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  1. Fine sunny start to the day at -1c with a very white frost.
  2. Currently 1c and we have light snow falling and settling.
  3. Thought we were not going to see much today .Its been raining through the night but the first snowflakes are starting to fall just now at 1.3c.Half crown flakes now appearing as I type. Who would be a weather forecaster? Snow getting heavier.Ground frost yesterday evening so ground should be cold enough.
  4. 22nd March to 8th April 1968 18 inches of snow accumulated with frequent falls mostly at night with second coldest night of the winter at -7c on the 2nd of April. Sowing barley prior to the snowfall half a field done which germinated and grew under the snow blanket before the rest of the field could be sown. Strange to see a half green field when the snow melted. We still have a lot of winter to go up here.
  5. Fabulous day here after a cold start at 2c with a good ground frost.Rose to 12c eventually. Hints of cooler air in March in the model thread and going by the last few springs seems quite probable.
  6. Total agreement here folds got their midwinter muck out today with a hired in telescopic loader(marvellous piece of kit which can tear out hundreds of tonnes of dung in a matter of hours) Cattle could still be inside on winter diet for almost another three months yet especially if this spring follows the last few springs weather patterns. Next job to get another store of turnips in. Started the day at 4c and sunny with still a few patches of frozen snow from last weekend behind north facing dykes but its probably all gone as it rose to 8c this afternoon.
  7. 2c this morning a bit breezy with quite a widespread ground frost and ice on some puddles.
  8. Wind has suddenly risen after a clear frosty sunset and is now howling round the house Currently 2.8c
  9. Fabulous start to the day, bright blue skies, no wind, currently 0c but very icy underfoot
  10. About 40% frozen slush cover left in the moonlight and a ground frost at 1.5c. Still wintry.
  11. Same here at 0.5c but every so often it turns back to snow.We have about 5cm of very wet snow on top of frozen ground.
  12. Snow shower on radar just a few miles to the east of me about to hit .Got to keep up with Aurora Storm who has dry lying snow east of Edinburgh this evening. Can see its dark outline quite clearly in the moonlit sky. Will post photos in morning if we get a covering from it.currently -2c. A comment from an old farmer .This is not the last snow shower of winter up here we have till early May for that. Update the snow shower has arrived.
  13. Very cold now at -4.5c currently moonlit with some showers on the horizon.
  14. Very few showers over Firth this morning but they pepped up later in the afternoon at sunset. Mostly sunny today and temperature rose to 3c currently 0c
  15. Grains of snow blowing about in the wind, partially moonlit and 0.5c