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  1. Fine start to the day so turning hay and then early pm as soon as we went to bale it down came a shower. Local forecast on here had it dry here till evening showers must have got their skates on. Nice and fresh at 16c maximum.
  2. Fine breezy day with occasional bright intervals. Baled up some more grass and wrapped it. Nice dry winter feed. Nice and cool for working in.
  3. Well done Stormeh Absolutely awe inspiring turning night into day .Not only the lightning but your editing skills as well.Pleased you have put this on the convective thread as it is a fabulous record of a very unusual night one that I will never forget.
  4. I would concur with this statement very much a tropical storm in a temperate climate.Worst storm I have seen in my life in this area Another very dull humid day here rain started late pm heavy for a while then it stopped but is currently back on again with thick fog visibilty down to 50 metres and 15c Ground truly saturated now, turning into a very challenging farming year.There are millions of slugs and snails everywhere.
  5. Speaking to a neighbour this morning with an even better view of the Firth who said he woke at 4.00am and looked out to see in his words "a sky completely illuminated by a spiders web of lightning and the surface of the sea a powder blue colour" He only wished he could have got a photo. This is the severest storm or storms he had seen in his lifetime (He is mid fifties)
  6. On reflection of last nights storms I can"t say that I have ever heard continuous thunder or lightning going on for so long. This on top of that it was the middle of the night and we had a period of dry storms before the rain started and with the evidence of some of the photos on this thread I think I can safely say that this was the severest weather I have seen in my life here in the north of Scotland. More evidence of climate change.
  7. Just had 30 minutes of frequent lightning and rumbles of thunder . Getting closer all the time with torrential rain.House windows rattling just now with the latest thunder.
  8. Hot 20c ,humid very ,more thunder and lightning almost certainly today .You can feel it coming!
  9. No sleep tonight started off with dry storms with continuous lightning and thunder and has only just given us a downpour Most thundery night I can remember for a while Very lucky to get hay yesterday.
  10. Fantastic day, cultivated turnips and fried a lot of weeds and secured the first batch of hay in good order.Currently 20 c and sunny. Was to busy all day to see maximum temperature but must have been the upper 20s c as sitting on the old tractor with porous cab was very hot with almost no wind. Young Mr Northernlights taking in small hay bales while I have tea just now
  11. Another wet morning in spite of a better looking day forecast on here. Looks as though most of the hay will be made in August as this month turns into a very wet one.Every crop in field and garden is looking for sunshine and neighbours are saying their tomatoes in greenhouses are not ripening. Currently very humid and 18c
  12. Finally a taste of summer
  13. At last a taste of summer
  14. I use runner beans as an indicator of the summer we have had. If they grow quickly then we have had plenty of heat and sunshine but if they struggle then it has been too cool /dull/wet for them. This year is slightly better than than last year when it was August before they put on any significant growth when it finally warmed up See the temperature is back to 2c on the summit of Cairngorm this morning so growth again slowed even much lower down where we are . Currently 13.8c.
  15. Well the Scottish monsoon season has arrived as these last two nights have been much warmer than recently. But its the high humidity during the day which is the big change along with the tropical rainfall in the afternoons thats really depressing when a bit of haymaking weather woud be most welcome. It looks like a repeat of last summer when most of the the hay was made in August. Currently 14.5c Most years we would expect to complete haymaking by the end of July with exceptions like 2013/1975 or the year of our marriage 1983 when it was done by the end of the first week in July. Planning of our wedding hinged on it occuring "after the hay and before the harvest " which in 1983 was mid August.