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  1. Sorry but these studies are flawed. There have been ZERO cases of popcorn lung caused by diacetyl in e-liquid - this is miss information created by pharma & tobacco funding. The concentration needed for it to cause any ill effects are 100's times more than found in e-cig flavours. The term comes from some workers who became ill after working in an environment in the US that used to make popcorn. They were exposed to high concerntrationsof it over decades. The diacetyl used in that factory was over a 100 times more potent than that found in any popcorn/butter type flavourings. My favourite
  2. And what model data do you have to back up this forecast? The MET office are saying the complete opposite. I will go with them I think.
  3. No offence, but you said the same thing earlier in the week about Friday (Today)... You seem to want to put the heater on continually IMO.
  4. It looks crazy on the sat image - Looks like it's starting to organise again over France then take a northwesterly track. The drive to work is going to be interesting thats for sure!
  5. Wiltshire, Berks and Hampshire about to turn to blizzards by the looks of it. Hold on tight folks
  6. Latest netweather precipitation radar showing lots of snow forming over the english channel.
  7. Latest sat image definately showing a northerly track to the low taking it accross the Bay Of Biscay over the next couple of hours. We are nearly there!
  8. Hi everyone, Long time lurker here, this is my first post despite years of forum and chart watching. I agree with this comment. What we are seeing on radar isn't Emma. Here is the latest IR sat image. I have circled the low which is due to arrive tomorrow which currently looks like it's going to be a direct hit to me. Can't wait. Before that my eyes are on that streamer looks like it's going to be 100+ miles wide by 4am looking at some of the models. Happy days!
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