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  1. No cloud cover all afternoon here in Higham, near Gravesend. Temperatures now up to 35.4 and rising.
  2. The next six hours and next 36 hour models I’m looking at has snow pushing into the estuary sporadically through the afternoon and evening. Still think we have more snow to come. still snowing in Higham.
  3. I can normally see the dartford crossing in the distance from where I live... my friend in Greenhithe , which isn’t too far away has absolutely nothing.
  4. I think as the winds shift and start pushing showers inland there may be a period where some showers stall over a location which may lead to a slightly longer period of snow for a location overnight tonight.
  5. Yep I’m seeing this change too on various different short and medium range radars. A definite change to a more easterly wind direction after lunch and through the afternoon. Whether or not locations get snow I think it will be very hit or miss. It’s quite amazing how localised the snow has been over Kent so far.
  6. Exactly. I’m pretty sure apps use raw model data from specific outputs which will mean they change all the time and are hit or miss.
  7. IMO with this type of set up (isolated heavy snow showers passing over the region all day) you may as well ignore any forecast weather maps as they just can’t be accurate where precipitation may be. I hope the met office haven’t gone too big too early and are proved right but having my doubts.
  8. New poster so go easy. Was definitely snowing heavily across the estuary near Tilbury a short while ago. Nothing Kent side at the moment near Cliffe. I think we will get something tonight but a little less optimistic looking at our forecasting products at work earlier. Fingers crossed though!
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