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  1. we are missing nothing . . . the Met Office appear to be missing their marbles having issued an extended Amber alert which has only effected 25 percent of its coverage . . .
  2. I think you may need to look again . . . precipitation on the mouth of the Thames is fast disappearing
  3. As Steve M indicated earlier, it's pretty much game over for us in S Essex . . . we're about 10 miles south of the sweet spot I'm not going to even bother lamp-post watching - a few flakes in the light don't interest me
  4. i'm expecting to wake up at some point. In case I don't, it's been nice meeting you all . . .
  5. our sons school sent a text at 6.30 this morning saying it was open . . . then another at 6.55 saying it was closed i agree about the roofs - coupled with horizontal snow it looks fab
  6. not sure if we'll get much more after this . . . can#'t complain though, the snow early yesterday morning was epic
  7. yes, not quite understanding the radar returns at the moment - local radar showing moderate precip over SE Essex but there is nothing dropping from the sky - even the METO forecast is unrealistic.
  8. Steve, do you think there is a good probability of a Thames streamer setting up prior to the arriving fronts from the Channel ?
  9. The yellow warning has just been extended to cover N Kent/Thames Estuary/S Essex . . . interesting ;-)
  10. well this looks interesting for this morning . . . this hasn't been forecast previousy
  11. 'A further amber warning for snow and ice will be in place for London and the south east, south-west England, Wales and the West Midlands from midday until 08:00 on Friday'
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