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  1. I wouldn’t. Patches covered with snow drifts. Lorries and cars are getting stuck.
  2. We near Cromer have been under the pink for over an hour but there has been nothing. The radar is telling porkies!
  3. Radar showing snow here on N coast. Nothing falling. Is it picking up blowing snow? Or are all the forecasts wrong?
  4. Not so much more snow, it’s problems with existing snow here. Many roads blocked by drifts here, even A roads. Nothing between here and Denmark to stop the wind, and all coming off open farmland to cover the roads.
  5. Seems odd! Noticed it earlier here on the coast as it was chucking it down with snow yet there was nothing showing on radar
  6. Showers much heavier and more frequent on the coast near Cromer. Got more this evening than altogether yesterday?
  7. Very surprisingly just woken to grey skies and falling snow! Grass almost covered here on the coast near Cromer.
  8. Showers to the north of me, Showers to the south, Here I am, stuck in the middle with nowt. ?
  9. Snowing here in Trimingham, just outside Cromer. Settled on car and patio but nowhere else.
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