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  1. The only thing I have is bitter disappointment and sadness
  2. Dusting here too. Hoping some heavier stuff makes it through!
  3. Come on weather gods, just one last hurrah. That's all we ask. Then less rain, that would be nice, eh.
  4. It's lightly snowing here. Just floaty flakes, nothing substantial but rare for Port Talbot! Ha.
  5. This has been stressful reading over the past few days it's on, off, on. Have very much enjoyed checking out the charts and keeping my fingers crossed. I guess we'll see what happens!
  6. No, it's so weird! Or the roof. I'll blame our lovely steelworks and its dust, ha.
  7. Not settling with us and forecast rain later. Just too wet
  8. If this could be snow too, that would be nice.
  9. There's actual snow in Port Talbot! Think I'm 100ASL
  10. All gone in Port Talbot, so went to find some. Just up the road had a walk in an amazing snow shower
  11. Met office is still showing rain for here. It hasn't been updated since 10PM, though. Hope I don't wake up to total disappointment.
  12. I'm very depressed please spam me with your snow photos, guys!
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