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  1. Very windy overnight and again this morning Blue Skies and sunshine however and ground is still drying.. Currently 7c
  2. The wind is back again this morning after a frosty night but at least it is dry above. Currently 5c
  3. Well where is the dry weather after a night of showers the morning has produced more showers so ground surface a bit muddy again. Hills round the Firth above a thousand feet are white again. Showers getting lighter but there is still one coming in from the NW just now. Currently 4.5c
  4. From a lot of observations over the years I am sure we will see appreciable snow at some point in the next three months although perhaps not in winter but early to mid spring when sea temperatures are lowest and north and east winds become more frequent. Remembering too that we are really not that far from the Arctic circle.
  5. An improving day here too blue skies and wind moderating. Even the ground is drying up a bit. A nice winters day with just the hint of some stronger spring light.A few snowdrops out too and daffs just braking the surface. Currently 7c
  6. Fine start to the day with almost no wind, got some blood testing of cattle done with vet in the morning and then the wind got up again and it is now blowing a gale again. Really appreciated a bit of calm this morning.
  7. Have to say living on a ridge these last .three days of high winds has been very trying. Even sitting in the tractor it was rocking about. Cows out to neeps and back in again in record time as wind chill even for them was bad. Wintering sheep shifted last Sunday to a field with a wood next to it to the SW have spent most days lying next to it.Woolly coats are no match for this wind especially when accompanied by heavy showers..
  8. Saturated again this morning after a night of heavy sleet showers . Snow lying down to 200m with a ground frost developing here under clear skies out of the wind. Currently 1.5c
  9. Horrendus late afternoon here with some really violent gusts. 2 inch diameter branches being snapped off trees. Could hardly open steading or tractor cab doors and steading roof and slates being sucked up and then crashing down . Was going out but feel us and the car would be better at home till wind dies down. Still very windy, overcast, dry and 6c
  10. Actually hiring a road sweeper when you farm on an industrial scale is small beer. Even a rotary brush on a telescopic loader bucket is not that expensive. You know its getting bad when some of your smaller farming neighbours complain about the slurry spilt onto the road which could be meassured in inches and left a lingering smell and sticky layer on their cars.And Ciel is right it is illegal but enforcement is poor.
  11. The farm here is fairly small in todays terms and is served by internal tracks so we do very little road work but todays large scale units have very large tractors which complete their fieldwork very rapidly and then have to race along the roads to their next field .In so doing it seems they are more often on the road than in the field They have been built with this in mind with their 50 and 60 km/hour gearboxes. These huge tractor tyres are notorious for spreading mud everywhere especially in such a wet autumn/winter as we have had. Often feel that its bad PR for farming seeing all this mud on the road when a powered road brush would be just a few thousand pounds compared to the hundreds of thousands spent on these big tractors Currently clear and 2c with a ground frost out of the wind
  12. School cruise coming back across Bay of Biscay from Spain/Morroco in mid September 1969 with .mountainous seas. Remember sitting in the cafeteria at the stern of the ship being part of only handful of pupils that were not really ill watching the seas behind us Ship head into wind and waves really bouncing us up and down with the huge waves and chairs with rubber suckers, plates and cutlery sliding everywherej. I seemed to get my sea legs faster than others at the time . Probably did n"t realise it at the time that the captain and crew were battling the weather. I just thought it was very exciting A real example of equinoxial gales .Getting off the return train at Aviemore around the twentieth of September the Cairngorms had their first snow cover of the season with this southerly tracking jetstream
  13. 1962/63 the best winter if i have got the year right(only about 8 at the time) .Living at the edge of the beach near Buckie that winter with 6 foot drifts on the main road outside the door and a foot of snow on the beach. My sister and I pictured in local paper on top of that 6 foot drift drift.Experienced my first thundersnow at night as snow showers rattled in from the north. Father working late in Keith on New Years Eve got bus home from Keith Every time it stopped in the blizzard to let someone off a number of passengers got off to push the bus to get going again and then jumped back on . Every so often there would be a bumping noise from the wheels ,it was the noise of driving aiong the tops of the fence posts in the blinding snowstorm.as with almost no no visibility the driver often left the road. My father said it was the worst journey he had ever had in snow.
  14. Heavy showers again just before dawn cleared to allow a ground frost to develop as daylight came in. Hills round the Firth are white again and Black Isle appears to have a dusting (Hail or Snow) Currently sunny,moderate breeze and 2c
  15. A bit of mooing going on in steading took a look and cattle a bit unsettled.Then heard a low rumbling sound a bit like thunder. Came back in took a look at radar and could see some big hail showers and several lightning strikes in NW Scotland.That must have been what cattle were hearing. Currently 3cand breezy.
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