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  1. If we're going to still be in lockdown come March, or still be limited in what we can do, I'm ready for Spring, and some warmth to get out in the garden. If we have some freedom, then I'm all up for some something colder, especially if that means I can get up to Scottish ski resorts for a weekend. It's been sole destroying seeing the vast amounts of snow in the highlands, and to be in a position where I (and the resorts) can't take advantage of it.
  2. The winds should have changed by now, and we've got this as possibility if it moves up the coast.
  3. Going through some of the models, it looks like 12-3pm is going to possibly be Newcastle / Sunderland / Durham's chance.
  4. Looking at the winds, I think that's going to go West, via Northumberland, then up into Scotland
  5. Wind at the moment is skirting around us at the moment, although it starts to sort itself out as the day goes on. That being said, by the time the wind seems to be favourable, the system looks to have moved north 😞
  6. I’m awfully greedy 😂 I didn’t get to see snow in the uk until I was 12.
  7. After all my excitement this morning, it looks like that ‘blob’ thats grown, is going to go right past me... 😤
  8. They seem to have slowed right down over the last 30mins... somewhere is going to get a pasting!
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