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  1. Have been watching for rain supposed to be coming today for about four days and just like on numerous occasions in the last year as we get nearer to seeing it fall it loses intensity or fails to materialise. Was hoping the wildfire to our SE would get significant rain today to help put it out and help reduce the fire risk elsewhere but it seems we"ll be lucky to catch a shower and the wind has got up again fanning the flames and drying everthing out even more.One of the drivers of all this dried out countryside here is the very low humidity air usually under 25%RH this spring so any rain that falls is quickly dried up again when the wind returns.
  2. Its the sheer speed of movement of the fire that is so impressive. Actually the farm and steading are surrounded by fairly bare or green fields so really not to close to any vulnerable woodland.which borders most of the fields
  3. Some farms have been evacuated near Dallas for safety reasons so only about 8 miles to the east of us now. I suspect the big concern is if it gets into the forests surrounding us before tomorrows rain. Can now see the orange glow of the fire to the SE of us when I let dog out and we still have a fresh wind at 11c
  4. The strong wind this morning must really have made it spread. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-48030091
  5. This afternoon has been a once in a lfetime experience for me with density of smoke having driven me inside to do paperwork.There are no sign of any swallows despite the warmth and the resident birds have left the feeders and are silent even the cattle are restless. Not a good experience
  6. Wind has round more to the SE and we are now enveloped in blue coloured smoke. Roll on the rain tomorrow. Currently 20c
  7. A taste of armageddon this morning with a smoke filled sky to the east and the fire most definitely not out.Breeze getting up too which won"t be helping. Currently bright/hazy and 18c
  8. Not such a small fire https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-48017104 Knockando is nearly 40 miles away and the smoke this evening is still billowing up from the horizon. Still warm and breezy at
  9. Blue skies fresh southerly wind, RH of 24% and 21c here this afternoon spoilt only by a moderate moorland fire to the SE which created a bank of smoke to the east. Everything is tinder dry again so the rain at the end of this week will be welcome
  10. Barley and grass just jumping out of the ground today after yesterdays rain. Been busy power washing domestic paths while it is so warm. Currently a bit breezy and 16c so finally 24 hour growth.
  11. Nice drop of misty rain just now just what the farmer ordered. Currently 16c
  12. Still not enough grass in fields for cattle to go out full time although its taken off a bit today in the warmth so domestic grasses will have to wait another week. Basically when cattle are out and feeding themselves I have time to cut grasses . Also cutting grass acts as a stimulant to faster growth which requires even more frequent cutting. The problem we have with field grass is we have wintering sheep until 1st of April and so the grass has to start from scratch at that point and since it was fairly cool then growth has been slow up till yesterday. Spring barley jumping up to today as well and brown fields turning green .Beech trees now bursting into leaf as well. No swallows as yet.
  13. Same through a good part of eastern Scorland too,all the wind this spring keeps on drying up any rain we get especially at 20% RH. Farming on the eastern side of the UK already suffering.https://www.fwi.co.uk/arable/essex-and-suffolk-growers-hope-for-rain-in-very-dry-spring Local dairy farm up here ran out of silage a few weeks ago and is cutting short grass to feed their 1000"s of cows on a daily basis . Remember this is next winters fodder which would normally be ensiled at the end of May so they are already short for next year and with all the competition from anerobic digesters for grass things will only get worse Even at home the surface is very dry again
  14. Its looks like we are in for a milder night as its still 13c and everything has greened up a bit more today.Have also lost the nagging wind. This side of the Firth still very dry as can be seen as young Mr. Northernlights rolls the second last field of spring barley tonight. Horse Chestnut tree in photos rapidly coming into leaf today.
  15. As above but with a lot of dust blowing about, a very disagreeable day. Looking for some warmth now to get grass growing and cattle out. Last field after neeps sown to spring barley today in a dust storm. Never cut domestic grasses till cattle are out no matter how untidy it looks. Grass actually wilting today in the strong wind at 25% RH.
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