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  1. Fine day again put one of the last cows to calve out with her calf.Calves sunbathing next to south facing dyke this afternoon although temperature only reached a maximum of 6c with frost lingering in shaded areas all day. Finished tidying shrubbery in garden.Usually do it in pouring rain/sleet and mud
  2. Young Mr Northernlights practising his ploughing skills today in perfect weather. Cows at neeps to the left
  3. Cooling down, starting at 3c with a ground frost this morning followed by clear blue skies and sunshine. Currently 8c. Going to feel more seasonal this week but if it stays dry another week for cows and calves to stay out preserving stocks of straw and silage for later in the winter.
  4. Yes fabulous windy drying day.Taking off stones on fresh ploughing in dusty conditions. Turned cows and calves into a fresh grass field (which has been stock free for a month ) with a couple of inches of new grass to allow old grass field to be ploughed in. Quite remarkable for November but next week is looking more seasonal. but still mostly dry. Currently 14c.
  5. Have to say we have had another fine day here.Winter ploughing progressing and cales thriving in the sun. Speaking to a local gamekeeper last week and we were both said the countryside and wildlife no longer resembles the one we knew as kids.with masses of geese in the autumn,masses of badgers all year round wiping out all the ground living wildlife and he has even shot 7 Red deer in the last year in woods at under 500 feet above sea level only 3 miles as the crow flies away from us. Spent all day chasing geese off 18 acres of young grass we are trying to keep for the wintering sheep over Christmas and New Year.
  6. A shower overnight to lay the dust and another dry sunny calm morning starting off at 3c. November so far has been an exceptional month with grass still growing .Had to take dog and chase off about 10000 geese on two 18 acre grass fields this morning. Their numbers are really climbing so big breeding success. Another observation is that next springs bulbs have just broken the surface.
  7. Another fabulous day sunny and breezy.Ground now exceptionally dry but grass still growing. Started to lift neeps for winter store yesterday in spring like conditions with dust flying . They are an amazing crop probably the best we have had in years in spite of the dry summer with enough heat and rain in the autumn to allow them to recover and keep growing. They will definitely be full of sunshine and the cattle just love them. Currently 7c. Cattle lying in the sun next to south facing dykes all afternoon.
  8. Fabulous day again ,dusty underfoot ,slight ground frost this morning, and breezy. Dung spread and ploughed in, cows and calve sunbathing . Maybe nothing but all the masses of holly berries seem to have been stripped in the past few days so Xmas is going to be a bit dull.Not usual for them to be taken so early!!. Natures forward forecast?,
  9. Reading last years diary and at this point still had cows and calves out but very muddy and wet. This year is totaly different with dry dusty conditions at turnips giving a very clean pick up. Another windy day today making the ground even dryer. Calves playing in the field with even a small bit of fresh grass to eat and cows lying in sun this afternoon as ground so dry. If it stays dry this winter then eastern areas of the UK are in for an interesting summer next year. Of course a change in wind direction from southerlies to northerlies would make this area wetter..Currently 8 c and dry.
  10. Southerly gale all night with odd burst of rain but now windy sunny and drying up fast again at 13c.Rain shadow in full effect.
  11. Hi Hairy Celt .If I didn"t know any better I would say you are turning into a grumpy old farmer!! Milder this morning at 5c with some high cloud .
  12. Frost came in with daylight this morning as cloud cleared to fine sunny morning with clear blue skies. Temperature fell to 0c at 8.00am. Slightly unusual late autumn weather in that the roads this afternoon were dry and white with salt something you only normally see in February as humidities drop and the sun gets stronger.
  13. Frosty again this evening at -2c. Last of leaves falling in great numbers after last nights -5c in the slightest of breezes today. Felt like a late November day today with more overcast skies.
  14. Very cold this morning at -5c. Coldest October morning for quite a few years. Its had a real sting in it this cold spell.
  15. Like Scottish Skier frost lay in shade all day .Did a bit of late afternon digging in garden and freshly turned soil is skinning up with the frost as it is now 1c and grass sparkling. This is what I call winter even if it is still only October!!!!