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  1. Fabulous growing evening drizzle and very foggy.Newly fertilised grass is up nearly 3 inches in four days.A lot of heat in the ground just needed water.
  2. Drought well and truly broken here this morning with several hours of heavy rain so far,grass greening up again and turnips looking very well. Even the birds are out in it washing themselves. Currently very wet dull and 14c. Yipee!!!!
  3. Better day after some downpours late yesterday.Cooler evening tonight at 13c so stacked a few bales. Swallows House Martins and Swifts have had a good breeding season here with the air above the farm full of them earlier this evening. Other birds are the same except any ground nesting ones where the badgers have eaten all the eggs. The bird feeder is still being emptied every second day so insects are not that plentiful. Lots of young hares this year so thats a good thing after they were almost absent last year.
  4. Raining here too after a very humid night.
  5. AD stands for anaerobic digester which is basically a large mechanical cows rumen (stomach) which takes plant material and releases the energy in it for heat or electricity.Around eight thousand acres of crops and grass is used in my area to feed two of these plants. There are large subsidies, grants and tax relief available to wealthy investors who build them They have upset the local farming balance for straw and feed as the whole plant is used in the process. I suspect government officials at the local farming shows in the next month will get their ears bent.
  6. Mart report from yesterdays cattle sale at Thainstone Inverurie.Currently windy and 18c "Lack of grass due to the prolonged dry spell,brought a sharp increase in numbers forward at yesterday’s sale.Prices fell sharply as a result of buyers concerns about the rising cost of fodder and the diversion of valuable animal feed into AD plants"
  7. Small farmer here of 185 acres drives 93000mile Volvo V50 estate.We are actually feeding cattle just now outside in summer due to the lack of grass growth and a 7 inch soil moisture deficit. These dry conditions are prevalent across a wide area of the main crop growing areas of the world.Prices will almost certainly rise this autumn for a lot of staple foods despite the best attempts of the supermarkets to hold them down. This world wide dry weather will end up costing everyone.
  8. Another very wet night. Getting wet down tpo couple of inches in the soil profile.Burnt grass areas begining to green up but will be several weeks before there is useable grazing. Currently overcast and 15c
  9. More drizzly rain overnight and we even have puddles could not have ordered it better as getting time to soak into dusty soil. Currently drizzle and 16c
  10. More drizzly rain overnight and we even have puddles could not have ordred it better as getting time to soak into dusty soil. Currently drizzle and 16c
  11. Beautiful morning cool at 10c with a steady wetting drizzle. Turnips and cattle smiling at me .
  12. Fine cool , dull evening so started to rogue odd wild oat plants out of spring barley two weeks ahead of normal.Fortunately even though we are up the hill we have moisture retentive soil and the majority of the spring barley is at waist height although gravelly hills are yellow and about 10 inches high. Grains do appear to be filling rapidly which is often the case even in droughted patches as the plants ensure the next generations survival. Cereals are sun loving plants and height will have been sacrificed to fill the grain.All crops/trees are turning colour and so the countryside has the look of early August most surreal.
  13. Saw the first field of winter barley cut near Nairn today approximately three weeks ahead of normal, Currrently ovvercast and 19c
  14. Cooler and cloudier today but fresh west wind has turned forest fire towards the village of Golspie.Helicopter now water bombing and more fire engines have arrived. There were a few light showers near the fire but they have now crossed the Firth to Elgin.Its great to see dark clouds even though we have had no rain.Currently dull and 20c