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  1. Ah. My knowledge is very limited, and as a newbie I try to pick up what I can from the more experienced people on here, including yourself MS Stodge wrote a post on the focused mod thread back on Saturday When he said the downwelling was to reach the troposphere in the next week, I assumed he meant the SSW... And to be honest I was a bit confused because I've read a few conflicting reports on the topic... However, it gave me a bit if hope that things *might* change in the next week...but we'll see
  2. Read from a knowledgable poster in the focussed mod discussion a few days ago that the SSW downwelling is to reach the troposphere this week, but that the models aren't interested, so the advice is to take a break from model watching for maybe a week... that's what I've been trying to do. The constant excitement of potential cold getting wrote off by mild incursions has been exhausting lol Hopefully next week will have more encouragment for us!
  3. @Eastantrim4 It seems from the radar that everwhere except Larne and east antrim are going to get snow today :-( It's so depressing lol
  4. Heavy/blizzard like conditions in Larne! Seems to be a mix of sleet and hail
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