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  1. Fabulous day here too blue skies and some wispy high cloud. Maximum of 26c this afternoon now back to 24c. Helping to ripen spring barley.
  2. Better day ,breezy dry but overcast and currently 21c. Picked the last of the cherries this morning with Mrs Northernlights. I think they will be the best memory of the summer!!!! We have filled the freezer as well for Christmas.
  3. Exactly the same here with a fresh southerly wind making it feel very autumnal. Some really wide swings in tempearature this past week. Feeding cows this morning as grass growth sporadic.See Norway is having its coldest summer for 60 years.
  4. Got as far north as Dingwall today after four months at home to pick up supplies for farm .The above will be the reason we could still see lots of patches of snow on the hills to the west and also still a couple visible from this side of the Firth on Ben Wyvis. Should be a good season for snow patch survival to lasting snows.
  5. Showery am followed by a bright afternoon with sunny intervels. Very cool autumnal sunset this evening at 12c . Leaves turning fast on the trees really very early and fields rapidly going from green to yellow/gold so adding to the autumn look of the countryside. Suspect its the huge sunshine totals of April/May and drought that have led to the leaves changing colour so early.Even the bracken is going yellow in places.
  6. Don"t spray off barley for moral and physical reasons as being on the top of the hill we get any wind thats going(Great for making hay) and a strong wind at the point of harvest can be disastrous in spring barley in our situation especially if you have passed the ten days after spraying off. So far today the forecast here for tomorrow is for no rain so barley will continue ripening. Heard from agronomist yesterday that his first crops have been sprayed off in lower Morayshire and that some crops in Easter Ross are too.
  7. Got some nice hay made today after missing most of the showers last night.A bit of a breeze with some sunshine in the morning but less sun in the afternoon. A high of 18c today. Nice low humidities though so hay dried out well. Neeps doing well after the heat of yesterday. Icecream and cherry sauce for tea MMMMMMM!
  8. Very moody skies at sunset with thunderstorm just to the south of us over the Southern Cairngorms. Whole system sliding north and east with the clearence to the NW visible. We may just miss it and with a field of hay lying which would not have been ready today as still green in bits I am back to gambling on this missing us and getting a second dry day tomorrow. Managed to capture around fifteen swifts screaming round the house in one photo a real sound of high summer especially with thundery looking cloud in the shot.
  9. 27c here with blue skies starting to haze over and a strong SE wind off the Cairngorms making it a fabulous hay day.
  10. Aurora Storm and I discussed this and we agreed that it might have some effect but probably not huge and would have to be sustained to give a greater effect.I might be more inclined to think that we have still to see the lag effect of the low solar minimum and the coming winter may benefit from this if it is cold/snow you are after. Add this to the extreme weather events we see nowadays (Within the space of 10 years we had November/December 2010 and The Beast From The East both with lake effect snow off the North Sea) then some cold/snowy periods cannot be ruled out in upcoming winters of the next few years.
  11. Cool showery day here with a maximum of 13c with a fresh NW wind. Have always describe these kind of days as Orkney weather. Just 2c on Cairngorm summit just now.
  12. Still skiing on Cairngorm where I notice the summit has been down to nearly freezing in the last couple of days
  13. Well there has at least been one good memory created in summer 2020 .A cherry tree I bought about six years ago has finally fruited to excess after years of almost nothing..Another 3 kg today. Netting for the birds has helped but all the sunshine in the spring has not been a hindrance..... A few showers earlier in the morning but sunny this afternoon and 20c
  14. A few heavy showers today but no thunder However another good sunset tonight across the Firth. My half price rose a couple of years ago has come into its own this year. Had to be Massey Ferguson red!!
  15. Trees turning up here too.I think too its probably to do with a response to accumulative light levels especially after such a sunny spring where the tree feels it has had season worth of light with its resulting growth and then feels it needs to hibernate. Thats to say nothing to say about increasing CO2 levels putting even more strain on the trees with excessive growth. Superb levels of growth of plants in the garden too.High UV levels from pollution free skies may also have boosted growth. On top of that having missed a lot of rain in the last few weeks here the ground is now very dry.
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