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  1. HC not intentional but I not going to change it if you read it that way. Bad typo in my last post it was May 1978 as we also went to see Saturday Night Fever(I know bad taste) in the Dominion cinema Tottenham Court Road .
  2. But the surge of growth that the heat created has been amazing,neeps sown and through the ground in 4 days and growth in grass and cereals of several inches in the last week A May that reminds me of 1975 when a college friend who was a member invited me to the Chelsea Flower Show .When I returned after a week away I was astounded by the growth on the farm. A lot of recent Mays have not nearly been so good for growth with cool damp conditions. Currently dull and 12.5c
  3. 26c and very humid here.Can"t wait for the cool down.
  4. Currently 27c with a light breeze. Crops and grass showing signs of wilting.
  5. 19c already, its going to be a hot one.
  6. Yes runner beans I have in cold frame are growing in front of me this evening and think I will plant them out at the weekend. If I need a winter fix I just have to go to edge of turnip field where a group of Ash trees have only just started to burst their buds and still look as though they are in winter mode. Seems their timing for coming into leaf has always been about the 1st of June for as long as I can remember but do not lose them and stay green till November. Must be day length responsive. However the swifts are into full mid summer acrobatics high above the farm house.Really feels like mid summer.
  7. Just finished sowing neeps in 24c in old tractor no aircon.So a bit sweaty. Fabulous day clear blue skies and almost no wind.Neeps should be through in in a few days with this heat as soil still very damp after Monday evenings downpour. Cows all have smiles on their faces as they and their calves ly flat out in the sun stuffed with high nutritional value May grass. Spring barley racing on All garden veg growing fast too.
  8. Just to add we had one small sett 50 years ago in the wood next to the farm boundary which my father had to point out to me or I would never have seen it Now they are visible to all the people that walk past.
  9. Coud be foxes neighbouring small estate has a keeper who shoots 50 foxes a year to protect one of their tenant farmers large sheep flock.I have often see foxes walking along dykes in daylight.on this farm. There are badger scrapes and attempted sett digging in every field on our farm. The local syndicate got half an acre of ground in a steep sandy field from our neighbours two years ago to grow cover crop for the pheasants and within a year there were 3 entrances to a new badger sett. As this is visible from the side road so they have been marked by some badger supporters. Young Mr Northernlights had his car tyres attacked by a young badger after slowing down and stopping for a family of them in the have never believed they are benevolent and with their powerful jaws could inflict severe injury. The proposed new dual carriage way between Inverness and Hardmuir(22 miles) will go through 272 badger setts. Official reply to a query on the effect on the population. Negligable!!!! We have five main setts bordering our farm (185 acres) with up to 10 entrances/sett and more digging going on to create more.Foresters have to hand fell all the trees round these setts no machines allowed.
  10. Too add we marked an oyster catchers nest with two eggs three weeks ago.However today there were no eggs and the pair of oyster catchers were moving about seemingly without young but they may have been hiding in banks at the edge of the field. 20 years ago we had a pair each in at least nine fields every spring.My main suspicion that patrolling badgers at night have taken the eggs.For the first time ever in my life we have in the last two days a badger scrape/latrine just outside the window of the room I am typing this in. Badger numbers are out of control and ground nesting birds are suffering and I am certain farmers should not get all the blame for declining bird numbers.
  11. Very wet evening with heavy bursts of rain.Sowed about a quarter of neeps this afternoon before rain.Should mean they are through the ground within a week. Currently 10c
  12. Much better May on the farm this year warmer and with much more sunshine, birds really singing every morning with more food in terms of insects. Good to hear your bees are doing well. Cattle more content at grass with the warmth and sunshine with better grass growth as well.. Stopped feeding them silage a week ago. Most of veg have germinated in garden with rain yesterday and strawberries in full flower a bit behind Aurora Storm in Edinburgh who has green berries already.
  13. Fantastic day for the farming community nice gentle continiuous rain earlier to wet surface with a few more recent heavier spells which should not wash off now . With a bit of ground cover now hopefully the sun won"t dry it all up later this week coming. Currently 9c
  14. Not gardening but mucking out 350 tonnes of dung from the cows winter quarters.Carting away from a modern telescopic loader is a flat out job. Very sleepy tonight after ammonia overdose. Weather was fine in morning but a few hefty showers late pm with a particulary heavy one just east of Forres which gave half inch of rain in 20 minutes with flash flooding on the A96.Some thunder too.Rain very welcome on farm and in garden. Its certainly warmer than last year with runner beans emerging fast in cold frame and strawberries in full flower. Currently 9c
  15. Yes we saw lots of pheasants killed on the A9 in Perthshire when we used to travel a lot on this road.