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  1. Dont go in the mad thread. They are either throwing their towels in or lying on them thinking summers arrived. Too busy moaning to notice its minus 1 outside. Winters not done yet. Ok, it may take a week or two but it's not done ..
  2. So then chaps and chapettes, when will the next snow event appear? Enjoyed the snow today. Can't wait for more.
  3. Minus 3°c here and falling . Humidity up to 94%. I'll be amazed if no snow tomorrow. I'm even taking snow chains for the van in the morning, just in case im snowed out from home.
  4. Heavy snow showers here. Once the sun goes down and temps drop should be exciting. Currently 5 degrees here.
  5. Cool. Im in the middle of that area. Ish. Hope everyone sees snow though.
  6. Hi all, Should have introduced myself on my last post but was in work. Anyway it does look excitingover the next couple of days with either a good covering of snow for south Wales to a major blizzard. Im hoping for the latter but happy with anything. Its on a knife edge as always but work have actually acknowledged there may be serious problems with access to customers on thurs / Fri so its looking like its going to come to fruition. We live in hope for a white weekend. Have fun and enjoy it. Cheers.
  7. In Bargoed at the mo and its sunny but bitter. Gradually clouding up to the east though. Fingers crossed.
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