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  1. There was talk of 38 degrees to break the cap, the way things are going it isn't going to be far off. 34.6 at Heathrow and zero cloud...
  2. The Metoffice have actually removed the warning. This is outrageous, in this part of Kent this is the worst rainful since 2013
  3. Hirlam was the only model to pick up on this yesterday. BBC did mention the pivot but the Met Office have been caught with their trousers down on this. Warning very late on. Trains already I'm a right mess. Just been through Tonbridge/Paddock Wood area, all fields totally flooded by standing water and still raining heavily.
  4. It is worth remembering that there are exceptionally high spring tides next week, so any big storms coming from the Atlantic could be something to keep an eye on from that perspective.
  5. Maidstone is right on the fringes. promised my boy sledging in the morning! it is mounting up on the grass -hoping the system will nudge southwards. It is clearly cold enough. On another note it has been a very good demonstration of how much heat the turf/soil holds. Ironic considering how much snow is on the rooves of houses in Maidstone!!
  6. Freezing rain currently here in Maidstone. V windy and minus 1. streamer developing amd buildling along and just south of M20.
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