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  1. Lol, very true. I'd hate to think what chemicals would be found in any Glasto fatberg.
  2. That's echoed in (3) here. From TWO: Update 1 suggests a significantly higher than average chance of snow this Christmas in both the north and south of the UK. The primary reasons for this are: 1) Background signals including ENSO and QBO are not likely to be big drivers of the UK's weather during early winter. 2) We are close to a solar minimum. 3) Since the Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) in February there has been an ongoing signal for high pressure blocks to have more influence on the UK's weather than normal. In the late winter and early spring northern block
  3. Xmas could well be colder than average this year, says TWO, which gives the reasons. Doubtless similar reasons will be given by Netweather in due course!
  4. The xmas forecast has kicked off at TWO. The winter is expected to be on the nippy side, increasing the chance of snow at xmas. Looking forward to some beasterly flakes, lol.
  5. It's snowed in Surrey in May before - and in Peterborough on a May 19th - in daylight hours. On both occasions the culprit was a snow shower, not a band of snow.
  6. The Met Office is forecasting snow is possible in "all areas" by mid week next week.
  7. Nice. The BBC local radio for Surrey and Sussex said, at 6pm today ... sleet possible on Thurs. Yet the local BBC TV forecast showed temps about 11C on Thurs and Fri. Bonkers...
  8. Late on 1/12/10 that low started as a trough, moved north, developed into a low as it did so and stalled over the south of england during the early hours of 2/12 - and delivered a foot [give or take] of snow by dawn.
  9. The chips are down. Any cod in UK waters by Easter might well need woolly jumpers and goatskin undies. Humans may want to get their sledges out again and go back to lampost watching. The latest predicted synopses look... fab.
  10. Yes - farcical. The beeb been picked up on it and one day said the cloud had been removed so we could see where the snow was and was expected to be.
  11. So some models predict. My mention of snow late tonight reflected a post here about Croydon can expect light showers in the early hours. I thought - well if Croydon can, we all can.
  12. Great. All we want now is more snow. Might happen late tonight/early hours tomo apparently.
  13. Here's hoping for multiple polar lows or troughs over Easter. Possible. Happened at that time of year in 1975. Several inches of snow fell in the south/south east.
  14. Looking back at the radar returns of 1st and 2nd December 2010, when 1ft [30cm] of snow was dumped on the south. A trough came up from France into the south east, turned into a low and expanded and stalled. First pic: 9.30pm on 1/12. Second on 00:30 on 2/12. Third at 02:00 on 2/12. Fourth pic the predicted synoptics for 18:00 on 1/12.
  15. However, "wintry" showers are on the cards for tomo and even Weds. Then - Easter and possible snow. Still snowing a bit here but can't see it lasting for long.
  16. Looks like a cold Easter is more on the cards now, with snow possible at times. Even the met office is takling about it now. The cause? A scandi high, giving us a decent beasterly. Bring it on.
  17. Thank you Mr Blobby for creating that vast blob in the channel and throwing some our way this morning Nice big flakes at the mo.
  18. The bbc forecast at about 7.15 this evening showed snow showers running across the south all night - and into the morning, when they'll be restricted more to the coastal strip.
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