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  1. Weather in Gravesham is jaffa cakesing it down and I'm lovin it. Raining a lot.
  2. I'm getting a little tired of this, I age a year every thunder crack, I'm sure of it... Bits of hail, rain in Gravesham and way too many 'LOUD NOISES' for my liking.
  3. This batch looks like it's going too far east to hit you, it wouldn't surprise me if you heard it though.
  4. Rain, distant rumbles of thunder in Gravesham... Already not happy about it all.
  5. Something tells me I'm not going to have a good day, or get to sleep at my intended bed time...
  6. Ah, snap. Life's a gfuqhgfpjh, ain't it.?. Seriously, I can't even say, gfuqhgfpjh, on this thing.
  7. DON'T PANIC, DON'T PANIC!!! That's supposed to be the worst of it for today in my region.
  8. Rain has stopped and start again, can't seem to make up its mind, smells like it's kicked up a lot of dust tho... Tell me to stfu if you wish, never sure if I'm typing too much of too little.
  9. Rain, hope for all the rain you can dream of. Hell, bring a metre of snow I don't care but, keep your shitty thunder and lightning away from me, preferably no closer than 60 miles I think will be ok.
  10. Then comfort me and tell me I'm gonna live through this. Beautiful bit of folk lightening NE of Gravesham and that's as much as I wanna see,,, make it stop...
  11. Ssshhhit... Thunder and lightning in Gravesham, thought I got lucky and it wasn't going to happen. It's light atm and I hope it remains than way.
  12. I'm a newb to all this, so don't expect anything I say to be correct. I've just been following this batch all night shit-scared that it's gonna hit me, but it's been heading your way rapidly for the past hr or so.
  13. The lightening strike map I have has some heading in your direction.
  14. Yeeesss, it worked. Do any of you have a link to real time wind direction maps?
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