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  1. Definitely picked the wrong year to start growing stuff.... Last frost - May 14th - which is a couple of weeks later than anytime in the previous 12 years June, July and August all less sun than normal And now a first frost 3-4 weeks earlier than normal 🤬
  2. really has been a terrible three months. Cloud, rain, almost non stop. Even the mini heatwave next week looks like continual grey days for the west coast of Scotland. Depressing as f**k. I think the lockdown coming back will have a real detrimental affect on people if this weather keeps up, we were fortunate to have 6-8 weeks of decent weather for the initial one.
  3. Absolutely dismal here. I find myself wondering where June and July went as every day was just grey, cloudy, monotonous rain. July especially was dire with only the 31st being above 21c. 390mm of rain vs 327hrs of sunshine means my tomatoes, peppers and corn haven't done particularly well at ripening 🥺
  4. I'm saving that rainfall total chart for posterity, west central Scotland forecast to be the driest place in the UK over the next 10 days. Unheard of 😁
  5. Mushyman, any chance of explaining what the different coloured lines are on the bottom chart?
  6. So the next 6 days are forecast to be reasonably warm and constant cloud in Glasgow. Any experts willing to advise what's causing the constant grey skies we're experiencing?
  7. Beautiful weekend weatherwise, fortunately tying in with a couple of nights away before schools are back. I love a storm, but got to be honest having a load of tomatoes, peppers and corn in the back garden struggling to ripen with the lack of sun and wet ground over the last 6 weeks means I'm hoping they skip me on this occasion 😄
  8. Awake an hour before the alarm to make the most of the promised unbroken sunshine.....to be met with grey cloud that's still persisting over south side of Glasgow. Worst heatwave ever ☹️
  9. Looking good for tail end of next week, possibly a dry settled spell from Friday 7th August......fingers crossed!
  10. July has had more mm of rain than hrs of sunshine in Glasgow 👎🤬
  11. That's quite a few more than we've had in Glasgow 😥😥
  12. 27 days now since we had what you could call a good summers day and no prospect of one on the horizon. Was toying with just booking 4 or 5 days in Spain yesterday as flights were available for £54 return.. Really wish I had because they've gone up 500% because the quarantine was removed 😥
  13. never ending dross. 1 day above 20c so far for Glasgow in July, averaging 3hrs of sunshine a day. The average max is 17.2c according to Meteociel, which means we are on course for the coolest average max for the duration of their records (back to 2006) No prospect of any change. Those first 8 weeks of lockdown seem like a distant memory - sunshine, quiet roads, long walks 🥶
  14. Hi folks, any way to find out what the number of sunshine hours has been so far for July at Met Office weather stations?
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