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  1. Just flicked through the 12z GEM ensembles and quite a few perturbations are showing some colder options on the table. The GFS is also showing some colder perturbations too. ECM mean @240 is showing the building blocks of a northerly, with height rises in the N Atlantic: And look at the ECM clusters... 👀 33/51 of them are showing some sort of northerly at around day 10-11 - some agreement there but we need this to be in the reliable timeframe (<5 days) So there is clearly some signals for a colder start to December... overall it’s looking positive go
  2. GEM at 240 lines up a northerly: Think there’s a reasonable chance of some cold weather at the start of Dec.
  3. Take a look at those uppers on this mornings ECM run... reaching near -16c in the Shetland Islands!
  4. Clear skies here has lead to the sight of Jupiter and Saturn to my south.
  5. Parents have got the Christmas tree up. Should I tell them that Christmas is still over a month away?! 🤪

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    2. Zak M
    3. Daniel*


      No presents for you! 

    4. cheeky_monkey


      Xmas starts Nov 1st here in Canada straight after Halloween... people have had trees, lights, decs, the full monty up since then 

  6. I'm interested to know if we've got any fellow speedcubers (or cubers, for short) on this forum. If you're one and you are viewing this thread, what's your PB and what's your best average of 5 unofficially? 3x3: PB - 6.96 ao5 - 11.52 2x2 PB - 0.46 (4 moves) ao5 - 1.67 I think. Pyraminx PB - 1.23 ao5 - 3.69 Skewb PB - 1.47 ao5 - 3.13 I've been to around 10 competitions and my best official average is from 2x2 - a 2.26 average, with a counting 2.02 a couple of years ago. I one-looked that solve.
  7. Pub run is going bonkers as usual...nothing to see here! It's even having a go at another shot too. Some very cold 850hpa temps - uppers in excess of -16c near SE Iceland and NW Scotland..
  8. Nights and evenings will start to get lighter in 4 weeks. Thank the lord. Absolutely hate these dark evenings.
  9. We are now top of the league. * *For only 24 hours
  10. Looks like a few lightning strikes have been detected over Scotland and the Shetland Islands this morning, including a 743kA positive strike. That amount of power is hard to fathom.
  11. Lucky you @Tamara! It's been a day of endless cold and rain here. Currently 8c. I'd love to stay in Portugal during the winter! I would prefer days of sun and 20c rather than cold rain and single-digit temps.
  12. As much as I hate to say this, the CFS isn't a reliable model to use for looking what this coming winter may bring I'm afraid. In fact, some reliable models even struggle nailing down details at day 4!
  13. Has Twitter become Instagram now?

    1. cheeky_monkey


      i had twitter when it first started but have not tweeted since the summer of 2011..now its just a toxic mess

  14. Evening all. I'm a bit bored this evening. In fact, I'm always bored at around this time. So there might be a long post coming up. I haven't even finished yet so I don't know how long this post will be 😆 Some great posts tonight, by the way. Thanks to all the members that contribute in this thread. I really appreciate it. 🤣🤣 My emotions were a bit mixed tonight, when I saw the charts. Obviously I hate the cold (I don't mind it when there's snow or a storm overhead at the time), but the GFS and it's other runs might be quite good in terms of snow and I like snow. It's way
  15. Sorry for my above post, I couldn't help myself. I need to teach myself better next time. 🤭 Yes, it looks similar to its op run too, but instead the cold uppers from the continent actually reach us: Judging by the last two frames of the control run, that HP cell to our north seems to stall there, so the uppers from the continent might keep on coming..
  16. And here's T384... look at that cold pool to our north. 🏂
  17. Seriously cold uppers start to flow southwards on the 12z GFS. I'm waiting to see what T384 will look like. Could potentially be a stonking chart for snow. The 12z GEM is also quite similar to the GFS: What could possibly go wrong! 😉
  18. GFS quite similar to its previous run. Except it has much colder uppers coming our way from the continent...
  19. Just seen a distant lightning flash and it was quite bright considering how far away the storm is.
  20. If the GFS went up to 400+ hrs then I wouldn't be surprised to see a cold shot lead by possible blocking over Greenland, Iceland and the N Atlantic. You can also notice some cold air arriving into C. Europe, we would need that Atlantic blocking to migrate westwards for any chance of some cold coming from the continent. The 12z GEM is quite a chilly run with the cold nearby into Scandi as the jet dives south - way into FI of course Could this be a very good NH pattern as we head into December? Asking for a friend..
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