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  1. Thank you for that information Nouska......it made me wonder! I also take your point on the Arctic ice loss. I will take the time to read your links, they are much appreciated. Another grey humid day here in North West France......
  2. I am curious about the increase in thunderstorms and wonder about the Solar Miniumum effect. Apparently the Sun's hit a Solar Minimum and this has an effect on the heliosphere which weakens and in turn affects our weather thus possibly Increasing thunder storms which may be the case across Europe. Solar Minimum brings many interesting changes. For instance, as the extreme ultraviolet output of the sun decreases, the upper atmosphere of Earth cools and collapses. Also, the heliosphere shrinks, bringing interstellar space closer to Earth. Galactic cosmic rays penetrate the inner solar sys
  3. Yes.....it is incredible!!! Up to another 15cms forecast today. We had a dusting of snow last night.....current temps around 1C
  4. White for the last three mornings with a mix of hail and snow.......we are over 850 feet up. So waiting to see what this week brings on Wednesday and Thursday........ rain is so depressing. Speaking to family in South West Scotland and it would appear the weather has been very similar to here in North Western France .
  5. Hi Spike and Frozencanal........we had a couple of cold days with frost but since the days have been sunny but with a biting wind. Today it will be mild(11C forecast) and rain has returned (normal for this region as it is a maritime climate). Maybe the chance of snow at the end of the week again. I am looking forward to summer, I'm sure you will enjoy your life here in France Spikecollie.
  6. Rough night here in Brittany.......heavy rain and high winds leaving chaos in its path. Garden(field) looks as if a tornado passed through!!! Forecast saying we are possibly in for snow after next weekend. We shall see.
  7. Ah, thanks Catch......very well indeed. I am sure the weather in Scotland is seasonably cold at the moment, any sign of snow yet? Lovely day here.....5C with clear sunny skies. Hope You, Mrs Catch and the four little Catches have a great, healthy, happy New Year.
  8. Hi, I am a long term member of Netweather and used to live in the North of Scotland until three years ago. Now live in the North West of France where it is really wet in winter. Great to see a French thread on here.
  9. About a foot of snow last night. This is March 13th 2011

  10. Iran said they had gone through the Suez Canal two days ago!! Methinks the Iranians are agitating with a great big wood spoon........knowing full well Israel is very jittery about this. Why is Iran needing to get a Supply ship accompanied by a Frigate through to Syria?? Something on board or...... just to raise tension in the area?
  11. Monies reputed to be estimated around the £200M mark from the sale of arms feed back to the Government of the day.....starting back from during the Thatcher era and the following Labour period. This is purely from Saudi Arabia.....wonder how much has come in from other countries. May I suggest you read the book 'Dead Men Don't Eat Lunch' by Geoff Gilson. A Fascinating read http://geoffgilson.wordpress.com Our governments in effect have supported these dictators over the years because it suited us.....
  12. Roll on February.........I can get rid of my plaster!! Yippee...freedom again

  13. More snow and its the last day of March!

  14. Just wondering if there was any meteor action expected last night? We saw a dozen or so bright lights in groups of twos and threes soar across the sky in a NE directrion at 10pm from South of Inverness going over the Moray Firth. These were definitely not aircraft.......totally silent and no RAF excercises taking place from Kinloss at the moment. Weird but no doubt there is some logical explanation
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