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  1. I didn't hear any thunder, but then I am at work a few miles from Belper. I did notice the sferics on lightning detector so did wonder as the rain on the radar was nothing spectacular at the time.
  2. I would estimate about 160 miles as it about double the distance as the crow flies from Bedford to Ipswich.
  3. It depends where in the west you are? If you are south of about Blackpool/Leeds then yes. All the instability has shifted north of here. If you can, could you pop your location in your profile please as it helps in discussion if we know where you are
  4. Lots of heavy showers packing into the SW, S Wales and SW Midlands. Unfortunately none of them are thundery. Pity as they are heading this way.
  5. Had a little bit of a chase this afternoon. At just after 3pm I headed out and up the M1 in an attempt to get under a developing line of showers moving off the Peak District towards Sheffield. There had already been a few sferics detected across the Buxton area. I pulled off the M1 near to Barlborough and parked up somewhere near Maston Moor to consider my options. I was trying to figure how best to intercept a cell near to Bakewell when suddenly there was a bright flash of lightning out of nowhere and a loud crash of thunder. Within seconds a quite vicious storm arrived and passed overhead with torrential rain, some CG bolts and thunder loud enough I could hear it whilst driving through a torrent. The storm appeared to have developed overhead. I then headed up the M1 and east into a line of storms that were from Matlock to Worksop, coming to a stop just south of Blyth. I was able to stand outside and film as it produced frequent thunder and lightning about a mile to my south. There were no CG's by this point and the lightning seemed mostly high based, but there were still some decent flashes and crisp thunder. The core of the storm was missing me but this meant I was not stuck in the car sheltering from a torrent. Headed home as the storms trundled off at high speed into Lincolnshire but not a bad last minute storm chase.
  6. Footage of my chasing on Sunday around South and into West Yorkshire. Not the most successful day as the storms were very difficult to get ahead of, and when I did they kept dying out. Pulse storms are hard to chase, I need to remember that. Still, I saw more than if I had stayed at home.
  7. My ex used to talk on my videos, and I too like silence. Maybe that's why she is my ex You may not have to wait until Friday for storms. Quite widespread storms likely tomorrow. Warnings from the Met Office only highlight Scotland because in England and Wales the storms will be moving through quite quickly and so disruption will be minimal. Over Scotland where winds are slack the storms will be very slow moving and so a real risk of flooding, hence the warnings. Fast moving storms are hard to chase but it is more likely you will get a storm at home/work if they are moving around. Storms are more likely in eastern areas during the afternoon and early evening.
  8. Nice vids mate. It really kicks off in clip 3 after about the 6 minute mark. Lots of lightning, thunder, (a cat miaowing and even a vocal performance of scatman ). You got much more lightning than I captured driving around in it all
  9. Unfortunately I didn't, I was drawn east by the cells around Sheffield. It was a challenging but successful chase, at least successful in the fact I got to be underneath the remnants of a couple of storms. The main challenge was the fact the storms appeared to be pulse type and so by the time I reached them they were dying down. I was racing back and forth around South Yorkshire like a moth round a bulb! In doing this is was able to chase a storm towards Pontefract from north of Sheffield. It had some very gusty winds with it and a lot of high based lightning. I then headed back towards Doncaster and got under some torrential rain and occasional lightning, but by now the lightning was more visible with some IC's and at least one CG (need to check my video). For a pulse type thundery showers day I am satisfied, I just wish I could have been under the storms when they were at there peaks.
  10. No, it was west of Glossop and so I was nowhere near it. Seems like storms are avoiding the Peak District rather than concentrating on it. I have now headed east and am situated near to Penistone.
  11. I am expecting things to gradually kick off further east in time as the trough now across western parts, and spawning thunderstorms, moves eastwards. I am not far from Glossop awaiting something to happen.
  12. I'm taking myself up into the Peak District. Currently between Sheffield and the Snake Pass inn. I doubt anything will happen for a while but for now I will have a walk and enjoy the hazy sunshine and humidity. Hopefully will have something to chase in about 3-4 hours time.
  13. I also look to be in a good spot today and areas to my north. The Peak District could be a focal point this afternoon which is really not good for Whaley Bridge. Early signs are promising, taken about an hour ago. Already feeling humid too.
  14. @Flash bang flash bang etc Maybe should be in the no storms section as it is a warning for no storms and a lack of convection but it did make me laugh
  15. Things are looking good up north. My only hope for here is that the storms push back southeast on the western flank of the low as it heads east tonight. However, with reducing CAPE into tonight I think it is fair to say the action is too far north now for me to chase. The centre of the low is producing heavy rain but nothing thundery. Here we are having occasional moderate bursts but sunny spells too. Convective weather close today with the MDT area. Edit: And just as I post, some activity in the south. Maybe... just maybe
  16. And here is the vid Clouds are filling in here ahead of the first band of showers which should be here in the next couple of hours. Doubtful I will chase later today as my area looks ok, although I may decide to head slightly north west depending on what happens.
  17. If there had been a higher level of certainty I may have been there too, but it is a long way from here to the Norfolk coast. The storm looked very good though, all of that energy released over Norfolk. The best storms I have seen have been through chasing. After the heatwave last year there was nothing here, but several rounds of storms over me as i sat watching them in Lincolnshire.
  18. Sometimes chasing is the only way. On Wednesday early hours there was a storm over Belper and so I didn't have to chase, but it was the first storm since 2015. If I didn't chase I think I would have forgotten what thunder sounds like in real life and not on video.
  19. 20c with sunshine here. The best CAPE is further north but I am feeling hopeful. Mountain area forecast for the Peak District has a high risk of thunderstorms, not often I have seen that.
  20. I understand the frustration but wasn't it just last Tuesday evening that you were out in an awesome thunderstorm? Whilst the storms did reach here early hours of Wednesday, they had lost some potency in comparison to further south. I don't want this to go off topic, as really this should be in the no storms section, but just want to point out that storms are on a large scale a bit more geographically balanced than some make out. There will always be regional variation, and the areas that 'do best' seem to move around year on year. For example, our storm capital Lincolnshire has seen quite few storms this year in comparison to some others.
  21. Agreed, I completely understand the warning. Up to 50mm of rain (25-30mm in an hour) can cause flooding and with the ground already saturated from the weekend in parts it is unfortunately somewhat inevitable that flooding will occur. A storm also doesn't require frequent lightning to cause disruption, one lightning strike hitting something is all it takes.
  22. A break in the storms, ideal time for a brand new thread. After the heat and storms (for some) last week it is back to more usual British summertime weather antics for the foreseeable. Of course this mix includes thunderstorms, of which some are possible on Tuesday. Met Office have already issued a warning for thunderstorms across the SW quarter of England and all of Wales. Please continue on with all convective and storm discussion. Old thread here: Please can you use this thread to rant about lack of storms or raise your grievances on missing out.
  23. I fell asleep last night so missed a possible distant lightning show from a cell that ran up the Peak District. Looks like the eastern coast of England and Scotland will be best placed later on today. Forecast from Convective Weather: https://www.convectiveweather.co.uk/forecast.php?date=2019-07-26
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