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  1. Just been reading pages 10-20 thinking they were the latest updates ?
  2. Just started snowing in north west north devon. Was all sleet earlier here but now some good flakeage.
  3. Cheers. The braunton microclimate is quite something. We were the 0.00001% in north devon that got no real snow at it it's height last year. Fingers crossed though.
  4. That would be just about right. I'm the little grey patch in the nw corner of north Devon with no snow. Sleeting here and 10 minutes east the white stuff is coming down. I imagine that'll continue through the night.
  5. Pretty obvious that North Devon is sitting well outside of the excitement at the moment. Would someone mind letting me know in these scenarios what it would take for us to be in with a shout of some snow? Apart from a seismic shift to the east and north of course!
  6. Never seen so much snow settle so quickly in braunton. The pavements are so icy too.
  7. Is it fair to say that if you're in the se to nw band you'll continue to get snow for a while?
  8. It hasnt increased here (nnw devon) since I went to bed a few hours ago. Was hoping to wake up to more tbh. Met o forecast suggests a bit more coming?
  9. Send some this way! Do you have a link to the radar or is that part of a subscription?
  10. It's snowing here in braunton but nothing settling. Fairly light stuff. Looking across the bay today looked like you got some? The fields above clovelly etc seemed to have a covering. Really clear skies too. Same looking northwards towards Pembrokeshire.
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