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  2. Only one thing guaranteed, Scotland will be wet and cloudy, with the occasional good day. 3050, 4050 and 5050 will be the same .
  3. Funny thing the changing of the seasons. We got a dog in February, so between morning and evening walks the changes have been a lot more apparent this year, both daylight and the changes in plants, trees etc. One thing to consider in all this is usable daylight. They say that every place on earth receives the same amount of daylight per year, which is true (I think), but more importantly, is how much usable daylight do you get? It's now 49 days since the summer solstice and it's still light here at 9pm. That will continue to be the case for another week or so. So for almost 1/3 of the year, it is light until 9pm, meaning for Mon to Fri people we still have time to finish work, eat and then still have at least 2-3hrs of usable daylight. Compare that to the couple of years I lived in Brisbane. The latest sunset in early January is 18.47. So you get home from work and it's pitch black by the time you want to do anything, 32c usually, but dark. No long lazy evenings outside. And in their winter it's dark before 5pm, so no different to being in Scotland. So all in all, we do not bad for usable daylight, particularly those doing a 9-5...just wish it could be 4-5c warmer and less cloud
  4. I'm at Dobbies at Braehead and it has been absolutely torrential for 30mins. Major flooding somewhere I would expect
  5. Loved the video. What direction is the camera facing WNW or something like that? Also, any idea what was rising as the sun was setting, a planet?
  6. Clear blue skies. Lovely morning for walking the dog. Weather forecasts really get my goat. Forecast for Saturday Wed - sunny all day Thu - cloudy all day Fri - Sunny spells Wake up this morning - sunny all day Barbecue on, off now I need to try and get it back on
  7. Yep, big disappointment. Started planning barbecues based on forecast yesterday for 26c and sun on Saturday and Sunday. Now 21c and cloud.
  8. Anyone able to give me some guidance on what in the models has caused Sat & Sun in Glasgow to go from being forecast at 27c and sunny yesterday to 21c and cloudy today? Is it just the position of the high?
  9. Sitting in Cambridgeshire under grey skies and 16c. Heading south for a staycation hasn't worked at all At least my fruit and veg plants are getting some of the Glasgow heatwave
  10. I would just like to say a big FU to the British weather Heading from Glasgow to Cambridge area for a staycation tomorrow, one of the key things being the search for better weather. In fact I'm getting quite the opposite
  11. So you're saying me driving 6 hrs from the west of Scotland to the Cambridge area for a staycation, thinking i'd get better weather, will be a waste of time......well blow me over
  12. Clump of cloud covering us since 14.00 Two days in a row
  13. To the 29th April Glasgow has 8.6mm of rain and 230.4 hours of sunshine, after today that's likely to be 9mm of rain and 237hrs of sunshine. Making it both the driest and sunniest month in my records going back to 2008. Previous bests being May 2017 with 229.5hrs and April 2020 with 13.6mm Can't complain really, despite it being a bit nippy. Regarding the post above about sunniest months, in Glasgow it's May, April, June, July then august. May is quite a bit ahead as well.
  14. Sat in my sheltered SW back garden and it could be July. Lots of moaning about the weather (UK wide) the last 4 weeks, but I'll.take dry and sunny any time, even if it's been a bit cold at nights. Anyway, looks like today is the last of the wall to wall sunshine, so might as well use it
  15. I love sunshine and heat more than most. Despite lacking much heat April has been pretty good as far as I'm concerned, sunshine way above average, rainfall way below average. Long may it continue. would much rather have this than the odd warm and sunny day, makes planning outdoor activities so much easier. Plus an average of 8hrs of sunshine a day is great for my tomato plants, just means bringing them in every night!
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