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  1. Light snow in St Leonard's, hopefully we will get clobbered with a few inches soon (oo-err). Time for a brandy and lamp post watch! Radar looks impressive...
  2. We got hit really bad in Hastings, think it was around 12th/13th March 2013 - I had to leave work early and have the next day off, there were some impressive snow drifts around and there were also cars buried in snow up on the Ridge (high part of Hastings).
  3. Like others on here, I'm finding it difficult to believe what is coming after such a lovely day today! Still, I love the snow, although I'd have preferred this type of weather in mid January so it would stick around for longer. Can't complain though, we did pretty well here a couple of weeks ago!
  4. It's been snowing lightly in Hastings for a while now and the wind is really picking up! Looks like there's more to come...
  5. Wow I remember this storm in Hastings, not as bad as this but there were cars buried and my colleagues got stranded driving home
  6. Almost ? I can see the sea haha. Since I last posted it's been snowing hard and we have a good covering so I'm happy now!
  7. No, it' just moving along the channel. I can see the cloud over the sea if I stick my head out the window, but can see the stars directly above!
  8. Still waiting here in Hastings/St Leonards. Seems to keep missing us! Had a few moderate showers this morning but petered out. Plenty of time to change I guess... Enjoying the pics any way ?
  9. Hi everyone, Been lurking for a few days and thought I'd say hi! Watching developments with excitement, have just stocked up on a few essentials just in case it hits hard here (similar to Dec 2010/March 2013). When I say essentials, I mean soup, bread, brandy... Just caught the weather for the week ahead from the BBC, not seen a forecast like that for so long although I am now wondering if the SE will be hit as hard as first thought
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