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  1. I was hoping that Norfolk might do well today out of some Shower activity in the North sea but just cant see where this is coming from at the moment. If anyone has any insights....??
  2. Yeah my Wife who is in Norwich said the same thing. Started snowing at about 8am with a few 5 or 10 min flurrys of big flakes. No rain mixed in whatsoever.
  3. Been snowing on and off in my location all morning. Was not expecting anything today. Im in Wymondham today.
  4. Snow shower have all dried up for my part of Norfolk. Anyone know if showers will return later?
  5. Looks like a load of showers going to those Amber areas. Not much happening to wards Norwich to my untrained eye. Anyone got a better view on this? I will be amazed if i get 2cm.
  6. Must say im a bit disappointed with the snow levels predicted. I was hoping to get snowed in.
  7. Does anyone have any idea on chances of decent snow tonight in Norfolk. Doesnt look great for tonight if you like snow in my area. Please correct me if im wrong!
  8. Let_it_snow


    My back garden still looks like this!
  9. Hi, When posting pictures how do you show the picture as a thumb nail, with instructions to enlarge image? Where can I find info on this? Thanks in advance
  10. Let_it_snow

    Norwich 30th Dec 12pm

    Norwich 30th Dec 12pm
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