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  1. Very very windy but dry, never got hedge trimmimgs raked up but wind has made a fine job of piling most of them into drifts !! and the rest are in the Moray Firth. A day for inside jobs with all the dust blowing about. Glad harvest done real equinoxial gale today.
  2. Another smashing day here too after a shower overnight.Last of silage bales in without tracking the fields and several car loads of rubbish to recycling centre.Cut a bit more of hedge tonight,just the tops left to do.Fine day for walking round pregnant cows and Skye lambs are settling in well basking in the sunshine.
  3. Another good day ,wrapped some lovely dry hayledge today,wintering sheep from Skye arrived and bit more of the beech hedge cut. Need a good shower now with all the itchy contents of the hedge showering down on me. Seem to be missing all the rain around just now.
  4. Fantastic day warm sunny calm afternoon,first calf of the autumn born,started cutting old beech hedge and cut some second cut silage which rapidly wilted and may be more like hay by tomorrow.Few combines going further up the hill but after the dewy mornings and evenings now there are only a few hours available for combining in the afternoons.
  5. Maybe its right we"ve gone from warm gale force southerly winds with clouds of dust blowing about last Sunday night to calm, cooler, humid,very foggy ,drizzly wet conditions currently and yesterday. Its these very contrasting conditions in a few days which seem so unusual.One extreme to the other.
  6. Warm humid and wet day with rain off and on.Currently 14c so any ripe barley or wheat will be very suseptible to germinating in the head if this humidity carries on.So the challanging year carries on. Forecast does look better for the week end though.
  7. Very stormy night with a roaring southerly gale.Spare a thought for any farmers across the North of Scotland tonight out trying to rescue cereal crops before the heads are blown off, real equinoxial gales. Can see combine lights as I type .Any cut crop will have the straw rows blown to pieces as I have just been out for petrol and straw is blowing across the main road. Any unripe crop will most certainly be ripe by morning. Thankfully we finished baling our straw yesterday. We weaned cows and calves this afternoon and the noise of the wind will keep them from hearing one another.Also stacked up the last of the hay so finally caught up with the summer jobs a month late not a vintage summer up here.
  8. ClassicSeptember harvest morning dry,breezy,bright and fresh at 9c. Cut out last field of barley last night at tea time after a very windy day when heads started to fall off it.Rain went to the west and north of us and dust was flying as we cut it .Cairngorms to the south took all of our rain. More relaxed with any high winds now
  9. Greens under attack here too even under netting but mainly from Diamond Backed Moth (from the Medditteranean after the mild winter ?) caterpillars some of which were small enough to get through the netting holes.Had to spray field turnips 3 times to keep on top of them.Agronomist said they seek out brassicas so well that even a remote field of turnips up the hill near Newtonmore was infected. Parsnips too succumbed to insect attack.
  10. Absolutely what young Mr Northernlights and I saw this evening. Thank you
  11. Very wet morning but brighter and breezy in the late afternoon and thankfully much fresher. Earlier in the evening saw a most unusual looking two jet formation very low and one stacked above the other heading west to Inverness.They were also black in colour, someone playing with their new toys?
  12. Got 90% of straw baled two days ago in spite of the wind destroying the bouts of straw .Without the wind we would not have had such dry straw.Yesterday was damp and humid after a wet night.Today is brighter but very humid so far with a moderate breeze and currently 18c
  13. Stepped out into an oven this morning at 6.00pm at 18c but very humid with a heavy dew .Will have to wait till midday to bale straw when the dew shoud have hopefully gone. Currently the straw is still very wet and very slow to dry with the humid air Almost completely blue skies however.
  14. Another fabulous sunset and still 16c
  15. Nice morning bit of a breeze and sunny.Started combine at 1.00pm but rained off at A nice bit of dust coming off the two combines Fighting over the last round before the rain came down off the Cawdor hills