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  1. Dry and sunny above this mrning and currently 11c. Out this morning at 5.00pm in the dark to check on first calver that we have kept in to observe and had the dog with me. As we approached the steading there was a terrific growl and a clatter as something jumped into the fold and hit the gate.Must have been a badger again. Dog was hilarious with every hair standing up on her back!! Ground still saturated with a very heavy dew and patchy mist this morning.
  2. But even on netweather the local 1-3 day forecasts have been very inaccurate this summer for haymaking and even for this coming weekend Sunday has been either bone dry or showery in the last 12 hours. Into our 18th hour of rain now so total shutdown in the fields and currently 11c
  3. Great blue sky dry day after a cool start at 5c, what a change, combines appeared all around us in the afternoon.Thousands of geese here now probably a fortnight earlier than usual but they probably decided to come early hitching a ride on the northnorthwesterly wind of the last few days
  4. More steady rain this morning Even for a farmer that has secured the harvest the almost continuous rain of the last ten days is getting tedious.A NNW wind can be a wet direction for the south side of the Moray Firth. Fields are waterlogged now. Took in the first cow to calve last night and we have nice heifer calf born at 5.30am. At least it will get to dry off before we put it out later today. Currently10c
  5. Cute start to the day with two young roe deer looking in the window at me. They are in the turnip field next to the farm not afraid of humans and very inquisitive.Tried to get a photo as they moved away so a bit blurred. Currently very wet and 9c so feels and looks like mid October. A lot of crop still to cut in the area as well as straw to bale so everyone looking for some dryer weather.
  6. Mean"t to add first snow of the season on Ben Nevis this morning
  7. Cool autumnal start to the day at 6.30am at 6.5c. Went out the door to be greeted by the sight of the first huge skein of honking geese passing overhead heading south with a tail wind behind them.Took a few more steps round corner the garden wall and almost collided with a pair of roe deer calves who have taken up residence in the turnip field behind the farmhouse. They just stood there looking at me and then walked off going under the gate and then back into the field.Less than 18 inches clearance under the gate too.Currently overcast and 11c
  8. Another wet dreich mid October morning with more heavy rain overnight. Currently 8.5c. Ground getting very wet now. Even clearing round bales is going to be a messy job unless we get some drying winds.
  9. A real dark mid October morning here today with periods of very heavy rain a strong NW wind off the Firth and currently 10c
  10. Yes quite a considerable quantity of cereals to cut up here still and the quality will soon be lost if these heavy showers keep up.even tattie ground will soon be very wet for lifting. The autumn is not keeping up the good start it had.
  11. Yes a very autumnal day here with sharp showers and a few sunny intervels and the fast changing colours on the trees make it look much later into autumn.A farmer on the Black Isle posted a photo of a formation of geese . If they are the first migrating ones it seems quite early.He also said all his swallows had left but there still quite a number here.Currently 10c
  12. Another fine day, breezy, sunny intervels and a maximum of 17c. Finally finished the last batch of this seasons hay and baled the last straw field last night. Have done more outside work that needs dry weather in the last four days than in the last four weeks so tired contented farmer but only for a week or so as cows about to calve. At least if the forecast rain and wind arrives then we are up to date as we can be.
  13. On looking at photos photos of harvest am struck by how all the plants have senaced very early this year from peas in the garden to bracken( no keen frost to date) to the leaves on the trees including larch needles to the barley stems (straw) which has boken up into tiny pieces in the combine as it was so dead ripe. The autumn colours are well and truly here.Maybe the snow won"t be long either! A sunny start to the day with a heavy dew and currently 9c
  14. Yes a cracking harvest day dry, low humidity, with almost clear blue skies and a breeze this evening allowing the combine to keep going, no dew so far. There is even dust Yippee!!!
  15. A nice autumnal start to the day at 5c with some sunny intervels. Just hope the afternoon showers stay away and the combines roll again.