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  1. Latest GFS Operational for March 30th 2018 vs December 2nd 2010 - that low to the south looks rather interesting!
  2. Not at all, only saying it's showing up strangely on radar, which'll make it hard to tell where real precipitation is and how intense it is.
  3. I'd be sceptical about anything in the red area, especially intensity-wise. Lots of anaprop it seems. Frustrating since that's where many of the showers will be coming from!
  4. Hi, newcomer here (Severe Weather UK on Twitter) - here's my forecast from yesterday for max snow totals between this AM and Sunday PM (0-200m average) - two convergence zones, one around Lincs the other around the Thames estuary (as shown on latest Fax chart) could give showery 10cm+ locally, though something closer to 5cm is more likely even in the heavy zones (hence 40% chance) - some models such as HIRLAM are also picking up on a second organised area of snow affecting southern parts of our region Sunday PM, although only a minority show this. N.B Don't take my map too literally! (Light: 0-3cm) (Moderate: 4-9cm) (Heavy: 10-19cm) 1 Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max file size 7MB Insert other media Uploaded Images 6_Forecast_UK.jpg 337 kb · Done
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