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  1. February 2020 is currently the 5th wettest month in the last 10 years at my local station. 44mm more and it will be the 3rd. Grim, My watch has a rechargeable battery and with the lack of sunshine and a house full of LED lights, it hasn't worked for 3 weeks
  2. Some crazy rainfall in NSW and QLD in the last few days. Byron Bay had 80mm in an hour!
  3. Just had a few rumbles if thunder in South side of Glasgow
  4. Is it possible to access data for met office sites around Scotland? Feels like it's been raining non stop for a couple of months now and was curious what the actual stats show.
  5. Sledging at Cathcart Castle golf club and can see all the snow over the Campsies
  6. Morning folks, long time lurker here. Southside of Glasgow seems to have missed out on all last nights snow by about 10miles, I had 5 inches at 5pm last night and only up to 6 inches this morning. Looking at the radar just now and it seems to be the band across the north of Glasgow still getting all the snow. Come on snow gods, shift that snow south!
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