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  1. Thanks for the advice TM. It is all about the interest factor having my own readings to check on, and a little fun with projects along the way. Mapantz, how did you power the PC fan? Battery, solar? What is the optimum placement and airflow for the fan?
  2. The sides are double walled with offset holes and an air gap, that’s probably not clear from the photos. I built the box from a design found online and modified it slightly to fit the space I had. the Louvres are an interesting idea, I’ll give that some thought thanks.
  3. I’ve managed to upload photos to Google. https://photos.app.goo.gl/kVDKGgNPbyzGNYjq2
  4. So, I have a Netatmo weather station and have finally gotten round to completing my DIY weatherbox for it. I’ve moved the outdoor unit from my previous ‘shaded spot’ to the box and back today for sake of experimenting, and noticed that the readings in the box are higher than the shaded spot by up to 2°C. So I guess my question is, which is likely to be the more accurate reading, and why? I've attempted to attach photos from iOS but unfortunately can’t get it to work. I will be interested to see opinions from anyone on here.
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