzle all crops benefitting and cattle haapy to get a wash. Currently 15c
  7. Just out to sit in garden on this nice balmy evening and counted 14 swifts screeching high above the house a real midsummer sight and sound. Strawberries rapidly ripening but had first big one eaten last night by a badger (tracks on soil) so have spent this afternoon putting a fence up round them. Another mostly dry day apart from a couple of spits but a more substantial shower crossed the Black Isle in the late afternoon.
  8. A cool start to the day at 7c and I noticed that some of the cold spots round the the north of Scotland were down to 2c. Another nice day with fresh arctic air and strong June sunshine making it a very drying day to secure some excellant hayledge. Some signs of drought begining to appear on gravelly hillocks so our extreme weather patterns continue. Spring barley has raced through the growth stages and started coming into ear last week so harvest should not be too late.Only negative is might be a bit short so straw for bedding may be scarce A good news story is we have two Oyster Catcher
  9. Very good to hear especially with the Austrailin trade deal happening. However an Australian farmer online said prices were very good there just now with everything going to SE Aisia and therefore be too expensive to send here with transport costs.
  10. Relief all round .Ours were lying flat out in the sun this morning in spite of a fresher breeze absolutely stuffed with quality June grass.Great when they feed themselves.
  11. Nice sunny start to the day at 12c which makes it feel a lot fresher in the breeze.A bit of drizzle overnight but first signs of white clover growing faster than grass as soil dries out in the constant sun and wind. Spring barley and grass mostly looking very well but we have lost about 5% of the spring barley due to excessive cold (April) and wet (May) in the spring in prone sheltered areas mainly woods. Taking last of stones off newly sown neeps on Saturday we found an oyster catchers nest with one egg with the pair watching us at a distance. Not much hope of it making it to hatchin
  12. Absolutely agree. Sleep has been getting hard to come by . This morning as it was raining it felt very refreshing and sitting down at lunchtime just fell asleep very soundly, real old man style.
  13. Warm humid evening some neeps through in 5 days. Growth charging on.. Sleep getting hard to come by at night however. An hour ago just happened to look over garden wall into cattle field and saw about 50m away a beautiful dog fox being highlighted by the sun.Cows suddenly became aware of him and all the ears went up as he trotted down the field next to the fence.
  14. Looks like a newly sown field of neeps there. Fine humid start to the day at 15c. Rayburn switched off this morning as house finally too hot so summer has arrived
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