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  1. Cold looking sunset tonight with pink topped wintry looking showers to the north across the Firth. Took store cattle in for the winter this afternoon, another calf born in the field and another two assisted calving cows put out with their calves. Currently clear and 7c. I think there is a higher chance of a frost here tonight.
  2. Apples the same here but any damaged ones are fed slowly to cows as they love them. Fine morning for getting calves onto cows.
  3. Fine time of the night to be awake just finished another caesarian .Huge male calf safely delivered. So in spite of a drought and no grass this summer calves this autumn are huge proving the point that cattle always thrive in a very dry year with only small amounts of grass for feed. Vets confirm that is not just us that are having the problem as they have been working most of the recent nights doing caesarians. Reading today too that silage made this summer has a feed value 40% higher than last year, so in spite of being less bulk with rationing we should get through the winter. The beginings of an aurora to the north across the Firth tonight as well while calving this cow. cold though at 7c
  4. Significant dusting of snow on the webcams of Cairngorm on Winterhighland this morning . Chilly here dry and breezy at 8c. Right on cue at the equinox.
  5. Sunny raining and windy here too. A fantastic rainbow in the field so will look for the pot of gold later. Some vicious gusts last night about 1.00am has broken open gates and taken several big limbs off several ash trees so on top of keeping an eye on calving cows have had a bit of tridying up to do this morning. Currently squally heavy rain and 12c.
  6. Very wet in the last 24 hours so rivers now up and all these trapped salmon/ sea trout at the mouths should get up to spawn this autumn.Ground now getting slowly softer and grass getting greener. Mild though at 13c just now Looks as though we will get some equinoxial gales this week and probably followed by the first visible snow on the high tops something I remember a lot in late September over the years.
  7. Overall grain yields are down about 13% across the area with sandy soils worse than heavier more clay type soils which are more moisture retentive.Straw for bedding will have similar lower yields. Grass yields for silage/hay have been more affected yields down about 30% overall with very poor second and third cuts just due to the lack of rainfall.Currently we have a soil moisture deficit still of about 7 inches of rain
  8. Typical mid October day with all the trees changing colour fast. a fresh west wind this morning with some heavy showers and cool at 11c, a bit warmer in the afternoon. Dried up this afternoon to allow us wrap up a few last silage bales about half what we would expect off a second cut so fairly expensive/bale but in a year like this every bale counts
  9. First noisy large skeins of geese heading south today on a very autumnal day. Cool and blustery with occasional sharp showers and currently 13c
  10. Northernlights

    Autumn 2018

    First large skeins of gesse heading south today in very autumnal weather .A cool blustery wind and occasional sharp showers and currently 12c
  11. Noticed a few pink blobs on the rainfall radar early this morning around Ben Nevis and the MWIS forecast was for wet snow for the highest tops as it does for tomorrow http://www.mwis.org.uk/pdf/weather-forecasts/EH-MWI-WM11680_2018-09-12_151459_9120000.pdf Cool blustery day, mostly dry and sunny with a maximum temperature of 14 c
  12. Glad harvest is done as very windy but dry today.Currently 13c
  13. Just to show how warm its been this summer a photo of a pepper plant grown outside in a pot by Mrs Northernlights originally for her class. Some of the birdseed has germinated too a sunflower which appeared at the beginning of August in the strawberries and a corn plant a bit later A fine sunny afternoon but it has clouded over this evening at 16c
  14. Had the first meaningful rain since early April overnight. Back to wellies first time since mid April . Of course we had three calves born yesterday but all looking bright today.Dull and cool first thing at 7c.At least with cooler conditions this rain won"t evaporate so quickly now.Neeps had a smile on their faces too.
  15. A couple of comments about this unusual summer/autumn weather. After a nice drop of rain yesterday evening the forecast three days ago was for the next three days to have periods of rain but now we are only to get some showery outbreaks.This has happened on numerous occasions this year.Last summer year every forecast dry day became wet once the forecast got to within twenty four hours. For over 40 years we have made hay for horses.90% of sales have always been in the winter.This summer demand for hay has been unprecedented as pony paddock grass has stopped growing and people have tried to buy their winter supples in the summer. For the first time ever I have had to restict sales so we can supply our regulars in the winter. Horse owners are becoming quite "edgy" too . Can only think that social media is playing its part in this panic buying.Even in 75/76 even though demand for hay was very high it came in the winter as normal Be interesting to watch when vegetables become scarse in the supermarkets.I see one is already selling the usually rejected mishapen ones. The concensus in this area is cereals too are down about 13% in yields of grain and straw now that most is harvested. Currently clear and sunny at 6c