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  1. I suspect the UK and Ireland (moreso Ireland than the UK) would be very unlucky at times with such a 500mb height anomaly if it were to verify. Why do I say this? The trough is just a bit too far west to really lock into severe and prolonged cold easterly flows. Most of us would be in a no man's land scenario with mild air battling against an easterly flow trying to occur. Think Scotland would get away well though. If the trough were centred or extended further eastwards into Europe, hell yeah, locked into the freezer! Anyway, not worth delving into further than that as it's only one single CFS run which changes every few hours and every day so reliability is out the window.
  2. Far too early is an understatement. Only need history to prove it. 4 November 1946..... the warmest November day on record before 2015 in the UK and Ireland. Prestatyn recorded a max. of 21.7c. Even Edinburgh got up to 20.6c on the same day. Not much sign of Winter? Yeah. Now look at exactly 3 months later..... 4 February 1947. Sometimes you can see teasers for the Winter in November but it can change dramatically. November has no effect on how the Winter will pan out. For instance, the year that broke the 1946 November record high; 2015. This was followed by a totally different Winter to 1946-47. 1946-47 was one of the coldest (and snowiest) on record of all-time whilst 2015-16 was the second warmest on record back to 1659 behind 1868-69. Or late 2010 First 4 days of November 2010: Final week of November 2010: Don't cast a clout 'til May is out.
  3. At least 2007-08 was passable and somewhat interesting instead of complete rubbish like say 1987/88. 2007-08 had as you say freezing fog and some ice days during the mid month dry spell in December 2007, there was a brief easterly at the start of January which delivered some heavy snowfalls particularly over Northern Ireland; not sure about other regions of the UK, February was the sunniest on record (which I'll take very sunny conditions any day if I don't get the snow) and had some severe frost, March and April both had several instances of snowfalls. Found April 2008's snowfalls quite remarkable here and they were the last April snowfalls I have had since.
  4. Even in a warmer planet, we have still succeeded with the coldest December since 1890 (or coldest December/coldest month on record) and the coldest March since 1883/1962.
  5. January and February 2016 were still very wet months and January had exceptional mild conditions later on.
  6. November 1919 cold and snowy spell which delivered very unusual extreme cold conditions to the UK and Ireland including -23c in Scotland on November 14th.
  7. Which I'll 100% take after the rubbish I've endured a lot of the recent years especially the stupidly warm Halloweens.
  8. Exact same here mate, so you're not alone. Worst times of my life were also during March 2013 at the same time of me losing out on the snow constantly. March 2013 couldn't have been more terrible for me and the weather just emphasised it.
  9. Yep, I've been having that year on my mind throughout my Winter updates that I began in the Summer. 1978 was a year that I thought of and its hurricane season was very similar. It was unusually quiet before September but then quickly ramped up to an average season overall than inactive like it was looking such. 2018 has been similar if a little more active I think. God love us if 1978-79 were to come though because these forums would be filled with lots of disappointment from a month like December 1978 then minds are boggled once the New Year comes as a blizzard strikes showing patience is a virtue with our Winters
  10. Also now the warmest day on record in the UK for this late in the year and latest 26c in the year.
  11. Warmest October 13th on record, 25.4c at Weybourne.
  12. Already 23c in London (over an hour ago when posting this). The temperature record in the UK for October 13th is 25.3c. If we surpass 25.9c, it will be the warmest temperature in the UK on record for this late in the year. In the same year, 29.1c was recorded on April 19th...... 2018 you are absolutely amazing I swear, you don't give up!
  13. Did not measure it (wouldn't have been able to anyway due to drifts) but here's the deepest snow I've received (my front garden on 2 March 2018) whilst the second one is of a neighbour's garden.
  14. It was an amazing Winter considering its time - a long period of largely forgettable or mild Winters from 1997 to 2008. The end of February and early March brought severely cold weather including the March record low maximum before 2018 (and one of the few Marches to reach a minimum of -20c in the UK). There was a blizzard on February 27th for parts including here in the east of Ireland. January was frosty. There was the snowy and cold spell at the end of December which you mentioned. I was only 1 month old in December 2000 so can only go off of stats.
  15. Not sure about the last time so to speak but here's the records for each date of October in the UK:
  16. No comparison there here in Dublin, December 2010 was colder and snowier, got down to Dublin's all time (since known records began at Phoenix Park in the 1830s I think it was) low of -15c on Christmas Day - perfect timing. Constant streamers most days, I remember every single day like yesterday. Woke up on the morning of November 27th 2010 to find my garden and neighbourhood with snow everywhere and blue skies. It was wonderfully perfect. The next day was the exact same and Dublin got down to its lowest November temperatures on record (so did Ireland at -11.5c beating 1919's long standing record of -11.1c). Further streamers occurred on November 29th to December 2nd. November 30th particularly stands out to me as a completely overcast day with consistent snow falling. I was in school and was sent home early then my school closed for the week. The snow stopped for a few days then came back on the 7th as a cold front reintroduced bitterly cold air (after a relatively milder but still very cold weekend of the 4th/5th) and had a severe frost on the 8th with blue skies. The milder period then came but the second freeze occurred bringing record breaking low temperatures again completely smashing previous records for Dublin and Ireland. I had streamers coming off the Irish Sea on the 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd. It didn't seem as amazing to me at the time as the first spell at the end of November (which is still my preferred one out of the two to this day) as I was probably just used to it by that stage. How stupid was I to take it all for granted.
  17. He put it as 5th best, not #1 best. December 2001 was the sunniest on record. Mine: Best 2010-11: No other competition comes even close to this. Among the sunniest on record, even February was sunny here compared to many. -10c was achieved on more than 5 days through December in Ireland, same with ice days including Ireland's record low max temperature for any month of -9.8c on the 21st. The December record low for Ireland was smashed quite a few times from -14.8c on Dec 13 1961 to -17.5c on Dec 25 2010. January had a lot of frost too and was another sunny month. Easily the best and such a nostalgic Winter to me that was followed by my favourite Spring I've experienced too - 2011. Worst 2012-13: Quite a controversial opinion of mine. A lot of frustration this Winter with me missing out on not only the March snowfalls largely, also the January snowfalls. It was just a damp and unremarkably cool season that I wish I could forget and erase from my memories.
  18. Much prefer Summer 2016 over Summer 2017 although 2016 had its big issues too, namely the sunshine. Whilst I had a large number of 20c+ days in 2016, there was rarely a sunny day due to persistent humid southwesterlies. The second half of August improved on the sunshine though here.
  19. Absolutely rubbish even as early as late June here in eastern Ireland though some people suggest it got bad only from mid-July onwards. Late June was cold and wet following a notable warm/hot spell from the 17th-21st then the first half of July was very cloudy here with relatively warm temperatures. The second half of July was wetter and cooler but far superior in terms of sunshine. August was extremely disappointing, little to no warmth, unremarkably cool temperatures, average rain, little sun, yuck. I dislike Summer 2017 if you could not tell. I prefer Summer 2015 over it for crying out loud and that's saying something because I loathe July 2015.....
  20. Provisionally, September 2018 recorded 115% of the average sunshine for England with 158.2 hours of sunshine so does not fall into the top 10 as shown above. @BlueSkies_do_I_see https://blog.metoffice.gov.uk/2018/10/01/september-statistics/
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