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  1. -1c early this morning so everything very icy but a nice bright day to follow with snow showers round the Firth. Maximum temperature of 2c today A couple of photos; Ben Wyvis attracting the showers. The hills to the west Hairy Celt country The remaining snow in the garden frozen hard this morning.
  2. Still a fair bit of snow remaining especially on north facing sheltered areas and there have been some further light snow showers tonight. Currently 1c. Tried to get a close up of Ben Wyvis at Connon Bridge this afternoon and you can just see it peeking out of another snow shower. A really very wintry sky. On the drive up it seems we were one of the snowiest low ground areas today although as Northern Rab says the Black Isle was very white right down to sea level including the cliffs in the early morning.
  3. Yes now moderate snowfall and we are properly white for the first time this autumn.
  4. Just started to lighly snow here with a dusting now, currently 0.5c.
  5. Yes as above mini rivers in every field. "Bertha" was the last time I saw water flowing out of the field gates. At least we are up the hill a bit those below us must be really catching it. Very foggy too with no wind I hope the pneumonia vaccine works for the calves.Don"t begrudge the cost at all when the weather does this.Currently 5.5c
  6. Yes as HC says its now mini lochs everywhere really making fields impassable. Even putting cows out to neeps in one of our driest fields was a challange. Dull dreich and damp all day with a maximum temperature of 6c. Roll on a frosty spell!!!
  7. Never seen such changeable forecasts every six hours next week looked wet for three days then dry to up for the last few days and now it seems we may get heavy wet snow nearly every day. Good job we manage to get a few loads of turnips up for the inside cattle last Friday afternoon. Currently dull and 5c
  8. Just dom"t need any more rain as ground is saturated Finally got pneumonia vaccine for calves late yesterday so took cows and calves in today through fields that are just bogs. Hope it now now stays at a steady cool temperature as big fluctuations in temperature are what leads to pneumonia outbreaks. A photo of them in the fold tonight sorry its a bit grainy but they are very comfortable looking!. I think the weather from mid summer till now has been the most challanging I have seen and most farmers will want to forget this year.
  9. Second day this week when the wind and rain has sliced right through you turning me into a real grumpy old farmer.Dry frosty weather would be much more appreciated as all this mud is not pleasant to work in. Even the cabinet secretary for agriculture in Scotland Mr Ewing is setting up a farming expert weather group after all this years wet weather has lead to animals housed in late summer, straw tripling in price, and grass not conserved because fields too wet to travel. All this has happened mostly in more western and northern areas in the summer but autumn weather has been more difficult further east and south as well. Currently 3c with no sign of a frost because of the breeze.
  10. Bit better than that here with occasional glimpses of sun but after yesterdays snow/rain the fields are just bogs. Still got cows and older calves out as sudden temperature changes like yesterday inside can lead to pneumonia in the calves. Will probably take them in soon after the pneumonia vaccine for the calves arrives which should be Friday. Currently 6c
  11. Should have said it was 1c at 6.00am but a cow that needed a ceasarian with the vet between midnight and 2.00am used up a bit of the night. Milked cow at 7.00am and fed calf and am about to go and feed it again. Just two left to calve so will get a bit more sleep when they finally do.
  12. Out at 6.00am cloudy By 8.30am it was 0c and snow falling to give us our first light covering of the autumn. All melted now and dry but cloudy currently 2c.
  13. A couple of seasonal photos.Several holly trees are absolutely loaded with berries. A couple of wintry showers to the east. And lastly a couple of photos of a hazy Ben Wyvis in late afternoon light with snow right to the lower slopes and another snow shower coming into the mountain. Down to 3c currently
  14. Noticeable windchill this afternoon with fresh wind off the Firth at 4c.
  15. Better start to the day with less wind and showers although cold at 2c with a ground frost coming in with sunrise. Hills round the Firth are now white down to a 1000feet making it look very wintry.Scattered snow showers to the north are bathed in pink light from the sunrise.