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  1. 90F days ? I'm struggling to see where the 80F days are right now . . .
  2. Everything looked so rosey 12 hours ago and the MetO are seemingly still bullish (although the acid test will come later when they review current warnings) There's more than enough to keep my interest intact although it's equally easy to see why some are all also dejected.
  3. All the above falls into place when viewing MetO's amber zone which suggests more of a NE feed (hence the amber zone not extending too far west)
  4. Surprising to wake up to rain, but not at all despondent. Timings have been pushed back but the snow will come and at least we have more daylight hours to enjoy it. Thank goodness for live cricket in the meantime . . .
  5. Windy here too, gusting 26 kts nothing falling from the sky right now, expecting snowline to kick off here around 3.00-3.30 going to grab a couple of hours sleep before the fun starts
  6. Intensity in the system over the north sea is really building now. Still a couple of hours until it reaches here but will be worth the wait
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