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  1. Northernlights

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Yes very November like today dark, dreich and cold.Temperature down to 2c and we have constant sleet falling after a showery morning. Peased we are onto inside straw for bedding as it is nice and dry and just smells like harvest when you open them. Its good to get a reminder of warm sunny days at this time of year.
  2. Northernlights

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Currently clear and-1c here this morning and Ben Wyvis across the Firth has a significant snow cap.
  3. Northernlights

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    A much cooler feel this afternoon with some wintry looking showers coming across the Firth. The yellow streamers from these showers suggest snow above 2500 feet. Currently 5c
  4. Northernlights

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Technically I am a Cockney Londoner born within the sound of Bow Bells but my father was born on this farm and we have a family history on this farm going back at least 300 years as tenants so you can see i am a bit of a conundrum
  5. Northernlights

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Technically we are growing swedes the variety being Invitation and surprisingly this year we have had the highest yields ever. Yes the varieties will be different in the shops probably lower dry matter so not so frost hardy.They are also sown thickly on wide beds and not rows to keep the size down.
  6. Northernlights

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Another almost dry day here . Young Mr. Northernlights taking off stones again and I am not stopping him if its about to get wetter.This is a job normally done in late March early April as ground dries up but ground has been dry for months so might as well be ahead of the game. This last week has been great too for getting routine testing for TB and B.V.D done in the cattle Artic lorry in with load of feed yesterday road dry so no danger of getting stuck in mud. Stiil got a store of neeps so weather could get nasty for a month if it likes but will try to lift a few loads of neeps sometime soon to top up store. Currently slight rain and 9c.
  7. Northernlights

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Another fine day after a frosty start at -1c. Picked the last lettuce today in the garden plus some radishes under glass sown in early October both very good. Have carrots, cabbage and parsnips left in abundance. Also picked some very big neeps to weigh for a biggest neep competition.Last summer produced a few surprises in the garden and on the farm. Also the first snowdrops are flowering so snow can"t be far away can it?
  8. Northernlights

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Felt more seasonal today and we finally had a NW wind after all these weeks of southerlly ones. Some light wintry looking showers coming in off the Firth with some blue sky in between. Currenltly mostly cloudy and 6c.
  9. Northernlights

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Fine start to the day but has got progressively stormier culminating in an eight inch diameter bough being broken off a tree in some recent violent gusts.Got cattle all tested for TB before it got too bad.Currently strong wind, sharp showers and 7c
  10. Yes just the same here dry dull and calm today. Young Mr Northernlights taking stones off fields today in dusty surface conditions. Will we begin sowing at the end of February this year? Currently 6c Speaking to an old ghillie today and he said they had to wait till September last year to get enough water in the river Findhorn to get fish to run but that it turned into an excellent last month of the season. We also discussed prospects for this year and both of us are already concerned about the lack of rainfall /snowfall in the hills for fishing prospects and also for farming on the southside of the Moray Firth. One consolation we both agreed on that winter has only really just started up here with at least 3 months of winter left on low ground and up to 4 months on the hills with spring snow much more likely than autumn snow.
  11. Sky became even clearer as the day went on and the frost has started to set in harder in shaded areas. Currently -0.5c
  12. Just come back from the steading over a very dusty surface . The lack of rain here this winter still very noticeable and my concerns for next summer if it is dry grow with every passing week of dry weather.A few northerly based winds and plenty of snow showers would help in the next couple of months.All these south winds fail to deliver any rain here due to the rain shadow effect of the Cairngorms. Curently 2c and sunny with a slight ground frost.
  13. See there are a line of snow showers across NE Scotland on the radar just now with one just to east of me south of Forres/Elgin, Currently overcast and 4c
  14. Much more seasonal this morning at 5c with a fresh NW wind and overcast.
  15. Typical just as we are about to wander down to our little community bonfire there is a fresh wind from the NW with the temperature now down to 6c and falling. Full winter gear on tonight.! See the odd light shower on the radar to the north has turned to snow on the mountains to the north.